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Samoa: 1. Eti FATU (GK), Kitiona NAUER, 3. Joseph MAMEA-HIND, 4. Stanley MAMEA, 6. Osa SAVELIO, 7. Willie SAUILUMA (C), 8. Jackson NAUTU, 9. Lotial MANO, 10. Jeneum KEPU, 11. Dilo TUMUA, 12. Julius DUFFY
Substitutes: 5. Stanley SELEMAIA, 13. Eichard EPA, 14. Falaniko NANUMEA, 15. Paul FELISE, 16. Jefferson FAAMATAU, 17. Jeffrey LEIATAUA, 18. Uilisone GALU, 22. AJ AMOSA (GK), 23. Talita HAFOKA (GK)
Coach: Desmond FAAIUASO (SAM)
American Samoa: 1. John UGAITAFA (GK), 2. Joseph CHOI, 3. Tala AUVA’A, 4. Walter PATI, 5. Mahonri LOTULELEI, 7. Milo TIATIA, 9. Joe PURCELL, 10. Steven FISO, 11. Gabriel TAUMUA (C), 12. Takai POULI, 18. Eliott LELEI
Substitutes: 6. Bryman LEVAULA, 8. Chris FA’AMOANA, 13. Michael SETTLE, 14. Masila SIUA, 15. Roy LEDOUX, 16. Jerome PALEPUA, 17. Vaha TUA, 19. Misipele MUSU, 23. Pesa TAUGAVAU (GK)
Coach: Frederick MAIAVA (ASA)
Match Officials
Referee: Amos ANIO (PNG)
Assistant Referee 1: Noah KUSUNAN (PNG)
Assistant Referee 2: Douglas METE (SOL)
Fourth Official: Robinson BANGA (VAN)
FULL-TIME: Samoa 3-0 American Samoa
90’+5′ SUB SAM Jackson NAUTI is replaced by Stanley SELEMAIA
90’+4′ Samoa break quickly and although American Samoa slow the attack do themselves no favours as the midfield doesn’t race back
90’+2′ A decent cross from Samoa bur it’s watched in by UGAITAFA who claims it
Five minutes additional time
89′ Eliott MUSU has legs on his marker as he latches onto a long ball but his touch is too heavy allowing FATU to claim
88′ Corner for Samoa after a low shot at the near post is tipped out by the keeper
87′ Very back and forth as American Samoa try to utilise their man advantage but Samoa is rallying for now
83′ Low shot sent across the face of the goal by DUFFY but he sends it wide of the target
82′ SUB ASA Joe PURCELL is replaced by Misi MUSU
80′ It was PURCELL who picked up the injury in that challenge and it looks like an early end for him too
78′ RED CARD A second caution for TUMUA ends his night early as he is given his marching orders
77′ TUMUA keen to add to his tally with a powerful effort
76′ YELLOW CARD A crunching block from Mahonri LOTULELEI earns him a caution
75′ A distance effort from SAUILUMA is caught by LIGAITAFA
73′ GOAL!!! Samoa 3-0 American Samoa A second for Dilo TUMUA who capitalises with the follow up after UGAITAFA spills the initial save
70′ SUB ASA Mahonri LOTULELEI is replaced by Chris FAAMOANA
69′ GOAL!!! Samoa 2-0 American Samoa An excellent strike from Dilo TUMUA has the keeper well and truly beaten
67′ Samoa tests the side net with an effort that enthralls the crowd
66′ Steven FISO puts in the effort up the right turning his marker in and out but his shot lacks the power to beat FATU
63′ Good hustle from TUMUA but he’s a little too physical with LELEI who earns a free kick
62′ A determined run towards goal from Samoa but the turnover has American Samoa bursting off on an attack of their own
61′ SUB SAM: An injured Lotial MANO is replaced by Falaniko NANUMEA
58′ The play is incredibly condensed at the moment with the teams needing to find their formations again
57′ Back underway with American Samoa making a determined advance up the left
55′ A bicycle kick from MANO appears to have tweaked some cramp and he needs attention
54′ DUFFY races through the American Samoa defence but he can’t get off a shot as a sliding Joseph CHOI arrives
52′ FISO applies the pressure up front and Samoa are forced to scramble to keep him at bay
49′ SUB SAM Jeneum KEPU is replaced by Jefferson NANUMEA
48′ Samoa break and do well to make traction but the flag has gone up as SAUILUMA comes from an offside position to collect
46′ American Samoa make an early advance but Samoa are strong on defence and send the shot rebounding away from goal
HALF-TIME SUB ASA: Tala AUVAA is replaced by Bryman LEVAULA
HALF-TIME: Samoa 1-0 American Samoa
One minute additional time
45′ Samoa on attack but they can’t get the ball centre and it’s a goal kick
43′ Joe PURCELL makes an intercept and counters solo – he beats the defender and has just FATU to beat but the keeper makes the save
42′ Free kick for Samoa deep in their own half
41′ Taken by SAUILUMA who drives low around the wall but UGAITAFA has it covered
40′ A foul on the edge of the American Samoa area has their opponents lining up a dangerous effort
39′ The ball is popped wide for Joe PURCELL who lines up for a volley but mis-hits allowing FATU to claim
37′ SAUILUMA and KEPU combine to cause trouble for the American Samoa defence who struggle to shut down their attack
36′ Massive challenge from NAUER on FISO as American Samoa make a meaningful advance
35′ Willie SAUILUMA’s long range effort comes rattling off the inside of the post and rebounding back out into play
34′ A shot from Samoa is again sent wide of the target to the crowd’s displeasure
33′ YELLOW CARD Samoa’s Dilo TUMUA is cautioned for a challenge on opposing captain TAUMUA
32′ A nice advance from American Samoa has their fans on their feet but they can’t get the finishing right on this occasion
30′ SAUILUMA chases down a long ball and looks to have the defence beaten but he slips and handles giving the ball back to his opponents
29′ A shot from Samoa glances wide
28′ Samoa looking very strong in the air winning the majority of 50-50 aerial challenges
26′ A decent delivery from TAUMUA puts Samoa under pressure and while FISO looks dangerous he can’t get a shot off
24′ Takai POULI is keen to receive up front but his teammates are struggling to make the connection right now
23′ A shot from American Samoa is slotted just outside the upright
21′ Stanley MAMEA is under pressure as Eliott LELEI gets on the end of a quick switch from Walter PATI
20′ Powerful run from TAUMUA in the middle and he manages to poke the ball through for FISO to chase but Eti FATU comes off his line to clear
18′ Foul throw from Mahonri LOTULELEI and it’s an easy turnover for Samoa
18′ NAUTU mis-times his hit and ends up on the ground with American Samoa winning the throw
15′ KEPU looks to be through after the ball is delicately placed between two defenders but the flag goes up
13′ A powerful effort from Jackson NAUTU is met by UGAITAFA who fumbles before claiming under no pressure
12′ Lotial MANO puts in a cross but his ball can’t meet an arriving Jeneum KEPU before John UGAITAFA claims
11′ Excellent cover from Kitiona NAUER as he races across to close the advance from Takai POULI who has already beaten two players up the line
10′ Steven FISO looks to break but fouls his marker conceding a free kick
9′ Gabriel TAUMUA drops deep to collect and dribbles out of danger before playing his pass into touch
7′ Joe PURCELL puts in chase as the ball is lobbed over the defence but he can’t hold onto it
6′ American Samoa make an advance but Samoa win back and try adn find a gap through the middle
4′ GOAL!!! Samoa 1-0 American Samoa Captain Willie SAUILUMA fires straight down the middle from the spot to open the scoring
3′ A foul in the box from American Samoa and referee Amos Anio is pointing to the spot
1′ Samoa win an early corner but American Samoa get rid of the danger
1′ Hosts Samoa kick things off against American Samoa at J.S. Blatter Football Complex

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