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New Zealand 5-4 (pens) Tahiti

See below the play-by-play action.
Match summary here
New Zealand: 1. Michael WOUD [GK], 2. Jack-Henry SINCLAIR (C), 3. Luke JOHNSON, 4. William JONES, 6. Liam WILLIAMS, 7. Oliver CECI, 8. Sarpreet SINGH, 10. Logan ROGERSON, 14. James McGARRY, 15. Connor PROBERT, 19. Sam WILSON
Substitutes: 5. Sione FA’APOI, 9. Jack ANDERSON, 11. Louie MILLS, 12. Reuben CLARK [GK], 13. Sean SKEENS, 16. Jamie WOODLOCK, 17. Ben KIORE, 18. Daniel LOUGH, 20. Ben MATA
Coach: Jose FIGUEIRA [ENG]
Tahiti: 1. Vaiarii HALLIGAN [GK], 3. Brandon AUTAI, 4. Vaianui DROLLET (c), 5. Joachim TENUANUA, 6. Rayan PETITGAS, 9. Ariinui TIATOA, 10. Michel MAIHI, 11. Heirauarii SALEM, 15. Marc SIEJIDR, 17. Kaena ONUU, 22. Roy VONGEY
Substitutes: 2. Heimana TAVERE, 7. Keali WONG, 8. Roonui TEHAU, 12. Kitin MARO, 13. Etienne TETARIA, 14. Rainui NORDMAN, 18. Mauri HEITAA, 19. Honoarii KOHUMOETINI, 20. Romain COURTADE, 21. Hauragi HURI, 16. Moana PITO [GK],
Coach: Ludovic GRAUGNARD [TAH]
Match Officials
Referee: Nelson SOGO [SOL]
Assistant Referee 1: Ravinesh KUMAR [FIJ]
Assistant Referee 2: Ujwaal MUDLIAR [FIJ]
4th Official: Salesh CHAND [FIJ]
Weather conditions in Pago Pago: Cloudy / 31 °C / Feels 37 °C / 70% Humidity
The match kicks off.
3′ First free kick for Tahiti.
4′ Free kick for New Zealand.
5′ The free kick is deflected in corner.
6′ On the corner, James McGarry is at the far post but he can’t control the ball properly.
8′ Free kick for New Zealand. Drollet’s header clears the balle away.
9′ Opportunity for Logan Rogerson but his tackled shot is off target.
16′ Rayan Petitgas tries to connect with Michel Maihi but Sam Wilson interferes.
18′ Logan Rogerson tries to connect with James McGarry in the box but the ball is cleared by a defender.
20′ YELLOW CARD Vaiarii Halligan is cautioned for Tahiti.
22′ Free kick for Tahiti.
23′ YELLOW CARD Ariinui Tiatoa is cautioned for Tahiti.
24′ Ball for James McGarry but it is too long and Halligan catches it.
28′ Free kick for Tahiti. Michael Woud takes the best over Michel Maihi.
29′ Rayan Petitgas’s shot goes off target for Tahiti.
30′ Jack-Henry Sinclair leaves the field to receive medical treatments.
33′ Interesting free kick for New Zealand.
34′ Connor Probert takes it and it is deflected in corner.
34′ Sinclair is back on the field for New Zealand.
36′ Corner for Tahiti. Michael Woud boxes the ball away.
40′ Heirauarii Salem tries to connect with Michel Maihi but Liam Williams interferes.
41′ Marc Siejidr’s shot is caught by Michael Woud in two times.
44′ Connor Probert connects well with Sarpeet Singh but Vaianui Drollet covers well.
45′ Corner for New Zealand. Connor Probert’s shot is off target.
The first half comes to an end.
46′ SUBSTITUTION Jack-Henry Sinclair is replaced by Benjamin Mata for New Zealand and Oliver Ceci takes the armband.
The second half kicks off.
47′ Marc Siejidr’s shot is defelcts in corner.
48′ Michael Woud punches the ball away.
51′ Brandon Autai makes a good move on the right hand side but William Jones defends well.
53′ Halliangan leaves his goal to defend on Rogerson.
55′ Corner for New Zealand. Connor Probert plays short with Rogerson but his cross is cleared by Marc Siejidr.
58′ Liam Williams’s cross is well cleared by Joachim Tenuanua.
59′ GOAL!! New Zealand 1-0 Tahiti Connor Probert finds Logan Rogerson at the penalty spot who scores.
61′ YELLOW CARD Sarpeet Singh is cautioned for New Zealand.
63′ PENALTY The referee points the penalty spot for New Zealand.
64′ Connor Probert misses his penalty shot.
72′ SUBSTITUTION Roy Vongey is replaced by EtienneTetaria for Tahiti.
72′ SUBSTITUTION James McGarry is replaced by Sean Skeens for New Zealand.
75′ YELLOW CARD Liam Williams is cautioned for New Zealand.
76′ Long free kick to Tenuanua at the far post but Michael Woud catches the ball.
77′ Interesting free kick for Tahiti. Marc Siejidr takes it and Would makes a good save.
79′ SUBSTITUTION Sarpeet Singh is replaced by Louie Mills for New Zealand.
80′ SUBSTITUTION Kaena Onuu is replaced by Honoarii Kohumoetini for Tahiti.
82′ GOAL!! New Zealand 1-1 Tahiti Kohumoetini equalises with a shot from inside the box.
86′ Rogerson runs on the left side but Autai defends well.
87′ Marc Siejidr’s cross can not find Kohumoetini in the box.
90′ Two minutes of additional time.
90′ Great run by Logan Rogerson who crosses but Tahiti defense clear the ball away.
The final whistle is blown.
No Extra Time, match heads straight to penalties.
Penalty Shoot Out:
Maihi penalty saved by Woud – New Zealand 0-0 Tahiti
Mills scores – New Zealand 1-0 Tahiti
Petitgas scores – New Zealand 1-1 Tahiti
Jones scores – New Zealand 2-1 Tahiti
Siejidr scores – New Zealand 2-2 Tahiti
Ceci scores – New Zealand 3-2 Tahiti
Salem scores – New Zealand 3-3 Tahiti
Mata scores – New Zealand 4-3 Tahiti
Kohumoetini scores – New Zealand 4-4 Tahiti
Probert scores – New Zealand 5-4 Tahiti
New Zealand wins 5-4 on penalties and advances to the FIFA U-17 World Cup in Chile

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