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PAGO PAGO – Football Federation American Samoa (FFAS) has a new general secretariat following the completion of elections held in the territory at the FFAS
Extraordinary Congress last weekend. Newly elected FFAS President Iuli Alex Godinet took office in the first elections for the national body since 2005.

Godinet headed off four other candidates in the race for the top job that included Pou Supapo, Tony Langkilde, Malia Perelini and Maselino Tautu.

FIFA President Joseph S. Blatter congratulated Iuili Alex Godinet and his executive on the election victory and described his joy at a bright future for the game in American

“Soccer in American Samoa was close to the abyss in 2005 with severe problems leading FIFA to set up a Normalisation Committee and to conclude that a general reform could only
be based on the foundation of a new football structure, the FFAS.

It is now done and I personally rejoice of the progress achieved in the past two years with the completion of the FIFA Goal programme-financed headquarters ad playing field,
the launch of the league and the growth of the dissemination of football in the Territory,” President Blatter said.

OFC President/FIFA Vice-President Reynald Temarii extended his warm congratulations to Godinet and his new executive members on their successful election.

“I offer my total support and any assistance to the FFAS President and his executive to continue the excellent work of the FFAS Normalisation Committee.

During the past two and a half years, football in American Samoa has with good governance, professional management, close financial controls, detailed planning and observance
of FIFA and OFC statutes and regulations, emerged as a member association with a bright future.

American Samoa have truly wonderful facilities that with well conceived programmes will take football to new heights in the foreseeable future, particularly for
the youth of American Samoa.

I extend my sincere and warm thanks to Pou Supapo, Ben Larsen, Maselino Tautu, and Maria Dickey of the Normalisation Committee for their hard work in rebuilding football in
this country and I wish the FFAS President and his executive my sincere congratulations and best wishes for the future,” Temarii said.

Oceania Football Confederation (OFC) Deputy General Secretary Frederic Guillemont and FIFA Development Officer Glenn Turner were on hand to witness the historical event that
brought to an official end to the administration of football in American Samoa under the steadying hand of a Normalization Committee.

FIFA and OFC installed a Normalization Committee in 2005 after the then governing body for football in American Samoa – the American Samoa Football Association (ASFA) – split
into two separate associations each purporting to hold responsibility for administering football in the islands.

For the new FFAS President, a new general secretariat, comprising Silasila Samuelu, Reti Seigafo, Sandra Herrera and Mina Urhle.

FFAS CEO Tavita Taumua expressed delight at the outcome of the elections.

“Our election marks another historic step forwards for football development in American Samoa and reinforces the progress established in the past two years under the leadership
of the Normalisation Committee and the outstanding support of FIFA and OFC.

FFAS extends thanks to OFC for its contribution and support that OFC has readily extended to bring harmony to the football family in American Samoa that has led to these
elections,” Taumua said.

The elections were conducted under a shadow of a possible legal action after the fledgling FFAS was served papers challenging the authority of the committee to conduct the

The challenge was filed by ousted members of the previous executive.

Despite this outgoing Normalization Committee Chairperson Pou Supapo congratulated Iuili Alex Godinet on his election victory saying he would bring strong leadership to the
federation adding that she was proud of the achievements of the Normalization Committee during a challenging period for football.

In an earlier interview Supapo said the completion of FFAS FIFA Goal Project would fill her with a sense of pride and satisfaction for a long time to come.

“I was so excited when the Goal Project opened. Christian Karembeu was there and he was a big hit with the children, who didn’t know who he was at first, but once they
discovered he was an islander like them, from New Caledonia, and won the FIFA World Cup, there was a relationship there.

For me, every time I drive past our FIFA Goal Project, I will always smile and be able to say to myself, ‘I had something to do with that’ and feel proud of what we have

Football Federation American Samoa (FFAS)

President Mr. Iuili Alex Godinet

Vice-President Ms. Sandra Herrera

Treasurer Ms. Mina Urhle

Executive Mr. Silasila Samuelu

Executive Mr. Reti Seigafo

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