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New Caledonia: 1. Emma IE (GK), 2. Christy ARU, 3. Noe VALEFAKAAGA, 4. Marie-Luce TCHACKO, 6. Dominique NEXON, 7. Yali HACE, 8. Isabelle HACE, 9. Lyndsay NYIPIE, 10. Josiane AYAWA (C), 11. Marlory ONIARY, 14. Cythia POAPEDA
Substitutes: 5. Coralie BRANDAO, 12. Julie DJAOUA, 20. Noemie TROJANIE (GK)
Injured: 15. Christiane WHAAP
Absent: 13. Sydney GATHA, 17. Dolores KECINE
Coach: Kamali FITIALEATA (NCL)
Tonga: 21. Mele AKOLO (GK), 2. Ofaloto LAAKULU, 3. Heilala MOALA, 4. Katalina Taliauli,6. Vea Funaki (C), 7. Seini Lutu, 8. Halaunga TAHOLO, 9. Liliani KAITAPU, 10. Malia TONGIA, 13. Manu LATU, 14. Meleseini TUFUI
Substitutes: 1. Heleni TAHITUA (GK), 5. Manusiu Latavao, 11. Alexandra FIFITA, 12. Siunipa TALASINGA, 22. Fipe KAUVVAKA (GK)
Absent: 15. Taylor PARKER, 16. Sosefina HAVEA
Coach: Penateti FEKE (TGA)
FULL-TIME: New Caledonia 3-2 Tonga
90’+4′ YELLOW CARD Isabelle HACE is cautioned
90’+3′ Offside from Tonga and TCHACKO sends long for NYIPIE but KAUVAKA is out for as many touches as she can get, throwing herself on the ball
90’+2′ NEXON sends NYIPIE through but she’s driven away from goal by two defenders
90’+1′ KAUVAKA makes her first save of the evening
90′ Three minutes additional time
89′ GOAL!! New Caledonia 3-2 Tonga Ofaloto LAAKULU goes it alone all the way with her pace giving her an edge as she slots past IE
88′ Now it’s NYIPIE who can’t get around Tonga’s high backline
88′ New Caledonia do well through the middle but as the ball comes over the defence Dominique NEXON is offside
SUB NCL Julie DJAOUA replaces Cynthia POAPEDA
85′ SUB TGA Double change for Tonga with Manu LUTU making room for Siunipa TALASINGA and Mele AKOLO coming off for Fipe KAUVAKA
84′ Great movement from Katalina TALIAULI to win the goal kick
83′ GOAL!! New Caledonia 3-1 Tonga Isabelle HACE with a beautiful lob over an outstretched AKOLO
83′ NYIPIE has two defenders to beat but they manage to slow her advance
82′ Great covering from Yali HACE
80′ Great play from New Caledonia but POAPEDA plays back finding LUTU who releases TONGIA
79′ HACE with a late challenge on LUTU
78′ NYIPIE receives, turns and fires in one motion but AKOLO is waiting to capture
78′ LUTU with the block as New Caledonia try to pass their way out from the back
77′ TCHACKO puts out under pressure from Tonga
76′ Another fine delivery from the dead ball from LUTU but IE has her goal mouth covered
75′ TCHACKO goes for an off the ball shoulder charge to buy her side time to get back and defend
74′ Isabelle HACE puts out but Tonga are back in control off the throw
73′ NYIPIE with a clumsy challenge on MOALA
72′ It’s a scramble in the box as IE has come off her line but Tonga are unable to capitalise despite having numbers
70′ SUB TGA Hala’unga TAHOLO is replaced by Alexandra FIFITA
69′ A trip from Yali HACE and LAAKULU looks away again but the ball is just a bit quicker than her on this occasion
67′ GOAL!! New Caledonia 2-1 Tonga Ofaloto LAAKULU is finally rewarded for her efforts as she goes 1v1 and scores
66′ POAPEDA beats two defenders and fires but it lacks pace
65′ A rare stumble from young keeper AKOLO but she manges to clean up before NYIPIE can capitalise
64′ GOAL!!! New Caledonia 2-0 Tonga Marie-Luce TCHACKO with a curling free kick over the wall and the keeper
63′ Charging challenge from Meleseini TUFUI sees her side concede a free kick just off the top of the box
62′ IE comes off her line to the edge of the box and blocks down the shot from LAAKULU
61′ FUNAKI does well to interrupt a great one-two between NYIPIE and ONIARY
60′ LAAKULU lobs from distance but it bounces kindly for IE
59′ Well hit by LUTU but it’s curled outside the farpost for IE to calmly capture
58′ Tonga win a free kick just inside their opponents half
57′ LAAKULU sends LUTU racing up the left, she puts in a cross but it’s too heavy popping out the other side for VALEFAKAAGA to clear
56′ IE scrambles to control a cross and LAAKULU is right on top of her trying to put the ball in the net
55′ Offside flag goes up on POAPEDA as she’s released by NYIPIE
54′ VALEFAKAALU puts the ball out with TONGIA just over her shoulder
53′ Seini LUTU has a shot blocked and neither she nor her teammates can get off a decent follow-up
51′ Great ball through by NYIPIE for POAPEDA to chase, she almost gets off a shot but AKOLO is on the edge of her box to take as she tries to cut inside
50′ IE smothers as LAAKULU winds up a shot
48′ NYIPIE causing trouble up the right but he cross takes a deflection allowing AKOLO to save
47′ AKOLO races well out of the area to clear as NYIPIE chases down the ball
46′ New Caledonia get the second half started
HALF-TIME: New Caledonia 1-0 Tonga
46′ New Caledonia start the second half
45’+1′ Another foul throw from Tonga late in the half
45′ One minute additional time
45′ Back underway with Tonga pushing forward
44′ Cynthia POAPEDA goes down in the middle circle and requires treatment – looks like she was winded in a challenge
43′ Flag goes up on NYIPIE and FUNAKI goes short this time
42′ Free kick for Tonga is sent by FUNAKI but New Caledonia manage to win back and launch into a counter-attack
41′ LUTU muscles Christy ARU off the ball and sends upfield for her teammates to chase
39′ AYAWA holds the ball up well looking for support but manages to go around her marker and send upfield
38′ YELLOW CARD Ofaloto LAAKULU is cautioned for her challenge on the keeper
37′ TONGIA plays the ball up for herself chase and manages to get a cross in but no-one is there to finish
36′ LAAKULU and Yali HACE clash in the New Caledonia box but both are soon back on their feet
35′ Foul throw from Tonga and it’s a further waste of possession as they’re deep in New Caledonia’s half
34′ IE races off her line but fumbles allowing Malia TONGIA to shoot at an open goal but it’s out off the upright
32′ Isabelle HACE turns and shoots after a great workup from the Caledonians but AKOLO leaps high to capture
30′ New Caledonia play back to AYAWA who plays fast but it comes off her boot wrong spiralling wide
29′ Isabelle HACE fires off a shot from distance and AKOLO misjudges just getting a foot to turn it out for a corner
28′ VALEFAKAAGA plays the ball out off her opponent for a New Caledonia throw
27′ Swift counter-attack from Tonga as LAAKULU shoots but can’t beat IE
26′ A long range effort finds AKOLO as NYIPIE doesn’t have the legs to get there first
25′ FUNAKI takes a punt from half-way but IE has it covered for New Caledonia
24′ GOAL!!! New Caledonia 1-0 Tonga Lyndsay NYIPIE finds the back of the net after a frenzy in front of goal
22′ Excellent clearance under pressure from Yali HACE with Hala’unga TAHOLO putting on the pressure
21′ Manu LATU tries to bring the ball under control and it gives ATAWA time to put to touch
20′ Great ball through from Malory ONIARY for VALEFAKAAGA but AKOLO is out to claim first
17′ TONGIA breaks free from her marker and blasts in a cross but LAAKULU arrives too late to finish
17′ LUTU shoots low but IE scoops the ball up to deny the goal
16′ NYIPIE hussles hard to try and win off Heilala MOALA
15′ Poor control up front from Tonga as they hand possession to their opponent
14′ TONGIA travels up the right, attempts a cross but it’s blocked out by TCHACKO
13′ It’s head straight into hands for LAAKULU as she misses a golden scoring opportunity
13′ AKOLO with a perfectly timed leap to bring
the ball down
12′ Dominique NEXON tussles with LAAKULU and eventually FUNAKI is forced to clear at the back as New Caledonia force their way forward
11′ The ball comes into the New Caledonia area again and LAAKULU takes out Emma IE as she tries to score
10′ LUTU wins the ball and travels, she plays in to LAAKULU who has her shot blocked
10′ Josiane AYAWA looks and sees VALEFAKAAGA but puts too much on her pass and it runs out
8′ Lyndsay NYIPIE causing trouble for Tonga at the back but they’re so far standing up well to the pressure
7′ AKOLO stretches to tip TCHACKO’s effort away from the goal mouth and VALEFAKAAGA can’t quite finish it
6′ Seini LUTU does well to keep the ball in for Tonga but New Caledonia press well to win a free kick
4′ Offside from Tonga and it’s launched over the top by Marie-Luce TCHACKO for VALEFAKAAGA
3′ Noe VALEFAKAAGA brings the ball down in front and manages to get a toe-poke in at goal but Mele AKOLO reads it well
2′ Vea FUNAKI has to tidy up in the back as a loose ball pops through
1′ Malia TONGIA with a great ball through the defence for Tonga but Ofaloto LAAKULU can’t latch on
1′ Tonga can’t keep the ball in and it’s an early turnover for New Caledonia
1′ Tonga gets us underway at Loto-Tonga Soka Centre in the final game on Match Day 4

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