The 2010 winners Hekari had an opportunity in the first minutes with a corner kick but Amicale cleared the ball. Amicale’s Alick Maemae performed quickly and won the ball. Combining with team mate Nelson Sale to make an attempt, Hekari got back in numbers and managed to clear off the ball before Amicale could take the chance to score.
Midway through this first half, the two sides are very evenly matched and the result remained at nil all
Amicale’s Fenedy Masauvakalo had a good chance in the 33rd minute that took his shot inches past the upright but was out of luck with the attempt. Without giving up, Amicale kept trying with several more attempts and finally local hero Fenedy Masauvakalo got the scoring underway on the stroke of half time, which was then followed by the referee bringing the first half to an end with the score in Amicale’s favor 1- nil.
With the 1 goal lead, Amicale went on the attack early but referee calls for a play back after Fenedy Masauvakalo was flagged off sided. Hekari’s David Muta took his free kick in the 52 minute after being fouled by Alick Maemae but his kick was caught by Amicale’s goal keeper safely.
Eleven minutes later, Amicale’s Waroi and Alick Maemae combined well again but attempts to score became unsuccessful with Hekari’s boys maintaining a good defend for their territory. Hekari took over the ball and played nicely in the midfield but couldn’t find a way through Amicale’s defence, resulting in Amicale’s Masauvakalo taking his shot but Hekari’s keeper, Leslie Kalai was already there to save the ball.
Hekari United took a good chance in the 75th minute as they slipped past Amicale’s defence luck was with Ernest Bong as he manages to save the ball with no problem. With Amicale looking vulnerable in the midfield, Hekari pressed forward but with Hekari’s efforts to find an equaliser was dealt with a serious blow as David Muta left the field with what looks to be an injury.
In the dying minutes, Hekari came good this time when Kema Jack scored a dramatic late equalizer for his team as he slipped the ball past goalkeeper Ernest Bong in the extra time of 93 minutes.