Malaysia 6-3 New Caledonia

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The starting line-ups are as follows:
Malaysia: 1. Firdaus RAZALI (GK) (c), 4. Shamsul ZAMRI, 6. Fariq MOHAMMAD, 9. Qaiser KADIR, 7. Ridzwan BAKRI,
Substitutes: 5. Fitri YATIM, 7. Ridzwan BAKRI, 10. Shahmi SANI, 13. Nizam ALI, 14. Rahimi SHATAR (GK), 15. Aula AHMAD, 16. Firdaus AMBIAH, 20. Faris AHMAD (GK)
Coach: Maizal MAHADI (MAS)
New Caledonia 1. Ronan EUZEN (GK), 3. Jess POUARAIROUA, 4. Ivan POUROURORO (c), 7. Romain GUITTON, 8. Anderson PAULIN
Substitutes: 2. Eric SAIHULIWA, 5. Loic CAUNES, 6. Mainon KAOUWI, 9. Ivannoe BAMY, 10. Ludovic BOIT, 11. Malick PAULET, 20. Ronald GAYON (GK)
Coach: William BRET
Match officials:
Referee: Chris SINCLAIR [NZL]
Second Referee: Rex KAMUSU [SOL]
Third Referee: Jainut DEAN [FIJ]
Timekeeper: Francis Loxie RONI [SOL]
The final whistle sounds
0′ 09′ Counter Malaysia…
0′ 32′ New Caledonia on attack – Gayon shoots long but wide
0′ 41′ Malaysia’s Zahari limps off injured
0′ 44′ GOAL!!! Malaysia 6-3 New Caledonia Fariq MOHAMMAD with his second goal of the evening
1′ 06′ How close was that. Great save from Gayon
1′ 25′ It’s saved! He attempts the follow up but Razali is too quick to cover
1′ 34′ It’s the captain, Ivann Pourouoro who steps up to take
1′ 34′ Foul by Malaysia and it’s a penalty as they hit six fouls
2′ 03′ Bamy with a steal – Guitton comes on to fly
2′ 23′ Three shots from New Caledonia in the area but each one cleared before the final shot goes wide
2′ 41′ Tussle between Kaouwi and Zamri before Poarairoua arrives to boot to touch
2′ 51′ New Caledonia try the flying goalkeeper for the first time – it’s Guitton who has the honour
3′ 04′ What a miss from Zamri! Just wide of an empty goal
3′ 24′ GOAL!!! Malaysia 5-3 New Caledonia Shamsul ZAMRI slots home behind Gayon off a great delivery from Yatim
3′ 49′ Both sides sitting on five fouls each
3′ 57′YELLOW CARD Fitri YATIM cautioned
4’14’ Pourouoro sees Paulin up the left but just anticipates too well
4′ 53′ Saihulawa away up the left but fouls Mohammad
5′ 13′ Back underway and New Caledonia with a shot on goal
5′ 59′ Time out
6′ 11′ Smashed goalwards by Poarairoua before Kadir takes a chance at the other end
6′ 37′ Free kick for New Caledonia deep in their half
7′ 51′ Smashed on target by Mohammad
8′ 05′ Saihuliwa breaks but can’t quite manage a lay off or shot before he’s dispossessed
8′ 40′ A decent attempt from Guitton but just a little too high
8′ 45′ Into the feet of Zahari from Pourouoro
9′ 16′ GOAL!!! Malaysia 4-3 New Caledonia Weave through the middle from Pourouoro who lays off wide to Jess POARAIROUA who converts with a powerful blast
9′ 38′ In the net – but no goal as the whistle has already blown for a Malaysia foul
9′ 40′ Stopped for a corner by Gayon
9′ 45′ Bamy called back for hand ball
10′ 00′ Shot from Bamy but it’s just over
10′ 13′ Safe hands from substitute keeper Ronald Gayon
10′ 53′ GOAL!!! Malaysia 4-2 New Caledonia Romain GUITTON takes his time but slots home with style
11′ 15′ A lot of pressure from New Caledonia forcing errors from Malaysia
12′ 00′ Saihuliwa plays to Kaouwi in the middle, he takes two touches and strikes at Rizali
12′ 27′ Saihuliwa turns his back on a Zamri shot
12′ 36′ Up to Kaouwi on the top of the arc but he swings it well wide
12′ 36′ Verbal warning for Yatim and New Caledonia have a free kick out to the right
13′ 08′ Side net for Poarairoua
13′ 21′ Kadir does well to push Poarairoua off the ball
13′ 25′ Kadir’s shot goes well off target
13′ 38′ A chance for Saihhuliwa but it’s off the upright into touch
13′ 59′ Bamy receives, is a little slow on the turn giving Razali time to cover the near post
14′ 15′ Caunes shoots but no luck
14’45’ Jess Poarairoua makes a run but can’t get a shot in
15’08’ Great shot from Guitton but Razali stops it short
15′ 24′ Corner New Caledonia but they can’t capitalise in the area
15’30’ Ali is down injured but gets back up fairly quicky
15′ 41′ Paulin shuts down Ali out wide
16′ 25′ Bamy played in, the ball comes wide to Saihuliwa who blasts past the empty goal
16′ 52′ Into the stands from New Caledonia
17′ 45′ GOAL!!! Malaysia 4-1 New Caledonia Euzen tries to clear but kicks at Fariq MOHAMMAD right in front of him and the ball goes into the back of the net
17′ 59′ Deflection off the foot of Kaouwi over the goal
18′ 17′ Bamy attempts an overhead kick but puts too much on it in front of goal
19′ 02′ Intercept from Guitton but his lay-off is intercepted
19′ 36′ Shot from Malaysia
The second half begins
The first half comes to a close
0′ 15 Close from Saihuliwa
0′ 37′ Block from Euzen on a sure-fire shot from Zahari
1′ 10′ Chested down by Guitton for Paulin who shoots but Razali captures
1′ 48′ GOAL!!! Malaysia 3-1 New Caledonia A third goal for Malaysia as they overload at the front allowing Nizam ALI to fire home
2′ 07′ Sahiuliwa deflects a shot from Ambiah over the goal
2′ 32′ Paulet hears the call from Kaouwi but sends flying over his head with the cross
2′ 34′ Time out
2’53’ Sahiuliwa smashes into the stands
3′ 22′ GOAL!!! Malaysia 2-1 New Caledonia Great overlapping run from Aula AHMAD who receives on the left and smashes past Euzen
3′ 34′ Great defensive block from Pourouoro again
4′ 43′ Paulet crosses behind Sahiuwila
5′ 44′ Guitton plays on Pourouoro who can’t chip the keeper who slides in clearing out Pourouoro in the process
6′ 58′ GOAL!!! Malaysia 1-1 New Caledonia The cross from Zamri and Asmie ZAHARI hits it into the roof of the goal to equalise
7′ 17′ Time out
7′ 20′ Shot from Yatim from distance
7′ 24′ Kaouwi plays it safe at the back
8′ 01′ Sahiuwila a great influncer for New Caledonia tonight, he’s creating some good chances and exciting plays
8′ 31′ Sidenet for Yatim
8′ 37′ Guitton breaks but good hussle from Ambiah to close him down
9′ 19′ Paulin with a chance but he hits an advancing Razali in the chest for a corner
9′ 26′ Shot just across the goal by Malaysia
10′ 07′ Mainon Kaouwi is through, he pulls back for Sahiuwila and keeper Firdaus Razali just manages to get a hand in to stop
10′ 27′ Taken by Ambiah who smashes wide
10′ 29′ YELLOW CARD Loic CAUNES is cautioned for New Caledonia
10′ 56′ Great play between Paulin and Pourouoro who is slightly heavy on the delivery
11′ 16′ Paulin a little excited, scoops the ball into touch
11′ 33′ Guitton at the other end pulls off a great intercept to prevent a shot
11′ 59′ Guitton drives from distance but pulls it too wide
11′ 59′ Euzen again immense in shutting down Asmie Zahari
12′ 22′ Malaysia putting on pressure in the final third, Mohammed stopped short by Pourouoro
13′ 12′ Qaiser Kadir searching for a gap
13′ 47′ GOAL!!! Malaysia 0-1 New Caledonia New Caledonia break through Malik Paulin, he plays up to a solo Eric SAHIULIWA who turns and taps, it beats the keeper and comes in off the post
14′ 07′ Pourouoro across to prevent a shot
14’27’ Guitton again with a great steal off the foot
15′ 06′ Shot from Ambiah is saved but the whistle has already blown for an earlier action
15′ 11′ Great steal from Guitton who is stopped only by a challenge Ambiah who is injured in the process
16′ 10′ Ambiah smashes the ball into Guitton at close range
16′ 16′ Firdau Ambiah can’t keep it in play unedr pressure from Anderson Paulin
16′ 49′ Great anticipation from Fitri Yatim to shut down Ivannoe Bamy’s break up the right
17′ 14′ Zamri with a crunching tackle on Ivann P
17′ 18′ Euzen throws a little too long
17′ 26′ Quick counter from Mohammad
17′ 40′ Looks like a battle between Zamri and Guitton tonight as the former dispossess the latter with a strong challenge
17′ 47′ Into the stands from Zamri
18′ 32′ Loic Caunes does well to shut down Zamri as he enters the New Caledonia area
18′ 53′ Zamri fouls Guitton
19′ 01′ Half-volley from Fariq Mohammad that’s stopped on the foot of Jess Pouarairoua
19′ 23′ Zamri intercepts a cross from Romain Guitton
19′ 48′ Ronan Euzen called into action early as he slides to clear then again has to get a foot to stop Shamsul Zamri’s grubber
The match gets underway

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