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Solomon Bonito head coach, Jacob Moli  is not concerned about immediate results as he grooms a team that can compete in the next two years and produce positive results for Solomon Islands.

He uttered this sentiment when referring to the current squad he would be taking to Papua New Guinea for the second leg of the Wantok Cup next month.

Moli came under immense pressure to select some big names into the team for the tour but he was unmoved saying instead that his target is 2011.

“What I want is to have a strong team that can play as a unit in the next two years,” he added.

The Solomon Bonito have been schedule to play two friendly matches against PNG’s glamour club, Hekari United and PNG National team on September 17 and 20 respectively.

Moli last week said he would meet with his assistant coach and team manager at the weekend to finalise the team of 20 players.

There are a couple of notable omissions from the squad including former national defenders Nelson Sale and Mahlon Houkarawa.

“I named some big names including James Naka, Samson Takayama and others but they did not show commitment to training so that is why they were excluded."

According to Moli, those players are still members of the Bonito squad and they are welcome to attend future trainings.

The Bonito team are; Shadrack Ramoni (gk), Leon Lekezoto (gk), Timothy Joe (def), Eddie Ngaitin (def), Seni Ngava (def), Tome Faisi (def), Gideon Omokirio (def), Joe Manu (M/F), (M/F), Henry Koto (M/F), Richard Mama (M/F), Lency Saeni (Flanker), Gibson Daudau (Flanker), Paul Wale (Flanker), Hickley Rence (Flanker), Ezra Sale (FW), Joe Luwi (FW), Godwin Bebeu (FW) and Commins Menapi (FW). Non-travelling reserves are; Martin Ruhasia and Sam Maena.

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