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The Power of Football

The footage was so moving that for a while no one spoke. The participants of the FIFA Com-Unity Course in Vanuatu just witnessed a short film depicting Brazil’s visit to Haiti in 2004.

Some wiped away tears, while others remained silent, moved by what they had just seen.

The “Power of Football” as a unifying force and as a medium for the overall development of a country was a key theme throughout the three-day workshop, and left many knowing that change was both inevitable and possible.

The message from the opening address of Jimmy Nipo – the CEO of the Vanuatu Football Federation (VFF) – was simple and to the point, “the future is bright, but also very frightening”.

With the ever-improving performances of the island teams in Oceania competition and the imminent departure of Australia to the Asian Football Confederation, nations such as Vanuatu will soon contest places in FIFA world finals.

After the FIFA Com-Unity Course, the future should be less daunting.

With presentations around relationship management, media and communication, and marketing, participants were left with a better understanding about the business of football and how it can be applied to not only benefit the VFF, but also the nation as a whole.

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