New Zealand 7 – 2 New Caledonia

See below for all the play-by-play action.
Starting line-ups:
New Zealand: 1. Atta ELAYYAN (GK), 3. Dylan MANICKUM, 7. Marvin EAKINS (c), 8. Daniel BURNS, 14. Tai BARHAM
Substitutes: 2. James VAUGHAN, 4. Ouadhah RAGUED, 5. Miro MAJOR, 6. Kareem OSMAN, 9. Jakub SINKORA, 15. Micky MALIVUK, 18. Elias BILLEH (GK)
Coach: Scott GILLIGAN [AUS]
New Caledonia: 1. Ronan EUZEN (GK), 2. Malik PAULET, 4. Loic CAUNES, 5. Yvan POUROUORO
Substitutes:3. Thierry WAIMA, 6. Jess POARAIROUA, 7. David FOORD, 8. Mainon KAOUWI, 9. Landry PARAWI, 10. Eric SAIHULIWA, 11. Andre HAMA, 20. Ronald GAYON (GK)
Coach: Steeve LAIGLE [NCL] and William BRET [NCL]
Match officials:
Referee: Amitesh BEHARI [FIJ]
Second Referee: Love Lui MALENARAVE [VAN]
Third Referee: Darius TURNER [AUS]
Timekeeper: Rex KAMUSU [SOL]
The match kicks off
19′ 40′ New Caledonia get the game underway with captain Yvan Pourouoro making a break through the middle
19′ 03′ Daniel Burns wins the ball off Pourouoro and New Zealand make a counter attack
18′ 37′ GOAL!!! New Zealand 1 New Caledonia 0 Burns makes a run up the right flank and gets off a shot which goes in at the near post
Play pauses as the goal is reset
The officials are happy with the goal and play is set to resume
18′ 35′ New Caledonia kick off
18′ 10′ New Zealand are heaping on the pressure as they try to shut down the New Caledonia attack
17′ 33′ Dylan Manickum goes deep to collect the ball
17′ 11′ Marvin Eakins intercepts and New Zealand have numbers but can’t get a shot off
17’01’ Pourouoro breaks but Burns saves off the line for New Zealand
16′ 40′ Jess Poarairoua blasts a low ball looking for a tap in from Landry Parawi but it passes ahead of him
15′ 52′ James Vaughan slides in on Mainon Kaouwi but gets the ball
15′ 03′ A low shot comes in but keeper Ronan Euzan collects it easily
14′ 37′ New Zealand get a shot off as New Caledonia but it’s high
14′ 14′ GOAL!!! New Zealand 2 New Caledonia 0 Burns gets his brace after Euzen comes out to block
13′ 46′ GOAL!!! New Zealand 2 New Caledonia 1 Malik Paulet’s shot takes a slight deflection and New Caledonia are on the board
12′ 59′ Eric Saihuliwa blasts a free kick high over the goal
12′ 21′ Free kick for New Caledonia on the left flank
11′ 47′ Manickum receives the ball up front but can’t cross in
11′ 42′ Free kick for New Zealand is played to Manickum who fires wide of the target
11′ 15′ Kaouwi counters quickly and shoots at Atta Elayyan
11′ 04 GOAL!!! New Zealand 3 New Caledonia 1 Unfortunately for Kaouwi he deflects a shot from Manickum into his own goal
10′ 14′ Plenty of action in the New Caledonia with bodies flying everywhere
10′ 11′ A foul from Eakins at the other end sees the Francophone’s with a chance
10′ 07′ They take too long and the ball passes back to New Zealand hands
9′ 32′ Parawai shoots from wide but the ball sails over the goal
9′ 22′ James Vaughan with a chance but it’s charged down by Euzen
9′ 16′ New Zealand’s corner is sent back to half way but Eakins can’t make it
8′ 37′ New Caledonia are on the attack looking to reduce the margin and Thierry Waima has a good chance but sends it high
8′ 20′ Micky Malivuk shoots but it’s wide of the upright
8′ 20′ New Caledonia call a time out
8′ 11′ New Caledonia are on attack as play resumes but the ball runs out of play as they launch their advance
7′ 59′ YELLOW CARD Waima is cautioned after handling the ball in New Zealand’s goal and the Kiwi’s have a penalty after New Caledonia reach six fouls
7’58’ Kareem Osman’s resulting penalty hits the underside of the cross bar and bounces back into play
6′ 58′ Osman cross shots, Burns arrives at the far post but can’t get anything on it
6′ 36′ Parawai blasts a shot over the bar
6′ 20 Saihuliwa shoots but has no luck
6′ 01′ Poarairoua fires in a shot but it’s straight at the chest of Elayyan
5′ 35′ Poarairoua gets in the way of a shot from Manickum at the other end of the court
4′ 57′ Paulet has Elayyan beaten at the near but sends the ball wide
4′ 17′ Burns hits Osman who’s alone against Euzen who slides in to get a foot to the ball, somehow he manages to scramble back to knock a second shot out
4′ 02′ GOAL!!! New Zealand 3 New Caledonia 2 Skipper Pourouoro fires a penalty past Elayyan to add to his side’s tally
3′ 10′ New Zealand have another penalty and Miro Major is behind the ball
3′ 08′ Some strange techniques on the line from Ronald Gayon in goal seem enough to distract Major who powers his penalty wide
2′ 32′ A chance for Osman but he sends it over the bar
1′ 41′ Paulet tries a one-two with Waima but the return is too heavy and runs long
1′ 08′ Major’s shot is kicked straight back to him by keeper Euzen, who’s back on the pitch, but he sends it wide
0′ 42′ Waima shoots low and hard but Elayyan picks it up
0′ 32′ Manickum pulls back to the top of the arc but he’s passing to no-one and the ball runs into touch
0′ 15 Eakins shoots but Euzen pushes it over the top
0′ 12′ GOAL!!! New Zealand 4 New Caledonia 2 Manickum is lurking at the far post and manages to toe the ball between Euzen and his post
The first half comes to an end
The second half gets underway
19′ 50′ New Zealand apply pressure in front of the goal but Euzen is ready to clear
19′ 38′ New Caledonia are ready to counter and Saihuliwa slides in at the far post but the ball goes wide
19′ 02′ Burns goes down in a clash with Saihuliwa
18′ 59′ Play resumes as the Futsal Whites build from deep in their half
18′ 36′ Free kick to New Zealand taken by Major who tries to find Manickum at the far post
18′ 08′ The ball is crossed across the face of the goal by Malivuk but no one can get a touch
17′ 46′ GOAL!!! New Zealand 5 New Caledonia 2 Eakins plays across the face to Manickum who wastes no time slotting it into the back of the net
17′ 00′ Manickum plays across court to Malivuk who is a step behind the ball
16’24’ Parawai’s shot is saved by Elayyan at the near post
16′ 11′ New Zealand play long to Malivuk but Poarairoua gets in the way
15′ 41′ A quick counter from New Zealnad but Manickum shoots wide
15′ 05′ Elayyan comes right out to boot clear a loose ball under pressure
14′ 23′ Manickum beats his man but his touch is heavy and the ball rolls across the goal line
13′ 46′ YELLOW CARD Mainon Kaouwi is cautioned
13′ 31′ Referee Amitesh Behari calls for a drop ball after an extra ball finds its way on the court
12′ 46′ New Zealand are heaping the pressure on New Caledonia who are struggling to find a way through
12′ 26′ Elias Billeh is on in the goal for New Zealand and is straight away forced into action
11′ 48′ Manickum breaks up the right but Waima follows him and gets a touch
10′ 56′ David Foord sends forward to Saihuliwa but puts too much on the pass
10′ 29′ Major sends long to Vaughan who has his shot knocked out by Euzen
9′ 57′ Free kick at half way after Vaughan fouls Parawi
9′ 31′ Malivuk’s passes to Jakub Sinkora and the ball rolls out
9′ 17′ Poarairoua has a chance but can’t find the target
8′ 41′ Vaughan’s pass goes astray and New Caldedonia are back in possession
8′ 12′ Manickum plays up the line to Sinkora who can’t quite make it
8′ 12′ A time out is called and play pauses
8′ 11′ Play resumes with New Caledonia in possession
7′ 25′ New Zealand string a good set of passes together as they advance on the goal
6′ 22′ Vaughans’s shot goes wide but it’s a close call for New Caledonia
5′ 54′ Manickum shoots but the ball comes very close
5′ 09′ New Caledonia have accumulated five fouls, any more will result in an automatic penalty for New Zealand
4′ 49′ New Zealand now find themselves in the same situation
4′ 25′ Poarouoro plays in to Saihuliwa but his first touch is no good and he misses the opportuni
ty to strike
3′ 49′ Malivuk has a chance when he wins the ball but sends it wide of the target
3′ 37′ Kaouwi blasts in a shot forcing Gayon to palm out of play
2′ 48′ Poarouoro beats his man and gets off a shot but Manickum is in the way
2’36’ Huge save from Euzen as he gets his fingertips to inch the ball out
2′ 20′ New Caledonia are under pressure as they try to add another goal
1′ 56′ Poarairoua shoots but hits the corner of the goal post
1′ 25′ Penalty for New Caledonia after a foul by Ouadhah Ragued
1′ 24′ Pourouoro fires it over the top
0′ 36′ Free kick for New Caledonia but again they take too long and possession passes back to New Zealand
0′ 33′ Foul by New Caledonia and captain Marvin Eakins steps up to take the penalty
0′ 33′ GOAL!!! New Zealand 6 New Caledonia 2 Eakins converts the penalty
0′ 01′ GOAL!!! New Zealand 7 New Caledonia 2 Sinkora beats his man and shoots in the dying seconds of the match
The final whistle is blown

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