Papua New Guinea 1 – 1 Samoa

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See below for all the play-by-play action.
Starting line-ups:
Papua New Guinea: 20. Dephne FLINDERS (GK), 2. Miriam LOUMA, 3. Judith GUNEMBA, 4. Stephanie GANI, 6. Delma AMBRIAS, 8. Gira CHUNG, 10. Meagan GUNEMBA, 11. Sandra BIRUM, 13. Elizabeth HUGO, 16. Esther KENATSI, 19. Lakele SIMION
Coach: Max FOSTER (PNG)
Samoa: 19. Vaelua FAUTUA (GK), 2. Tanya BRYCE, 3. Rosemarry ALAUNI, 4. Faanunu ROPETI, 7. Hana MALO, 8. Lanuola MULIPOLA, 9. Autaele TAAVAO, 11. Faasega OKCEFFE, 12. Taavale TAVITA, 13. Fiataua SIKOTI-PIULA, 14. Sa FAAPUSI
Coach: Phineas YOUNG (SAM)
Match officials:
Referee: Anna-Marie KEIGHLEY (NZL)
Assistant Referee 1: Lata I TUIFUTUNA (TGA)
Assistant Referee 2: Nadia BROWNING (NZL)
4th Official: George TIME (SOL)
The match kicks off.
1′ Papua New Guinea’s Sandra Birum is caught offside
2′ Gira Chung takes a free kick for Papua New Guinea but Samoa’s goalkeeper Vaelua Fautua saves
5′ Lanuola Mulipola from Samoa is tackled in the box before she can shoot
6′ Samoa’s Sa Faapusi kicks a corner but the goalkeeper saves
9′ Papua New Guinea’s Meagan Gunemba shoots from the edge of the box into the goalkeeper Fautua’s arms
11′ Gunemba is ruled offside
13′ Fautua saves Papua New Guinea’s Gunemba’s shot
16′ Fautua comes of her line to clear the ball
17′ Gunemba tries to connect with Birum but is caught offside
19′ Gunemba breaks through the middle but her touch is too heavy
21′ Birum shoots from distance but the ball goes wide
22′ Papua New Guinea Delma Ambria’s cross goes streight at the goalkeeper
23′ Birum has another good chance from close range but shoots inot the goalkeeper’s hands
25′ Meagan Gunemba takes a corner for Papua New Guinea but the shot gets cleared eventually
28′ Ambrias passes the ball onto Gunemba but she gets stopped by a Samoan defender
30′ Saoma’s Sa Faapusis shoots wide
30′ Samoa has another chance but Hana Malo’s kick goes wide
32′ Meagan Gunemba sees her shot saved
34′ Samoa heads the ball off the line
36′ Papua New Guinea’s Gunemba is ruled offside again
38′ Gunemba shoots from inside the box but misses the target
40′ Meagan Gunemba has another chance from just outside the box but the goalkeeper saves
42′ Hana Malo shoots from distance straight into goalkeeper Dephne Flinder’s hands
44′ Fautua comes out of the goal to save the ball
45′ One minute of injury time will be played
45′ Ambrias shoots from the right side but misses the target
The first half comes to an end.
The second half kicks off.
46′ Meagan Gunemba takes the first corner of the second half but the goalkeeper saves
48′ Samoa’s Taavao tries to break through but gets stopped by Papua New Guinea’s defence
49′ Faapusi’s corner curled
50′ Meagan Gunemba’s corner is headed away
53′ Birum crosses but cannot find her team mate Gunemba
53′ Meagan Gunemba tries to chip the ball into the net but misses the target
55′ Meagan Gunemba kicks from close range but the ball goes wide
57′ Birum’s volley is saved by the goalkeeper Fautua
58′ Elizabeth Hugo shoots from within the box but the ball gets deflected by Alauni
60′ Faapusi kicks a corner for Samoa but the goalkeeper palms the ball away
62′ Malos free kick goes wide
65′ SUBSITUTION: Elizabeth Hugo is replaced by Joan Aidaboe for Papaua New Guinea
67′ GOAL!!! Papua New Guinea 0 Samoa 1: Papua New Guinea’s goalkeeper spills the ball and Mulipola tips the ball in the net
68′ GOAL!!! Papua New Guinea 1 Samoa 1: Sandra Birum scores for Papua New Guinea
68′SUBSTITUTION: Tavita is replaced by Aliialofaifaleupolu Moataa for Samoa
73′ Staphanie Gani shoots from distance but the goalkeeper saves
75′ Gani shoots from close range straight at the cross bar
77′ Malo is ruled offside
80′ Arajo schoots from distance straight into the arms of keeper Fautuua
82′ SUBSTITUTION: Taavao is replaced by Chrisaria Faimasasa for Samoa
84′ Flinders comes off her line to save the ball
84′ Birum shoots within the box but misses the target
87′ Moataa tries to break through but gets stopped by two Papua New Guinea defenders
90′ Three minutes of injury time will be played
90′ + 1′ Meagan Gunemba shoots but hits the bar
90′ + 1′ Birum missed an open goal
90′ + 2′ Samoa’s Mulipola goes off the field to receive treatment
The final whistle is blown.

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