Khan calls for support

Khan is the first to admit that the past policy of picking a futsal squad full of footballers was not the best way to put a national team together or to encourage futsal development.
With Fiji Football Association now employing a full-time futsal development officer in Ronald Ram, Khan says futsal is on the rise locally, and the Fiji community needs to see the difference first hand.
“In the past we always had football players but now we have futsal players at club level and that makes a difference when you’re selecting a national team squad,” Khan says.
He says playing on home soil is a mixed bag.
“I wouldn’t say we are fortunate. I mean if it was in Tahiti no one would see what the Fiji team was,” he considers.
“But yes, I think overall it’s good for the Fiji people to come down and see. We are a six week team compared with a six year team and so people should come down and witness for themselves what we have done in this six weeks – what we’ve learned and how competitive we are.
“It’s not like in New Zealand when people were criticising the losses, instead come down and see us, see what futsal is.
“A lot of pepole don’t know what futsal is until now so come and have a look at what we’re made of. Come and be supportive, that’s all I would ask.”
Khan has led a number of Fiji futsal campaigns now and says what is clear is that the level across the region is on a path of constant improvement.
“I would say looking at the other teams here in Fiji, they’ve progressed a lot and are looking good,” he says.
“You know, New Zealand in my days were nowhere but now they’re one of the giants and we have lacked.”
Khan says by taking a different approach to the competition this time around, he hopes Fiji will be competitive but also play good futsal.
“The New Zealand tour late last year was very important to us,” he says.
“I believe we learned a lot and we learned a lesson. We know what we are supposed to be doing, and over the past three weeks we’ve really concentrated on that.
“I’ve done my part I would say, and now it goes over to the players. We’re anxiously awaiting Monday’s game now.”

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