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Tonga: 1. Alifaleti LIKIO (GK), 2. Ofa KITE (C), 3. Sione VAENUKU, 4. Petueli TOKOTAHA, 6. Tevita KAU, 7. Tevita SILI, 8. Kalakaua FAIVAILO, 9. Tuia FALEPAPALANGI, 10. Viliami TUKIA, 15. William NAU, 16. Pesamino TOMASI
Substitutes: 5. Falanisesi MAUSIA, 11. Fonua TALIAULI, 12. William SENITULI, 13. Opesi TUIFANGALOKA, 14. Viliami KAITAPU, 17. Sitaleki FISI, 18. Ongolea FILO, 19. Alone FAKAVAI, 20. Tevita KAILEA (GK)
Coach: Timote MOLENI (TGA)
Cook Islands: 1. Manaariki PIERRE (GK), 2. Sean IONA, 4. William NAPA, 5. Grafton POTORU (C), 6. Andrew HERMAN, 7. Geosah GEORGE, 8. Parau ELLIS,10. Conroy TIPUTOA, 11. Lee HARMON, 13. Willynn KARIKA, 17. Daryl AREAI
Substitutes: 3. Avi ENOKA, 9. Toru MATEARIKI, 12. Teokotai TUPUNA, 14. Teporoa HENRY, 15. Kimiora NGAMETUA, 16. Roimata KARIKA, 20. Finlay MUNRO (GK)
Coach: Richard ANDERSON (ENG)
Match Officials
Referee: Averii JACQUES (TAH)
Assistant Referee 1: Gareth SHEEHAN (NZL)
Assistant Referee 2: Bernard MUTUKERA (SOL)
Fourth Official: Mederic LACOUR (NCL)
FULL-TIME: Tonga 2-3 Cook Islands Cook Islands hold on to secure the win
90’+1′ GOAL!!! Tonga 2-3 Cook Islands Petuli TOKOTAHA converts from the spot
90′ YELLOW CARD Sean IONA fouls in the box and picks up a caution
89′ GOAL!!! Tonga 1-3 Cook Islands Kimiora NGAMETUA weaves past two defenders and fires in after finishing some good workup by TUPUTOA
88′ FAIVAILO with a chance but he can’t convert and PIERRE bangs it upfield
86′ Cook Islands under pressure but PIERRE is definitely keeping them in the game with some excellent saves
84′ A cross is whipped in at the Cook Islands goal and again PIERRE is up to the pressure
83′ Another excellent save from PIERRE as the long range effort from FALEPAPALANGI floats over him
82′ GEORGE puts out for a corner as Cook Islands deal with the high press from Tonga
81′ Shot from AREAI is blocked at the edge of the box by KITE and Tonga are on the counter
79′ TOKOTAHA plays the ball up the left for Kalakaua FAIVAILO but the speedster is hauled back by the offside flag
77′ Tonga break but as they try and poke the ball through the defence it’s chested down by POTORU
76′ PIERRE makes a stunning save to deny Fonua TALIAULI
76′ Sub NGAMETUA makes an early entry into the action with some great footwork to turn his opponent and cross
74′ SUB COK Lee HARMON is replaced by Kimiora NGAMETUA
73′ Tuia FALEPAPALANGI drills a low shot that has PIERRE beaten, but is just wide of the upright
72′ TIPUTOA tries to turn TOLOTAHA but it’s a well read move by the defender
70′ TUKIA stumbles as he starts to give chase and rues the missed opportunity to go 1v1 with PIERRE
69′ One-two play between HARMON and NAPA earns several metres for Cook Islands but Tonga force the turnover
67′ TIPUTOA with a shot but he flings it well wide
66′ Great long ball for HENRY to chase and he puts in the effort but he’s competing with KITE who is just as quick in the chase
63′ Essential cover from KITE at the back allows LIKIO to claim the ball
62′ SUB COK Parau ELLIS is replaced by Teporoa HENRY
60′ PIERRE quick off his line to claim as a cross is whipped in for KAU to finish
59′ A touch too much from AREAI as he comes close to tipping around the last defender
57′ HARMON sends off the outside of his foot but the flag is again up this time on GEORGE
56′ Mere millimetres offside from TIPUTOA as he’s put through on goal by NAPA
54′ Tonga play back to re-set their formation but it gives TIPUTOA a chance to use his speed to win and press
52′ KITE delivers a curling free kick from distance which looks like it will drop just in behind the keeper but it’s in behind the crossbar
50′ HARMON at the heart of an advance for Cook Islands but a huge challenge from Ofa KITE stops him short
49′ YELLOW CARD Tonga’s Tevita SILI is cautioned for a challenge on Grafton POTORU
48′ Tonga heaping the pressure on their opponents backline and concede a free kick in dangerous territory just off the corner of the area
46′ Cook Islands get the second half underway
SUB TGA: Pesamino TOMASI is replaced by Fonua TALIAULI
HALF-TIME: Tonga 1-2 Cook Islands
45’+1′ A free kick for Tonga is taken by SILI and beats the wall but PIERRE has the net covered
One minute additional time
45′ GOAL!!! Tonga 1-2 Cook Islands Kalakaua FAIVAILO has plenty of room up the left, controls and fires past a diving PIERRE
43′ Tevita SILI brings down PIERRE’s goalkick but ELLIS wins back and sends Cook Islands upfield
41′ Great work in the middle from Tonga’s Tevita KAU as he leads his side forward
40′ PIERRE out of his comfort zone to clear and is fortunate he gives the ball enough air to inch over the head of TUKIA with an open goal behind him
38′ Control of an aerial ball by Parau ELLIS is poor and Tonga make an advance but HARMON covers well and pushes wide
37′ Cook Islands on attack but no real pressure for LIKIO to deal with
35′ Poor pass from Tonga sees Daryl AREAI given room to test the defence and despite some great footwork his shot is off-target
34′ Andrew HERMAN and Parau ELLIS combine well before sending long for TIPUTOA to chase
33′ HARMON drops deep to tidy and boots long to clear the danger as the Cooks defence reassembles
31′ Viliami TUKIA hooks a shot at goal which is parried away by PIERRE who is quick to capture the follow up shot
30′ TIPUTOA leaves the defence in his wake as he advances on LIKIO but his shot lacks power and doesn’t trouble the keeper
29′ William NAPA tries to touch wide for Daryl AREAI but it’s a poor pass that gives the ball to Tuia FALEPAPALANGI
28′ Turnover from Ofa KITE and Tonga make a swift counter attack that puts Cook Islands on the backfoot
27′ Short kick from the keeper PIERRE
26′ Corner for Tonga and both sides have significant numbers in the box
25′ Great play in the centre from GEORGE as he moves delicately past his opponents
24′ The flag goes up as Tonga makes a promising advance towards the goal of Manaariki PIERRE
23′ Pesamino TOMASI with some great hustle up the line to get past GEORGE, he keeps the ball in play but has no support and Cook Islands are back in control
20′ GOAL!!! Tonga 0-2 Cook Islands Conroy TIPUTOA takes advantage of a lapse in concentration from Tonga to slot in the second
18′ GOAL!!! Tonga 0-1 Cook Islands A mess in front of goal but it’s the result that counts as an own goal gives Cook Islands the lead
17′ A handball just inside the Tongan half gives Lee HARMON an opportunity to test himself from distance but LIKIO punches out for a corner
16′ Geosah GEORGE with pressure on VAENUKU hoping to force an error but Tonga manage to clear
15′ Cook Islands taking the space between their backline and their opposing attackers to look for a gap
14′ Looks dangerous for Cooks as the ball is lofted over to the back post, but they manage to put out for another corner
14′ POTORU puts out under pressure from TUKIA and Tonga have a corner
12′ Willyn KARIKA switches straight to TUKIA who puts Cook Islands under direct pressure
11′ Cook Islands looking good in possession with some neat passing but just a little loose at times putting pressure on themselves
10′ Sione VAENUKU makes his presence known at the back for Tonga as he keeps his opponents in check
8′ A short pause in play as Cooks captain Grafton POTORU goes down
7′ Scrappy in the middle from both sides and the ball pops wide for a dangerous advance from TUKIA
6′ Parau ELLIS chips the Tongan defence and it’s Conroy TIPUTOA gi
ving chase but the ball rolls to keeper Alifaleti LIKIO
5′ Tevita KAU makes an intercept and Tonga are away as the ball is played wide for Viliami TUKIA
4′ Sean IONA looks for options after picking up a clearance
3′ William NAPA launches a long ball, it’s put out by Tonga and Cook Islands have possession in the Tongan half
2′ Cook Islands in control at the back, playing the ball around as they look for options upfield
1′ Tonga make an early advance but put out by Cook Islands
1′ Underway at J.S. Blatter Football Complex in the opening match of the 2016 OFC U-17 Championship Preliminary in Samoa

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