See below for all the play-by-play action.
Starting line-ups:
Malaysia: 1. Firdaus RAZALI (GK) (c), 2. Abu HASAN, 4. Shamsul ZAMRI, 9. Qaiser ABDUL KADIR, 10. Fawzul MOHAMAD
Substitutes: 3. Asmie ZAHARI, 5. Firdaus AMBIAH, 6. Shamar FADZIL, 7. Khairul MOHD BAHRIN, 8. Muizzudin MOHD HARIS, 13. Nizam MOHD ALI, 14. Hadee MOHD TAUFIQ (GK)
Coach: Maizal MARZUKI (MAS)
Australia: 13. Angelo KONSTANTINOU (GK), 5. Mark SYMINGTON, 7. Toby SEETO (c), 10. Daniel FOGARTY, 11. Dean LOCKHART
Substitutes: 1. Kieran PATES (GK), 2. Adam COOPER, 3. Daniel FULTON, 4. Wade GIOVENALI, 6. Eddie ALPKAYA, 8. Marino MUSUMECI, 9. Chris ZEBALLOS
Coach: Steve KNIGHT (AUS)
Match officials:
Referee: Campbell-Kirk WAUGH (NZL)
Second referee: Francois CUCCURULLO (NZL)
Third referee: Chris SINCLAIR (NZL)
Timekeeper: Rex KAMUSU (SOL)
The match kicks off
19′ 44″ Australia have an early chance to take the lead when Daniel Fogarty breaks forward and the ball comes to Mark Symington but Malaysia goalkeeper Firdaus Razali saves
18′ 50″ Malaysia have had most of the early ball but Australia are pressing them high and not letting them come forward
18′ 16″ GOAL! Malaysia 1 Australia 0: Malaysia go ahead when Qaiser Abdul Kadir squeezes the ball past adavancing goalkeeper Angelo Konstantinou
17′ 10″ Malaysia nearly increase their lead as Fawzul Mohamad fires a shot goalwards but Konstantinou tips it wide
16′ 03″ Wade Giovenali rolls a shot straight to Malaysia goalkeeper Razali from wide on the right
15′ 25″ Khairul Mohd Bahrin smashes a Malaysia free kick wide
12 54″ Abu Hasan finds the target for Malaysia with a well-struck shot but Konstantinou makes a comfortable save
11′ 57″ Fogarty shoots from wide on the right for Australia but Razali pulls off a good save
11′ 11″ Shamsul Zamri blazes a shot over the Australia cross bar
09′ 56″ GOAL! Malaysia 1 Australia 1: Australia draw level when Mark Symington pounces on a misplaced Malaysia pass and captain Toby Seeto finishes off the move
09′ 53″ Australia very nearly take the lead through Giovenali but his effort crashes against the cross bar
08′ 33″ YELLOW CARD: Symington is cautioned for Australia
07′ 46″ Goalkeeper Razali has to leave his area to deal with a dangerous situation for Malaysia
05′ 58″ Abdul Kadir puts a shot wide of the Australia goal from near the left touchline
05′ 27″ A time out is called by Australia
05′ 16″ Adam Cooper creates room for a shot for Australia but prods his effort against the post
04′ 00″ Daniel Fulton has a great chance to put Australia ahead when he is presented with an open goal but he somehow lifts his volley over the bar
03′ 22″ A time out is called by Malaysia
02′ 58″ Zamri cuts onto his right to shoot for Malaysia but blasts his effort well over the bar
02′ 12″ Zamri is played in by Mohamad to shoot again but Australia goalkeeper Konstantinou saves at his near post
00′ 39″ YELLOW CARD: Mohd Bahrin is cautioned for Malaysia
00′ 35″ Malaysia have a penalty but Hasan’s effort is saved by Konstantinou
The first half comes to an end
19′ 50′ The second half is underway and Malaysia have a free kick
19′ 42′ The ball crosses the court to Abu Hasan who blasts the shot straight at Konstantinou
19′ 13′ A shot from Abdul Kadir is saved by the foot of Konstantinou
18′ 49′ Giovenali receives with his back to the goal, turns outside his man but the shot is blocked
18′ 12′ Malaysia have the ball and make a slow passing advance
17′ 52′ Fawzul Mohamad beats Symington and shoots with his left but Konstantinou saves
17′ 30′ Seeto with a shot and Malaysia make a swift counter
16′ 40′ Mohd Bahrin nips the ball from Fogarty and shoots but the ball goes wide of the far post
16′ 17′ Fogarty defends well on the touchline
15′ 58′ Giovenali wins the ball but his shot is well off target
15′ 36′ Fogarty takes a shot which is blocked by Mohd Bahrin
15′ 23′ Hasan with a shot from the top of the arc that’s inches high of the cross bar
14′ 57′ Mohd Bahrin blasts on target from the right flank and Konstantinou does well to slap it clear
14′ 16′ Mohd Bahrin is spoken to at the other end of the pitch after fouling Daniel Fulton
14′ 14′ Adam Cooper slams it straight into the wall
13′ 51′ Dean Lockhart’s tackle on Mohd Bahrin is deemed too heavy and Malaysia have a free kick
13′ 05′ Ambiah fires in a shot which is punched down by Konstantinou
12′ 58′ Another shot from Ambiah glances over the cross bar
12′ 58′ A time out is called and play pauses
12′ 55′ Konstantinou launches a long ball which is heading for Razali when an arriving Fogarty clashes with him
12’55’ YELLOW CARD Fogarty earns a caution for Australia
11′ 52″ GOAL! Malaysia 1 Australia 2: Australia take the lead when Adam Cooper finds the top corner from long range in spectacular fashion
11′ 30″ Mohamad hits the woodwork of the Australia goal
10′ 00″ Malaysia hit the post again, this time through Shamar Fadzil
09′ 27′ Australia are employing captain Seeto as a flying goalkeeper and Abdul Kadir tries to catch him out with a chip from halfway but his effort goes nowhere near the target
08′ 32″ Mohd Bahrin spins on the ball and shoots but scuffs his strike wide of the Australia goal
08′ 20′ YELLOW CARD: Goalkeeper Razali is cautioned for Malaysia
08′ 19″ Australia play in Seeto from a free kick but the skipper puts his effort just over the bar
07′ 32″ A Mohamad shot is blocked by the scrambling Australian defence
07′ 13″ Konstantinou dives to tip a Mohd Bahrin shot around the post
06′ 35″ Razali catches a shot from Giovenali right on the edge of his circle
06′ 15″ Malaysia have a great chance to level the scores from the penalty spot but Konstantinou saves Hasan’s effort
05′ 31″ Razali tips a Cooper shot over the Malaysia bar
05′ 18″ Razali dives low to his right to keep out a Giovenali effort and the Australian puts the rebound wide
05′ 02″ Fadzil lifts a shot over the Australia bar
04′ 45″ Malaysia have a good chance to equalise through Mohd Bahrin but he drags his shot wide
04′ 30″ Konstantinou dives at the feet of Mohd Bahrin to deny him a goal
04′ 21″ GOAL! Malaysia 1 Australia 3: Australia place one hand on the trophy when Fogarty finds Giovenali at the far post and he slides in to finish
04′ 21″ A time out is called by Malaysia
03′ 41″ Giovenali has a good opportunity to score his second but can’t beat Razali from close range
03′ 07″ Razali dives spectacularly to tip a Chris Zeballos header over the bar
03′ 05″ GOAL! Malaysia 1 Australia 4: Australia look to have made sure of the win when Seeto fires in a powerful low shot
02′ 00″ Malaysia are employing the use of the flying goalkeeper as they look to get back into the game
01′ 58″ YELLOW CARD: Mohamad is cautioned for Malaysia
01′ 31″ Mohd Bahrin has a good chance to score for Malaysia after being played in by Mohamad but sends his shot across the face of goal
00′ 55″ Konstantinou narrowly misses out on getting his name on the scoresheet when he lobs the ball just wide of Malaysia’s unguarded goal from the other end of the court
00′ 25″ RED CARD: Mohd Bahrin is sent off for Malaysia
00′ 01″ GOAL! Malaysia 1 Australia 5: Seeto puts the icing on the cake for Australia with the last kick of the game
The final whistle is blown