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Fiji 2-1 Solomon Islands

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Fiji: 1. Misiwani NAIRUBE (GK), 2. Praneel NAIDU, 3. Garish PRASAD, 4. Jale DRELOA (c), 6. Mohammed KHAN, 7. Nikel CHAND, 9. Samuela NABENIA, 10. Narendra RAO, 13. Mataiasi TOMA, 15. Saula Matayalo WAQA, 17. Kolinio SIVOKI
Substitutes: 8. Setareki HUGHES, 11. Joseva KOROI, 12. Ratu Tevita WARANAIVALU, 14. Ravnit CHAND, 16. Jonetani BUKSH, 18. Al-taaf SAHIB, 19. Ashnil RAJU, 20. Shaneel NAIDU (GK)
Coach: Ravinesh KUMAR (FIJ)
Solomon Islands: 1. Philip MANGO (GK), 2. Rollence MISITANA,5. Misitana SAMANI, 6. Alffie CHACHA, 8. Joachim KAIRI, 9. Dunstan QUANAFIA JNR, 12. Obed KEVIN, 13. Fred BALA, 14. Atkin KAUA, 18. Allen PETER, 19. Timothy BAKALE (c)
Substitutes: 3. Simon DAOI, 4. Loea LEMIX, 7. Edmond Felix TAEVO, 10. Jared RONGOSULIA, 11. Herrick LAUTALO, 17. Brett HONISAWA, 20. James DO’ORO (GK)
Coach: Commins MENAPI (SOL)
Match Officials
Referee: Albert MARU (PNG)
Assistant Referee 1: Terry PIRI (COK)
Assistant Referee 2: Folio MOEAKI (TGA)
Fourth Official: Averii JACQUES (TAH)
The final whistle sounds
90′ +6′ He moves off the pitch and it’s a drop ball which Fiji sends to touch
90′ +5′ Waranaivalu remains down receiving treatment
90′ +3′ Solomon continue to attack, Misitana with a crunching tackle in the centre of the park on Waranaivalu
90′ +3′ Free kick for Solomon Islands may be the last play in this match
90′ +2′ Nabenia takes a cross shot from the edge of the box but cuts it short
90′ + 1′ SUBSTITUTION – Solomon Islands Loea Lemix replaces Alffie Chacha
90′ + 1′ Out from the corner
90′ Shot from Nabenia beats Mango but shies wide of the post
89′ Great footwork from Kaua, he pulls it onto his left and shoots but sends it wide
88′ SUBSTITUTION – Fiji Ratu Waranaivalu replaces Jale Dreola
88′ Rongosulia with an intercept, he gets it back from Peter but blasts it over
87′ Not a great ball from Rongosulia and Fiji counter
86′ Bala has a go from out wide but doesn’t have the finish
86′ Herrick Lautalo plays into the box but can’t get a decent cross off
85′ Bala sends but it curls away from a waiting Kairi and is palmed down by Nairube
84′ Nabenia does well but sees his cross well blocked
84′ Cleared into the stands by Bala
84′ Jale Dreola has taken a knock and moves off the pitch for treatment
83′ SUBSTITUTION – Solomon Islands Dunstan Quanafia has done his dash here in Suva as he is replaced by Herrick Lautalo
82′ Great run up the left from Chand, cuts in and shoots but Mango claims
82′ Long ball into the Solomon area is popped out
81′ Kaua plays in to Bakale who shoots just outside the target
81′ Rongosulia moves the ball across the field, cross is popped out to Kaua
80′ Quanafia limping to the sideline after being clipped in a 50-50 challenge
79′ Popped out from Nairube and Fiji advance, it arrives in the boc but Nabenia fluffs it allowing the clearance
78′ Chacha delivers, Kairi attempts a bicycle kick but misses his shot
78′ Solomon Islands look for a way into the box but their attack is closed down by Sivoki
77′ Nabenia shoots but it takes a deflection and Mango is able to pick up
76′ Free kick Fiji sent into the box by Naidu but punched clear by Mango
75′ SUBSTITUTION – Fiji Saula Waqa makes room for Setareki Hughes
74′ Bakale skies it over the cross bar
73′ Hand ball from Waqa as he tries to clear the ball – Bala and Bakale lining this one up
72′ Chand fouls Bala and Solomons have a free kick just inside touch, Kaua and Bala in behind
71′ Throw in for Fiji as Peter can’t keep it in, Quanafia is right in the corner defending
70′ Cross flys in from Bala but the first touch from Kairi is awful for where he’s sitting just in front of Fiji’s goal
69′ He’s off receiving treatment as play continues
68′ Waqa is down in the centre of the park requiring treatment on what looks like an already heavily strapped thigh
67′ Quanafia can’t hold on to the ball and it’s sent long looking for Waqa who can’t quite make it
66′ Kaua with a cross and it’s away at the far post
65′ Long ball from Solomons but there’s noone up front and it rolls unchallenged to Nairube
64′ Left by Mango to run long for a goal kick
63′ Great turn from Rongosulia in the centre of the park but his lay off isn’t accurate enough
62′ Mango again leaves an open goal as he comes out to punch clear the corner, fortunately he has a man on the line to boot away
61′ Decent advance up the left from Nabenia but it’s good defending from Peter to keep him out
61′ Quanafia leaves it for Bala who doesn’t get the message and the ball rills to touch
60′ Naidu opts short, gets it back and sends in the direction of Mango who palms down and it’s booted away by a defender
59′ Fiji have numbers up front as Jale Dreola breaks but Misitana is back quick and it’s a Fiji corner
58′ Chand in to touch off the boot of Bala
57′ Solomon’s trying to play out of their back line, find Bala out wide and Bakale is hussled into touch by Toma
56′ Rongosulia plays out to Bala but he can’t quite get a foot in
56′ Free kick for Fiji after a challenge on Waqa, Sivoki with the send
55′ Solomon Islands come up the left via Chacha but he’s shut down
54′ Nabenia with a long range shot that goes inches wide of the post
54′ An effort from Bala goes long and Fiji have a goal kick
53′ Bala curls a cross into the box but Nairube is quick off his line to claim
52′ Quanafia with two men on him can’t get through but Solomon Islands continue to attack
51′ Praneel Naidu hits it into the box and it’s headed away
51′ Narendra Rao with a more than decent delivery tipped onto the cross bar by Mango and out for a corner
50′ YELLOW CARD Peter goes in the box for that challenge
49′ Allen Peter brings Samuela Nabenia down just outside the box and Fiji are in a good position to extend their lead
48′ Solomon Islands on attack, shot comes in but is blocked
47′ Advance from Rao, plays wide to Nabenia who crosses but Mango captures
SUBSTITUTION – Solomon Islands Obed Kevin is replaced by Jared Rongosulia
The second half gets underway
The first half comes to an end – Fiji 2-1 Solomon Islands
45′ + 2′ Nabenia beats Chacha and sends goalwards, finds Waqa but the striker is offside as Mango dives to save his effort
45′ + 1′ Well Dunstan Quanafia has dropped deep to collect on the right and it looks dangerous in front of the Solomon goal as the side play across
45′ + 1′ Fiji are on attack up the right flank, they’ve looked really danerous from this position so far
Two minutes additional time signalled
45′ Mataiasi Toma does well at the back and clears long to Waqa
44′ Timothy Bakale shoots but it is blocked
43′ Solomons switch across the back line, Fiji have noone sitting high on the Solomon defence
43′ Misitana heads away a cross from Waqa
42′ They move it into the box quickly but don’t have the numbers to threaten
41′ Nairube is back on two feet and play gets back underway with a Solomon throw in
40′ Nairube has gone down and needs treatment giving the players a chance to grab some water
39′ The rain is coming down heavy here at ANZ Stadium in Suva as the first half enters the final five minutes
38′ Allen Peter is injured in a challenge with Narendra Rao
37′ Goal kick for Nairube as Kairi fails to keep the ball in play
36′ Fiji throwing everything into defence and relying on the speed and power of Saula Waqa and Samuela Nabenia up front to connect with those long balls
35′ Solomon’s ju
st losing a bit of the momentum that saw them advance so well up the park for that opening goal – touches are a little off and passes astray
34′ Nabenia beats Chacha but Misitana comes across and makes a great tackle
33′ Saula Waqa using his height to get in front of Bala
32′ Solomon Islands looking for a way through Fiji’s defence
32′ Lobbed long but Mango has it under control, playing out to Kaua
31′ Fiji in control up the right flank with Nabenia and Prasad working well together
30′ It’s wide to a lone Prasad who is quickly shut down by Chacha
29′ A long range effrot from Kaua goes astray
29′ Saula Waqa takes a tumble on the edge of the area but the referee plays on and Solomon Islands advance
28′ GOAL!!! Fiji 2-1 Solomon Islands Praneel Naidu curls it over the wall and through the hands of a diving Mango and Fiji take the lead
27′ The referee doesn’t like the way Loea Lemix came in on Jale Dreola and Fiji have a free kick off the top of the half circle
26′ GOAL!!! Fiji 1-1 Solomon Islands Mango comes out and can’t keep hold of the ball allowing Nickel Chand to slot home into an empty net
24′ Fred Bala chances a long-range effort, it’s fumbled by Nairube but he recovers well and sends upfield
23′ Diving save from Mango at the feet of Kolinio Sivoki off a delivery into the box from Rao
22′ Sent long by Praneel Naidu from the corner, Waqa is waiting but it’s back out for a corner on the other side
22′ Narendra Rao advances up the right but his cross goes out with a deflection
21′ End to end action as Dunstan Quanafia’s final touch is too heavy, before Saula Waqa see his effort smothered by Mango
20′ Solomon Islands clear it from deep in their half but Fiji throw in
19′ Atkin Kaua returns the favour on his teammates behalf, bringing down Dreola and earning a verbal warning from referee Albert Maru
18′ YELLOW CARD – FijiCaptain Jale Dreola is cautioned for a late challenge on Chacha
18′ Mohammed Khan tangles with Kairi
17′ Up the other end it’s Samuela Nabenia with a shot but he’s denied
17′ Solomon counter quickly but the shot is weak and an easy pickings for Nairube
16′ Cross comes in from Fiji but ut’s booted celar by Misitana
16′ More of that fancy footwork from Dunstan Quanafia but he can’t stay on his feet
15′ Mango draws Waqa in before throwing wide
15′ Excellent defending from Prasad who whips the ball away ahead of Kairi
14′ Foul on Kaua near touch and it’s a free kick for Solomon’s at the half mark
13′ An interesting stop from Mango but he manages under pressure
12′ Alffie Chacha with the clearance for Solomons
11′ A good save from Mango who leaps high to claim
9′ GOAL!!! Fiji 0-1 Solomon Islands Atkin Kaua with his fifth goal of the tournament knocks one past a diving Misiwani Nairube to open the scoring for Solomon Islands
8′ Offside flag is raised on Garish Prasad this time as he looks to go solo up the right
7′ Chance for Solomon Islands as the ball comes to Joachim Kairi, he beats two men and shoots but is just off as it takes a deflection
7′ Allen Peter with a steal off the foot of Waqa but his celaracne is incredibly poor
6′ Heavy clash in the centre of the park as Rollence Misitana is knocked off the ball by the towering Waqa
5′ Saula Waqa brings it down nicely and shoots, Mango with the save but the flags raised anyway
5′ Praneel Naidu is fouled in the back line
4′ Some back and forth from the two sides as the ball struggles to settle on the field
3′ Solomon Islands with a throw in, they try and go long but the head of Nickel Chand is in the way
2′ An effort from Fiji is sent high but wide with Solomon’s keeper Phillip Mango watches it out
1′ Solomon Islands with an early foray into the Fiji half
The match kicks off

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