Vanuatu 7 – 4 NZ Invitational

See below for all the play-by-play action.
Starting line-ups:
1. Glendon MASAAI (GK), 4. Dudley DOMINIQUE, 7. Ben HUNGAI (c), 9. Donald AVOCK, 11. Nalpinie IASI.
Substitutes: 12. Philip YVANO (GK), 2. Joseph HANGHANGKON, 3. Bill TITEK, 5. Jesse TAKARO, 6. Jacky JOHN, 8. Pakoa RAKOM, 10. Albert THO.
Coach: Louis DOMINIQUE [VAN]
NZ Invitational:
12. David PLOWRIGHT (GK), 2. Stephen ASHBY-PECKHAM, 4. Mohamed KAMRI (c), 11. Daniel Ball, 21. Matthew EDRIDGE.
Substitutes: 1. Mitchell WEBBER (GK), 3. Jan FISCHER, 7. John PENYAS, 10. Reiner BAUERFEIND, 13. Charl COMPAAN, 14. Nathaniel WRIGHT.
Coach: Simon MEAD [NZL]
Match officials:
Referee: Rex KAMUSU [SOL]
Second Referee: Daniel KAUSUO [NCL]
Third Referee: Ryan SHEPHEARD [AUS]
Timekeeper: Stephane UPA [NCL]
The match kicks off
19′ 44′ Vanuatu get the match underway with an attack up the left flank but a heavy pass sees the ball run out
19′ 19′ Daniel Ball finds himself open on the left and shoots low but Glendon Masaai drops to save
19′ 11′ GOAL!!! Vanuatu 1 NZ Invitational 0 Pakoa Rakom drills in low to open the day’s scoring for Vanuatu
18′ 22′ Vanuatu continue to pressure NZ Invitational looking for a second
17′ 59′ Rakom shoots across the face of the goal but is unlucky this time
17′ 49′ Free kick for NZ Invitational
17′ 46′ GOAL!!! Vanuatu 1 NZ Invitational 1 NZ Invitational get their first goal of the tournament with a tap in from Matthew Edridge
17′ 33′ Another shot from Rakom is tipped over by David Plowright
17′ 26′ GOAL!!! Vanuatu 2 NZ Invitational 1 Ben Hungai gets the lead back for Vanuatu
16′ 51′ GOAL!!! Vanautu 3 NZ Invitational 1 Rakom gets his brace
16′ 16′ GOAL!!! Vanuatu 4 NZ Invitational 1 Skipper Hungai gets a brace of his own as Vanuatu extend their lead
15’46’ Nalpinie Iasi has a go himself but Plowright pushes clear
14′ 32′ Vanuatu are deep in their half as they slowly work the ball forward
13′ 27′ Iasi puts in the footwork as he tries to play his way up the line
12′ 53′ Nathaniel Wright tries to use his size to his advantage as NZ Invitational counter attack
12′ 26′ NZ Invitational send in a shot but it’s deflected out and Vanuatu are back on the attack
11′ 55′ Donald Avock shoots off target for Vanuatu
11′ 17′ Plowright launches long looking for Ball but Avock gets in the way and Vanuatu have possession
10’57’ Rakom beats one player and manages to pass wide but the resulting shot is blocked at the near post by NZ Invitational
10′ 30′ Edridge sends in a cross but none of his teammates anticipate it and Vanuatu are there to clean up
9′ 30′ Edridge intercepts the ball and breaks, he shoots but it flies over the goal
9′ 06′ Rakom shoots but Jan Fischer is between the ball and the goal
8′ 30′ Mohamed Kamri beats his man and sends in an angled ball which Masaai does well to palm down
8′ 12 Vanuatu counter and Kamri races back fouling the player in the process
7′ 34′ Hungai takes a chance but it’s straight into Fischer
7′ 05′ Stephen Ashby-Peckham with a chance but the ball just clips the outside of the post on its way past
6′ 32′ Vanautu call a time out
6′ 26′ Vanuatu gets play back underway but NZ Invitational quickly win the ball
6′ 12′ A corner is played back to Hungai who blasts the shot on target. It ricochets out to Charl Compaan who’s first touch is heavy
5′ 23′ NZ Invitational win the ball in their half but the ball is sent to long
4′ 47′ Both sides are wasting possession with air balls to no-one
4′ 38′ Albert Tho tries to poke the ball past Plowright in at the far post but its outside the post
4′ 13′ Two shots in quick succession from Vanuatu are successfully blocked by Plowright
3′ 42′ Tho puts the ball through Ashby-Peckham’s legs before passing off to Hungai who shoots into the side net
3′ 12′ Wright looks to be in with a chance but can’t quite get a decent shot off
2′ 53′ A pass from Hungai rolls over the foot of Jacky John into touch
2′ 38′ NZ Invitational call a time out
2′ 37′ NZ Invitational have possession and send the ball long
2′ 20′ Ashby-Peckham breaks on the counter but doesn’t shoot
1′ 57′ NZ Invitational have a corner as they try and build up to a shot
1′ 31′ Ball’s hits the post and Edridge’s follow-up shot is wide of the target as NZ Invitational increase the pressure
0′ 51′ Rakom plays through to Hungai but the NZ Invitational get their men back in time to block
0′ 40′ Kamri tries to chip keeper Masaai but his effort goes too high
0′ 20′ Free kick for Vanuatu as they play out the final seconds of the half
The first half comes to an end
The second half kicks off
19′ 38′ Tho shoots from out wide but Mitchell Webber stops it short in goal
19′ 06′ Ball turns at the edge of the arc and attempts to poke the ball past Masaai but it’s weak and an easy take for the keeper
18′ 14′ Masaai comes to half way and blasts in a shot but it flies over
18′ 01′ Tho has a chance but it’s saved by Webber
17′ 58′ Tho slides in at the far post but can’t find the net
17′ 25′ Campaan goes one-on-one with an advancing Masaai but sends his shot wide
16′ 22′ GOAL!!! Vanuatu 5 NZ Invitational 1 Dudley Dominique opens the second half scoring when he slips the ball under Plowright
15′ 47′ Compaan is applying a lot of pressure up front rattling Vanuatu
15′ 23′ GOAL!!! Vanuatu 5 NZ Invitational 1 The tactic pays off as Compaan finds the back the net
15′ 05′ YELLOW CARDCompaan is cautioned for NZ Invitational
14′ 27′ Jacky John sends the ball up the face of the goal
13′ 56′ Wright and Edridge attempt a one-two but are blocked before Edridge plays right back to Mitchell in the goal
13′ 26′ Free kick at the half for Vanuatu and Wright receives a verbal warning from second referee Daniel Kausuo
12′ 30′ Avock shoots but Wright makes the block
11′ 57′ Iasi’s shot beats Webber but he hits the upright
11′ 26′ GOAL!!! Vanuatu 6 NZ Invitational 2 Rakom’s first shot is blocked by Webber but he takes his second chance blasting the ball over Webber into the back of the net
10′ 23′ Kamri goes one-on-one with Masaai but can’t beat him
10′ 04′ Fischer gets a toe to Rakom’s shot forcing the ball out
9′ 56′ GOAL!!! Vanuatu 6 NZ Invitational 3 Fischer puts it away at the other end and NZ Invitational have their third
9′ 42′ GOAL!!! Vanuatu 7 NZ Invitational 3 Jacky John fires home to extend Vanuatu’s lead
9′ 15′ Iasi sends a shot flying over the cross bar
8′ 35′ Ashby-Peckham sends through a long ball looking for Ball but his pass goes long
8′ 33′ Vanuatu call for a time out
8′ 22′ John intercepts but and gets off a low shot but Webber manages to stop it between his legs
7′ 49′ Ashby-Peckham makes a solo run and shoots but Masaai is ready to push it out
6′ 24′ Vanuatu try to work the ball out of their half
6′ 18′ GOAL!!! Vanuatu 7 NZ Invitational 4 Stephen Ashby-Peckham adds to his side’s tally
5′ 45′ Ashby-Peckham tries from distance but it’s over
5′ 38′ A shot from Rakom rattles the post at the other end
5′ 13′ Kamri is held up by Rakom but still manages to turn and fire a shot into the side net
4′ 48′ Webber comes off his line as Bill Titek chases down the ball
4′ 25′ Webber catches a shot from Avock
3′ 53′ Rakom fires across the face of the goal and it just passes the post
3′ 49′ NZ Invitational calls a time out
3′ 49′ Vanuatu use the occasion to bring on Philip Yvano who is straight away forced to make a save from Wright
2′ 33′ YELLOW CARD Yvano is cautioned after fouling Fischer
1′ 49′ Kamri gets off a shot but hits the side net
1′ 34′ Avock shoots off target
1′ 22′ Wright shoots over the cross bar
0′ 56′ Ashby-Peckham makes a run up the centre of the pitch but his pass can’t find Ball on the right
0′ 11′ Tho fouls Ball
and NZ Invitational have a free kick
0′ 07′ Vanuatu win back possession and attack
The final whistle is blown

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