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New Caledonia: 23. Jelen IXOEE, (GK), 2. Judikael IXOEE, 4. Georges BEARUNE, 5. Kevin NEMIA, 6. Cedric SANSOT, 8. Roy KAYARA, , 10. Cesar ZEOULA, 11. Bertrand KAI, (C) 12. Loic WAKANUMUNE, 13. Jean-Brice WADRIAKO, 17. Georges GOPE-FENEPEJ
Substitutions:1. Dimitri PETEMOU (GK), 20. Thomas SCHMIDT (GK), 3. Joseph TCHACKO, 7. Joel WAKANUMUNE, 9. Jean-Philippe SAIKO, 14.Jacki MEINDU, 15. Joerisse CEXOME, 16. Jean-Christ WAJOKA, 18. Emile BEARUNE, 19.Joseph ATHALE,
Coach: Thierry SARDO (NCL)
Samoa squad 1. Faalavelave MATAGI (GK), 2. John HALL,(C), 4. Filipo BURETA, 7. Andrew MOBBERLEY, 9. Paulo SCANLAN, 12. Mike SAOFAIGA, 13. Lionel TAYLOR, 14. Keone KAPISI, 17. Joseph TYRELL, 18. Henry PUPI, 21. Samualu MALO,
Substitutions: 22. Charlie TAPELU (GK), 23. Ted SIKOVI (GK), 3. Kaipo TAGALOA, 6. Ryan MARTIN, 8. Cameron MARTIN, 10. Desmond FAAIUASO, 15. Luki GOSCHE, 16. Marcus ALIMONTI, 19. Lapa TONI, 20. Silao MALO,
Absent: 5. Jarrell SALE, 11. Jai INGHAM,
Coach:Scott EASTHOPE (NZL)
Match Officials
Referee: Robinson BANGA (VAN)
Assistant Referee 1: Ravinesh KUMAR (FIJ)
Assistant Referee 2: Hilmon SESE (VAN)
Fourth Official: Joel HOPKEN (VAN)
90+3 Faalavelave Matagi forced into another save following a close range header by Joerisse Cexome
90+2 Kevin Nemia blasts a shot wide from the left
90+1 YELLOW CARD New Caledonia’s Cedric Sansot receives a yellow card
90′ Fourth official indicates 3 minutes of added time
90′ Faalavelave Matagi saves from Georges Bearune on the left
89′ GOAL!!! NCL 7-0 SAM New Caledonia’s Jefferson Dahite adds another from the penalty spot
86′ Paulo Scanlan and Samoa’s Samualu Malo both need medical time out
84′ New Caledonia’s goalkeeper Jelen Ixoee makes a good double save first from Samualu Malo before keeping out Samoa’s Desmond Faaiuaso from point blank range
82′ Henry Pupi with a crucial interception to deny Jefferson Dahite a chance on the left
79′ GOAL!!! NCL 6-0 SAM Jacki MeinduNsets up Joerisse Cexome who passes the keeper with a low drive on the left
76′ Samoa’s goalkeeper Faalavelave Matagi forced into a save following a long range attempt by Jean-Christ Wajoka
73′ Henry Pupi clears with a header on the line following a looping shot by Jean-Christ Wajoka from the edge of the box
72′ Roy Kayara curles his free kick over the crossbar
70′ Samoa under sustained pressure before Desmond Faaiuaso gives a free kick away with a handball
68′ SUBNew Caledonia’s Bertrand Kai is replaced by Jacki Meindu
67′ Henry Pupi heads out for a corner from left cross before New Caledonia’s Bertrand Kai heads wide from the corner
65′ Kevin Nemia’s deflected shot from inside the box just misses to the left
64′ New Caledonia’s Jefferson Dahite with a strong run through the middle but his final touch lets him down
63′ Kevin Nemia sends a shot from the right over the crossbar
62′ Ryan Martin tries to find Andrew Mobberley but his pass to the striker is too long
59′ Andrew Mobberley with a run on the left but he loses the ball inside the Caledonian penalty area
57′ SUBSamoa’s Filipo Bureta is replaced Desmond Faaiuaso
57′ SUBSamoa’s Mike Saofaiga is replaced by Lapa Toni
53′ SUB The injured Judikael Ixoee is replaced by Jean-Christ Wajoka
53′ GOAL!!! NCL 5-0 SAM Jean-Brice Wadriako makes it 5-0 after tapping home from a rebound from the post
51′ New Caledonia with posession in midfiled before Bertrand Kai wins a corner
49′ Andrew Mobberley delivers the free kick which is headed over the bar by Paulo Scanlan
48′ YELLOW CARD New Caledonia’s Georges Bearune receives a yellow card
46′ Paulo Scanlan and Andrew Mobberley kick off the second half
46′ SUBSamoa’s Joseph Tyrell is replaced by Ryan Martin
46′ SUB New Caledonia’s Cesar Zeoula is repleced by Joerisse Cexome
45′ Fourth official indicates 1 minute of added time
44′ Kevin Nemia and Bertrand Kai both try their luck from inside the box but their attempts are blocked by the Samoan defenders
43′ Roy Karaya is clear on goal but he is flagged offside
42′ Roy Kayara with a great chance in front of goal but he blasts his shot over the bar from close range
40′ Cesar Zeoula’s drives from the left but his attempts is wide and high
38′ GOAL!!! NCL 4-0 SAM Cesar Zeoula converts from the spot with a low drive into the right corner
36′ Bertrand Kai wins a penalty after being fouled inside the box
35′ Cesar Zeoula runs at the defenders before sending his drive from inside the box just wide of the right post
31′ Bertrand Kai comes close but his header from straight in front just clears the crossbar
30′ GOAL!!! NCL 3-0 SAM Roy Kayara grabs his second with a long range strike
28′ GOAL!!! NCL 2-0 SAM Kevin Nemia ghives his side a two goal cusion with a curling left-footed strike just inside the penalty area
25′ Samoa with a rare attack inside New Caledonia’s penalty area but Lionel Taylor’s final pass is too long
24′ Mike Saofaiga wins a free kick following a powerful run
23′ Samoa with a quick counter on the right flank but they lose the ball half way inside the Caledonian half
21′ Kevin Nemia crashes the ball into the crossbar with a powerful strike from the edge of the box
18′ GOAL!!! NCL 1-0 SAM Roy Kayara breaks Samoa’s resistance with a well taken shot following a solo run up the middle
18′ Bertrand Kai miscues his shot from the corner

17′ New Caledonia’s Cesar Zeoula wins another corner for the Caledonians
15′ Loic Wakanumune heads over the bar from the incoming corner
14′ Samoa under sustained pressure they are forced to defend another corner
12 Matagi produces another good save this time from Georges Bearune who drives from the edge of the box
11′ Matagi makes a good reflex save to deny Bertrand Kai from point blank range
10′ John Hall with a crucial tackle on Jefferson Dahite
9′ A cross from the left goes straight through the fingers of Matagi for a corner
8′ Kevin Nemia atatcks on the left but his final pass to Cesar Zeoula is too long
6′ Dahite with another run on the right before forcing a save from Samoa’s goalkeeper Faalavelave Matagi
4′ Jefferson Dahite with a run inside the box to win a corner for New Caledonia
3′ New Caledonia pressing high during the early exchanges but the Samoan defence looks well organised
1′ New Caledonia’s captain Bertrand Kai and Cesar Zeoula kick off the action
1′ We are underway with the Group A clash between New Caledonia and Samoa at Port Moresby’s Sir John Guise Stadium

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