Vanuatu 5-9 Malaysia

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The starting line-ups are as follows:
Vanuatu 1. Glendon MASAI (GK), 3. Ricky TUIGALOA, 4. Dudley DOMINIQUE,7. Ben HUNGAI (c), 8. Pakoa JEREMY,
Substitutes: 2. Terry MALAPA, 5. Jacky JOHN, 6. Joseph HANGHANGKON, 10. Albert THO, 11. George MAHIT, 12. Ivano PHILIP (GK)
Coach: Louis DOMINIQUE (VAN)
Malaysia: 1. Firdaus RAZALI (GK) (c), 3. Asmie ZAHARI, 4. Shamsul ZAMRI, 6. Fariq MOHAMMAD, 9. Qaiser KADIR
Substitutes: 5. Fitri YATIM, 7. Ridzwan BAKRI, 10. Shahmi SANI, 13. Nizam ALI, 15. Aula AHMAD, 16. Firdaus AMBIAH, 20. Faris AHMAD (GK)
Coach: Maizal MAHADI (MAS)
Match officials:
Referee: Chris SINCLAIR [NZL]
Second Referee: Kamendra NAIDU [FIJ]
Third Referee: Daniel KAUSUO [NCL]
Timekeeper: Stephane UPA [NCL]
Final whistle sounds
0′ 08′ Shot saved for final action of the game
0′ 22′ Excellent save from Masaai and Vanuatu have a free kick but the keeper sends it too long
0′ 27′ YELLOW CARD Albert THO is cautioned for Vanuatu
0′ 29′ RED CARD HUNGAI’s yellow is upgraded to a red after some discussion between the two referees
0′ 29′ YELLOW CARD Ben HUNGAI is cautioned for Vanuatu
0′ 29′ Foul on Ahmad outside the arc
0′ 57′ Open goal miss from Ricky Tuigaloa much to the crowd’s dismay
1′ 10′ Great stop from Masaai but he plays to Ali and is fortunate when he plays out
1′ 57′ GOAL!!! Vanuatu 5-9 Malaysia Nizam ALI increases the difference for Malaysia
2′ 17′ Masaii is back between the uprights for Vanuatu as they try to sustain the scoreline
2′ 32′ Blocked by Jacky John but he can’t hold on
3′ 10′ RED CARD The flying goalkeeper PHILIP walks after stopping the ball with his hand in the centre of the court
3′ 41′ A bit of tit for tat from Hanghangkon and he’s given his final verbal warning
4′ 32′ Malaysia turnover and Ali hits the woodwork with a powerful shot
4′ 53′ Both Ali and Aula Ahmad eyeing this up – it’s Ahmed short to Ambiah who sends just wide
4′ 53′ He’s done it again but this time much closer to his goal – we could see Malaysia add another here
5′ 15′ Turnover as Philip spends longer than his allotted 4 seconds with the ball
5′ 44′ Great save from Philip to shut dwon Ali
6′ 19′ Great vision from Rakom but the pass is just behind Dominique as they advance with numbers
6′ 38′ What a chance! A little too long to makes his decision means Mahit gives Razali time to stop him
6′ 55′ Swift counter from Malaysia and Philip rushes to cover
7′ 14′ Mahit delivers a powerful cross and it’s tipped out for a corner
7′ 57′ Goalkeeper Philip is creeping ever higher for Vanuatu who fly a shot over the top but earn a corner
8′ 11′ Vanuatu try something fancy but struggle
8′ 16′ Foul on an swiftly advancing Dominique and a free kick for Vanuatu
8′ 50′ GOAL!!! Vanuatu 5-8 Malaysia Asmie ZAHARI this time for Malaysia
9′ 15′ GOAL!!! Vanuatu 5-7 Malaysia Dudley DOMINIQUE scores for Vanuatu
9′ 40′ Time out
9′ 40′ GOAL!!! Vanuatu 4-7 Malaysia Vanuatu pull another one back with HUNGAI adding his second of the evening
9′ 55′ GOAL!!! Vanuatu 3-7 Malaysia Asmie Zahari plays a cross in to Shamsul ZAMRI to convert
10′ 16′ GOAL!!! Vanuatu 3-6 Malaysia Dudley DOMINQUE fires home the third for Vanuatu
10′ 19′ YELLOW CARD Fariq MOHAMMAD is cautioned for Malaysia
10′ 36′ GOAL!!! Vanuatu 2-6 Malaysia A few misfires but finally Pakoa RAKOM gets on the board for Vanuatu
11′ 21′ GOAL!!! Vanuatu 1- 6 Malaysia Some individual delights from Tuigaloa who sets up Ben HUNGAI for a fine finish
12′ 17′ An unselfish gesture from Dominique who plays to Rakom in front of goal but Malaysia shut down
12′ 34′ Bakri receives near in the arc but sends wide
13′ 28′ Vanuatu have time but Mahit fires directly at Razali between the sticks
14′ 14′ Malaysia attempt something tricky but they’re shut down
14′ 21′ Rakom flicks the ball up into the hands of his keeper and Malaysia have a free kick
15’07’ Hanghangkon breaks but his shot is outside the post
15′ 41′ Mahit with time to shoot but his effort is saved. Follow up from Hanghangkon is well off target
15′ 59′ Ambiah tries to connect with Nizam Ali but the ball runs to touch
16′ 31′ Hanghangkon breaks through the middle but can’t lay off or shoot
17′ 28′ Ball is played to Zamri at the far post but his shot hits the upright and comes back out to substitute keeper Ivano Philip
18′ 25′ Vanautu substitute their entire team ahead of a Malaysia free kick on the edge of the arc
18′ 48′ GOAL!!! Vanuatu 0-6 Malaysia Asmie ZAHARI nets for Malaysia’s sixth
19′ 16′ GOAL!!! Vanuatu 0-5 Malaysia Mohammad plays on to Shamsul ZAMRI who scores
19′ 46′ A Malaysia shot is closely followed by Vanuatu effort
Back underway with the second half
The first half comes to an end
0′ 26′ Block from Zamri but Vanuatu recover
1′ 10′ Ben Hungai gives away the ball under no pressure, but fortunately Vanuatu win it back
1′ 44′ Shot from Zamri is denied before a hot from Ambiah goes wide
2′ 05′ Well Malaysia just playing now as they go 3v1 on attack pass along in front of the goal but are denied by Masaai
2′ 45′ Rakom denied at one end before Shamil Sani misses at the other
3′ 41′ Shot from Pakoa Rakom that deflects into the post of the toe of the keeper
4′ 08′ GOAL!!! Vanuatu 0-4 Malaysia Fitri YATIM makes no mistakes from the spot as he sends Masaai the wrong way
4′ 09′ Masaai slides out to close down Bakri, taking the Malaysian out in the process and conceding a penalty
4′ 35′ Malaysian effort is closed down by Masaai
4′ 56′ Great afvance from Dominique but he’s closed down
5′ 16′ Qaiser Kadir is slowed by a challenge from Dudley Dominique – Kadir goes down hard
5′ 37′ Jacky John wins the ball and has to go deep to avoid Malaysia
6′ 09′ Masai throws long but Mohammad heads to touch
6′ 39′ Play switches to the other end of the pitch but a foul lets Malaysia down as they give the ball away
7′ 13′ Keeper Razali quick off his line but handles outside the box
8′ 21′ Close! But it ricochets out off the outside of the post
8′ 29′ Great steal from Joseph Hanghangkon who is only stopped by a foul on the edge of Malaysia’s final third
8′ 57′ GOAL!!! Vanuatu 0-3 Malaysia Ridzwan BAKRI with Malaysia’s third as he tucks in Nizam Ali’s cross
9′ 09′ Mahit does well to nick off the foot of Ridzwan Bakri as he winds up to shoot
9′ 27′ Vanuatu in possession but Malaysia pressing them high
10′ 33′ Masaai tries his chances with an end to end shot but he’s off-target
10′ 43′ Malaysia give the ball away in the arc and despite best efforts Vanuatu can’t capitalise
11′ 19′ Malaysia with the ball
11′ 46′ Ricky Tuigaloa almost pulls of a great move up the sideline but can’t quite beat the second man
12′ 19′ Zamri brings down a long ball and drives low but Masaai has dropped to save
12′ 38′ A great effort from Vanuatu is blocked by Firdaus Razali in goal for Malaysia
13′ 07′ Ben Hungai attempts an overhead kick and is just wide with his effort
13′ 23′ Shamsul Zamri fires into the stand
14′ 09′ GOAL!!! Vanuatu 0-2 Malaysia Mohammad plays across the goal to Fitri YATIM who slots into an empty net
14′ 20′ Terrible free kick from Masaai as he plays straight to Malaysia
14′ 39′ Vanuatu go 3v1 but it’s lifted over the keeper and the goal by Mahit
14′ 53′ Aula Ahmad plays across the goal
15′ 06′ Pressure from Vanuatu and a mistake nearly costs Malaysia but it’s just a corner
15′ 20′ Referee Chris Sinclair gives a verbal warning to Malaysia’s Fitri Yatim< br/>15′ 35′ Vanuatu keep the action in Malaysia’s final third but can’t finish
16′ 10′ Masaai controls down a shot from Malaysia
16′ 34′ A shot from George Mahit as Vanuatu counter quickly
16′ 45′ Nizam Ali plays across to Ambiah, Masaai does well to deny
16′ 48′ Firdaus Ambiah hits the deck hard but gets up after winning a free kick
17′ 42′ GOAL!!! Vanuatu 0-1 Malaysia It was bound to happen – sustained attack from Malaysia and Fariq MOHAMMAD scores
18′ 22′ Qaiser Kadir shoots at the near post but Ricky Tuigaloa blocks
19’03’ Another shot from Zahari and he’s unlucky not to score
19′ 16′ Great intercept from Shamsul Zahari, stopped by keeper Glendon Masai
19’49’ Vanuatu with kick off, they turnover early but captain Ben Hungai recovers well
The match gets underway

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