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Utulei Youth FC: 1. Jonathan FAAVAE (GK), 2. Neemia KALEOPA, 4. Gun KANG, 6. Kaleopa SILIGI, 7. Ryan SAMUELU, 9. Kome TOMASI, 10. Elama FAATONU, 11. Tala FAALAVAAU, 12. Ueli TUALAULELEI, 15. Pesamino VICTOR, 16. Paul COLLINS
Substitutes: 13. Peter HARRINGTON (GK), 5. Pita SINAPATI, 8. Malu FAAVAE, 14. Tea SIATUU, 17. Iopu KALEOPA
Injured: 3. Palauni TAPUSOA
Coach: Ututoa INO (ASA)
Veitongo FC: 1. Brady LAUTI (GK), 2. Sione UHATAHI, 4. Oliveti VAI, 6. Ilalio LEAKONA, 7. Inoke VAIHU, 9. Lafaele MOALA, 11. Hemaloto POLOVILI, 12. Hatana PAONGO, 14. Halapua FALEPAPALANGI, 18. Siosaia FAUPULA, 19. Kilifi UELE
Substitutes: 22. Sinilau TAUFA (GK), 3. Fakamalinga SEMISI, 5. Sosefo LELEA, 8. Kamalie PAPANI, 10. Tupou UHATAHI, 13. Soane FAUPULA,, 15. Viliami TONGAMANA, 16. Anthony LIKILIKI, 17. Silakivai MAILE

Referee: Robinson BANGA (VAN)
Assistant Referee 1: Himon SESE (VAN)
Assistant Referee 2: Sarah Walker (NZL)
Fourth Official: Avereii JACQUES (TAH)
FULL TIME: Utulei Youth edge out Veitongo FC 3-2
90+6′ Corner for Utulei with the clock ticking down
90+5′ Veitongo draw the ball across face and shoot, but KALEOPA gets across to block and clear
90+3′ TOMASI with a good chance to put the game away, but he blasts his shot way up over the bar
90+2′ MOALA caught offside, Utulei free kick
90+1′ Six minutes of added time
89′ Stunning save up high from FAAVAE prevents a goal from MOALA
87′ YELLOW CARD: FAUPULA gets a yellow card for unsporting behaviour
84′ SUB VEI: UELE off and Soane FAUPULA on
84′ GOAL!!! 3-2 UTUvVEI Kaleopa SILIGI fires into the top right of the net, with the ball taking a deflection on the way
83′ YELLOW CARD: Inoke VAIHU booked for athe challenge
83′ Utulei awarded a free kick just outside the box
81′ Utulei blast a free kick from just outside the box, but LAUTI is well positioned to save
80′ KANG with a good chance from a few yards out, but UHATAHi gets across to save the day for Veitongo
78′ Play resumes following the drinks break
75′ Play pauses for a drinks break
74′ GOAL!!! 2-2 UTUvVEI UELE converts from the penalty spot to even things up
73′ Veitongo awarded a penalty after a player is taken down in the box
71′SUB UTU: Iopu KALEOPA on and Pesamino VICTOR off
70′ Another offside called on Veitongo
69′ Utulei free kick after Veitongo are called back for offside
67′ Veitongo enjoying all of the ball right now, pushing hard for an equaliser
66′ Utulei work forward form a goal kick
64′ POLOVILI down injured for Veitongo after a big challenge from KALEOPA
61′ Play pauses while an injured Utulei player is helped
59′ FAAVAE called to action to tip a long shot up over the bar
59′ Floating free kick from Veitongo is headed clear by KALEOPA
57′ SUB VEI: Halapua FALEPAPALANGI off and Tupou UHATAHI off
56′ SUB VEI: FAUPULA off and Kamaliele PAPANI on
54′ Veitongo create a chance with some good build-up play, but Neemia KALEOPA is up to the task at the back for Utulei
51′ POLOVILI has the ball in the back of the net for Veitongo, but there is a flag up for offside
50′ Utulei enjoying a long period camped inside the Veitongo half
48′ Good sliding clearance from UHATAHI stops a Utulei attack
47′ Utulei with an energetic start to the half, plenty of movement off the ball
46′ Back underway here at the CIFA Academy
HALF TIME: Utulei Youth FC lead Veitongo FC 2-1
45+4′ Veitongo blast one off the bar, so close to an equaliser that time
45+3′ POLOVILI pushes the spot kick wide to the right
45+2′ Veitongo are awarded a penalty after a foul in the box
45+1′ Four minutes of additional time to be added
43′ Big tangle up between the Veitongo striker and Utulei keeper ends in a Utulei free kick
42′ Utulei push forward and have a throw deep in attacking territory
40′ YELLOW CARD: POLOVILI booked for a challenge just over halfway
39′ GOAL!!! 2-1 UTUvVEI POLOVILI runs through the middle and finishes to the side for Veitongo’s first goal of the tournament
38′ Some nice footwork from Elama FAATONU sees him stroll into the box, but his shot is up over the bar
36′ Floating ball in but LAUTI claims
34′ GOAL!!! 2-0 UTUvVEI Nice interchange of play between KANG and Ryan SAMUELU ends in SAMUELU finishing well into the corner
33′ Play resumes following the drinks break
30′ Play stops for a three minute drinks break
30′ Siosaia FAUPULA dribbles through into the box for Veitongo, but his last touch lets him down
28′ Kilifi UELE strikes on the half volley for Veitongo, but it’s an easy save for Jonathan FAAVAE
26′ Veitongo own all of the possession through the last few minutes
25′ We are back after having some technical issues here in Rarotonga
18′ Utulei advance forward, but SILIGI puts his through ball out for a goal kick
17′ Veitongo pressing hard up front now
15′ Utulei advance up field after a free kick from inside their own box
13′ GOAL!!! 1-0 UTUvVEI KANG gets played in behind and then pokes the ball past an advancing LAUTI to open the scoring
12′ Great turn of pace by Paul COLLINS creates a chance, but Brady LAUTI comes out to beat him to the ball
10′ Free kick drilled in from Kaleopa SILIGI, but it’s easily defused by Veitongo
9′ Utulei free kick after Lafaele MOALA fouls on the edge of the box
8′ KANG gets through on goal for Utulei, but the flag is up for offside
7′ Good block from Ilalio LEAKONA stops a Utulei through ball
6′ Veitongo free kick after they have a player chopped down on halfway
5′ Great chance for Gun KANG in front of goal, but he puts it over the bar
3′ Veitongo controlling possession well in the middle to start the match
2′ Early chance or Veitongo as Hemaloto POLOVILI breaks down the right
1′ We are underway here at the CIFA Academy

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