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Tupapa Maraerenga FC: 1. Sacha NATHU (GK), 2. Mii JOSEPH, 3. Ben HUNT, 4. Anthony SAMUELA, 7. Grover HARMON, 8. Rhys RUKA, 9. Paavo MUSTONEN, 10. Campbell BEST, 11. Jared COLLIGAN, 12. Harlem SIMIONA, 16. Ishak MOHAMMED
Substitutes: 20. Murray WILSON (GK), 5. John KARIKA, 6. Twin TIRO, 13. Edward BROGAN, 14. Zahid ALI, 15. Sunai JOSEPH, 17. Edmond OKIRUA, 18. Mel MATAKANO, 19. James NAND

Coach: Delaney Yaqona (FIJ)
Kiwi FC: 1. James McPEAKE (GK), 3. James SUTCLIFFE, 4. Jarrell SALE, 5. Lewis FRANCIS, 7. Martin PACKER, 9. Barry LEWIS, 10. Jamie MASON, 11. Sam BLACKBURN, 12. Mike SAOFAIGA, 13. Lionel TAYLOR, 15. Tomas MOSQUERA
Substitutes: 21. Ethan ELISAIA (GK), 6. Lafi IOANE, 8. Tamoto FENIKA, 14. Albert BELL, 16. Penitito TUMUA, 17. Charles BELL, 18. Benson HUNT
Coach: Martin TAMASESE (SAM)
Referee: Nelson SOGO (SOL)
Assistant Referee 1: Mark Whitehead (NZL)
Assistant Referee 2: Jeffrey SOLODIA (SOL)
Fourth Official: Anna-Marie KEIGHLEY (NZL)
FULL TIME: Kiwi beat Tupapa 2-1
90+3′ SUB KIW: Jarrell SALE off and Tamoto FENIKA on
90+3′ Tupapa have a corner which SIMIONA meets on the head at the back post, but it’s behind him and just wide
90+1′ Four minutes of additional time
89′ MASON strikes a free kick from just outside the box, but it’s a few metres up above the bar
87′ MASON hits from just inside the box, but it’s away to the left
86′ KARIKA gets in behind, but FRANCIS scrambles to clear
84′ Sam BLACKBURN hits the free kick up over the bar
83′ Kiwi awarded a free kick 30 yards out
81′ SUB TUP: BEST off and Josh KARIKA on
81′ SIMIONA loops one towards goal, but it’s just wide
80′ Kiwi to restart play via a goal kick from McPEAKE
79′ BEST beats his marker in the box and shoots, but it’s wide
78′ Tupapa with a spring in their step playing at a fast pace
75′ GOAL!!! 1-2 TUPvKIW Spectacular solo effort from SIMIONA sees him beat multiple defenders and finish with precision
74′ NATHU claims a floating Kiwi free kick
72′ Tupapa just survive after they fail to pick up a Kiwi free kick into the box
70′ Kiwi launch a free kick in, but the second ball is blasted up over the top from Jamie MASON
69′ SUB KIW: SAOFAIGA off and Albert BELL on
67′ SUB TUP: JOSEPH out and Twin TIRO on
65′ GOAL!!! 0-2 TUPvKIW Tomas MOSQUERA beats the chasing Tupapa defence and pokes the ball past NATHU
64′ PACKER just overhits his shot from 13 yards
61′ Tupapa work it out from the back
60′ Long stoppage while SIMIONA is helped, he is up and back on the field
58′ SIMIONA down injured after a hit in the box
56′ YELLOW CARD: Jarrell SALE booked for his part in the coming together
56′ YELLOW CARD: SIMIONA booked for his part in a push and shove
53′ SIMIONA stopped well by Lionel TAYLOR
51′ Tupapa scrmabling to keep Kiwi locked in their own half
50′ Tupapa whip in a corner, but the headed effort from HARMON is wide
49′ YELLOW CARD: PACKER booked for Kiwi after some push and shove
49′ Some push and shove in the box ends in PACKER picking up a caution
48′ Kiwi whip in a free kick, but they foul Tupapa keeper NATHU on the way in
47′ SIMIONA up for a header at the back post, but it’s just wide
46′ We are back underway here at the CIFA Academy
HALF TIME: Kiwi lead Tupapa 1-0
45′ McPEAKE with a great diving safe to stop a long-range effort from RUKA
43′ NATHU claims well after the free kick
42′ Kiwi have a free kick from just outside the box
40′ Free kick for Kiwi after Rhys RUKA fouls Lewis FRANCIS
38′ GOAL!!! 0-1 TUPvKIW Mike SAOFAIGA shoots across the goal and finds the back of the net
36′ McPEAKE dives low to save the penalty attempt from Paava MUSTONEN
34′ Another penalty for Tupapa, this time it’s after a Kiwi hand ball
34′ Corner coming up for Tupapa
33′ SAMUELA has a ping from long range, but it’s well wide
32′ COLLIGAN up high to win the goal kick, but it’s out for a throw
29′ Nice take from NATHU in the air following a floated Kiwi free kick
26′ Great save from Sacha NATHU on a powerful shot from Martin PACKER
24′ Kiwi enjoying all the ball for the time being
22′ Kiwi dink the free kick over the top, but the shot is up over the bar from Jamie MASON
21′ YELLOW CARD: JOSEPH booked for his challenge
21′ Free kick Kiwi after JOESPH fouls
19′ SAMUELA hits a shot long but it’s up too high and wide
17′ BEST hits from outside the box, but it’s as easy take for McPEAKE on the ground
16′ Neither team able to get their short passing going, plenty of long balls flying in
13′ Ant SAMUELA with a crucial block on a Kiwi shot from five yards
11′ Another foul on SIMIONA and Tupapa have a free kick
10′ The penalty pings off the posts and back into play
9′ SIMIONA is taken down in the box and Tupapa have a penalty
9′ Tupapa push forward and earn a throw deep in attacking territory
7′ Free kick for Kiwi after Harlem SIMIONA fouls
5′ Point blank save from James McPEAKE on a Jared COLLIGAN shot
4′ Ben HUNT gets a head on the Tupapa corner, but it’s wide of the mark
3′ Free kick for Tupapa after a foul deep in their defensive half
2′ Campbell BEST with an early shot, cleared off the line by Kiwi
2′ Early free kick for Kiwi is headed away by Mii JOSEPH
1′ We are underway here at the CIFA Academy

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