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Waitakere United 0 – 0 Dragon

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Starting line-ups:
Waitakere United: 1. Dannny ROBINSON [GK], 2. Aaron SCOTT, 4. Tim MYERS, 5. Brian SHELLEY, 8. Chad COOMBES, 10. Allan PEARCE, 12. Roy KRISHNA, 16. Tristan PRATTLEY, 17. Jake BUTLER (C), 18. Sam MATHEWS, 20. Ryan DE VRIES.
Substitutes: 3. Jack BEGUELY, 6. Matt CUNNEEN, 9. Milos NIKOLIC, 11. Luiz DEL MONTE, 19. Daniel MORGAN, 23. Masaki NOMOTO, 28. Alex CARR [GK].
Coach: Paul MARSHALL [NZL]
Dragon: 1. Mikael ROCHE [GK], 4. Tamatoa WAGEMANN, 5. Henri CAROINE, 8. Yannick VERO, 10. Raimana LI FUNG KUEE, 12. Jonathan TEHAU, 13. Steevy CHONG HUE, 15. Heimano BOUREBARE, 19. Vincent SIMON, 22. Nicolas VALLAR (C), 24. Jonathan CABALE.
Subsitutes: 3. Sebastien GAIRIN, 7. Efrain ARANEDA, 9. Samuel HNANYINE, 16. Edson LEMAIRE, 17. Sylvain GRAGLIA, 18. Xavier SAMIN [GK], 21. Teaonui TEHAU.
Coach: Ludovic GRAUGNARD [TAH]
Match officials:
Referee: Rakesh VARMAN [FIJ]
Assistant referee 1: Chris WOLKEN [NZL]
Assistant referee 2: Glen LOCHRIE [NZL]
Fourth official: Mirko BENISCHKE [NZL]
The match kicks off
1′ Free kick for Waitakere United. Allan Pearce takes it but Nicolas Vallar clears the ball away
3′ First corner kick for Waitakere. Dragon goalkeeper Mikael Roche catches the ball
4′ Long ball from Nicolas Vallar to Jonathan Tehau in the box but Tehau is offside
7′ Corner kick for Waitakere. Chad Coombes takes it and finds Brian Shelley in the box but his header misses the target
12′ Jonthan Cabale connects with Steevy Chong Hue who shoots but Danny Robinson catches the ball
14′ Roy Krishna passes to Ryan De Vries but his shot misses the target
15′ Jonathan Tehau’s shot is deflected by a Waitakere defender
22′ Aaron Scott crosses but Mikael Roche palms the ball away
23′ Corner kick for Dragon. Jonathan Cabale takes it but Danny Robinson catches the ball
25′ Play is held up as Henri Caroine is injured and has to leave the field
26′ Henri Caroine comes back onto the field and appears to have recovered
28′ Ryan De Vries crosses but Dragon clear the ball away
31′ After a miscommunication between two Dragon defenders, Roy Krishna takes the opportunity to shoot but the effort is blocked on the line
35′ Allan Pearce’s header finds Roy Krishna but he misses his overhead kick
36′ Heimano Bourebare enters into the Waitakere box and shoots but Danny Robinson saves
36′ A Yannick Vero’s header from a Dragon corner misses the target
40′ YELLOW CARD Nicolas Vallar is cautioned for Dragon
43′ Roy Krishna shoots from the edge of the box but misses the target
44′ Ryan De Vries shoots but Mikael Roche saves
45′ Two minutes of injury time will be played
The first half comes to an end
The second half kicks off
47′ Allan Pearce finds Chad Coombes who shoots but misses the target
52′ Yannick Vero has a shot at goal but the effort is blocked
53′ Jonathan Tehau takes up an opportunity to shoot but again the Waitakere defence blocks
54′ Raimana Li Fung Kuee shoots but Danny Robinson saves
55′ SUBSTITUTION Jonathan Cabale is replaced by Sylvain Graglia for Dragon
59′ YELLOW CARD Sylvain Graglia is cautioned for Dragon
62′ Ryan De Vries picks out Allan Pearce in the box, Pearce takes a shot but Mikael Roche dives to save
63′ SUBSTITUTION Vincent Simon is replaced by Edson Lemaire for Dragon
66′ Allan Pearce’s crosse finds Chad Coombes near the penalty spot but his shot goes over the cross bar
67′ Roy Krishna has an opportunity to open the scoring but misses the target
70′ Aaron Scott crosses to Allan Pearce but his header misses the target
74′ SUBSTITUTION Ryan De Vries is replaced by Milos Nikolic for Waitakere
77′ YELLOW CARD Chad Coombes is cautioned for Waitakere
78′ SUBSTITUTION Chad Coombes is replaced by Luiz Del Monte for Waitakere
81′ Milos Nikolic shoots but the effort is deflected away by a Dragon defender
82′ SUBSTITUTION Steevy Chong Hue is replaced by Teaonui Tehau for Dragon
90′ Four minutes of injury time will be played
The final whistle is blown

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