Australia 2 – 0 New Zealand

See below for all the play-by-play action.
Starting line-ups:
Australia: 13. Angelo KONSTANTINOU (GK), 5. Mark SYMINGTON, 6. Eddie ALPKAYA, 7. Toby SEETO (c), 10. Daniel FOGARTY, 11. Dean LOCKHART.
Substitutes: 1. Kieran PATES (GK), 2. Adam COOPER, 3. Daniel FULTON, 4. Wade GIOVENALI, 8. Marino MUSUMECI, 9. Chris ZEBALLOS.
Coach: Steve KNIGHT [AUS]
New Zealand: 18. Elias BILLEH (GK), 3. Dylan MANICKUM, 4. Ouadhah RAGUED, 7. Marvin EAKINS (c), 15. Micky MALIVUK.
Substitutes: 1. Atta ELAYYAN (GK), 2. James VAUGHAN, 5. Miro MAJOR, 6. Kareem OSMAN, 9. Jakub SINKORA, 8. Daniel BURNS, 14. Tai BARHAM.
Coach: Scott GILLIGAN [AUS]
Match officials:
Referee: Amitesh BEHARI [FIJ]
Second Referee: Phillip MANA [SOL]
Third Referee: Love Lui MALENARAVE [VAN]
Timekeeper: Teihotu TAEREA [TAH]
The match kicks off
19′ 29′ Australia are playing the ball about at the back content to wait for an opportunity to present
18′ 48′ New Zealand are defending well and win a free kick in their own half
18′ 25′ The opportunity passes and Australia are back in possession
17′ 58′ Marvin Eakins intercepts a loose pass and New Zealand break
17′ 50′ Dean Lockhard is there to clean up and Australia attack
17′ 16′ Dylan Manickum plays up the line to Micky Malivuk but keeper Angelo Konstantinou drops to block
16′ 57′ Swift counter attack from Daniel Fogharty who plays to Lockhart but the shot’s blocked by Elias Billeh who’s between the posts for New Zealand
16′ 27′ Free kick in the middle of the court taken by Eakins for New Zealand
16′ 08′ Australian captain Toby Seeto shoots but Manickum blocks
15′ 42′ Billeh dives to stop a blast from the right flank from Lockhart and manages to tip it away from danger
14′ 41′ Lockhart attempts to chip New Zealand but hits it too hard
14′ 14′ Chris Zeballos crosses but his man arrives late at the back post
13′ 37′ Eakins turns past his man in the corner and shoots but it’s an easy catch for Konstantinou
13′ 04′ A long ball from the New Zealand half arrives for Burns but it goes over his head
12′ 51′ Burns shoots straight into Adam Cooper
12′ 34′ He gets a second chance but blasts straight at the keeper
11′ 51′ New Zealand advance to the top of the Australian circle but there’s no shot taken before Australia win back possession
11′ 15′ Zeballos crosses to Seeto who fires his shot just wide of the upright
10′ 26′ Australia try to pass their way forward and it allows James Vaughan to intercept but with no back up he doesn’t get far
9′ 06′ After a long build up Seeto finally shoots but Billeh just gets a toe to the ball to send it over the crossbar
8′ 25′ YELLOW CARD Wade Giovenali is cautioned by Fijian referee Amitesh Behari
8′ 25′ Kareem Osman blasts the free kick but Konstantinou punches it over the goal
8′ 12′ Free kick for Australia from a dangerous spot on the edge of the arc
8′ 11′ Seeto passes to Giovenali who shoots into Billeh
7′ 41′ Seeto takes a heavy knock and Australia have a free kick
7′ 25′ Seeto shoots from the edge of the arc, Billeh has it covered
7′ 05′ Marino Musumeci beats Eakins and shoots but his effort is off target
6′ 16′ Seeto’s left foot effort goes high into the stands
5′ 55′ Giovenali’s shot is blocked by Burns
5′ 13′ Giovenali has another shot and is once again well off target
5′ 12′ New Zealand calls a time out
5′ 09′ Play is back underway and Australia quickly win back possession
4′ 50′ Burns blocks a shot from Eddie Alpkaya
4′ 25′ Eakins knee deflects a shot up and over the goal for an Australian corner
4′ 19′ Manickum breaks but Konstantinou anticipates and rushes out to boot the ball out
3′ 50′ Australia are slowly making their way forward with Seeto and Daniel Fulton exchanging passes back and forth
3′ 07′ Giovenali arrives at the back post to late to knock a cross in behind Billeh
2′ 49′ Eakins gets in the way of a close range Giovenali effort
2′ 17′ Fulton can’t keep the ball in at the goal line and New Zealand have the ball
1′ 49′ Manickum does well to hold the ball up before playing back to Eakins
1′ 06′ A Daniel Fogarty effort deflects to Manickum who’s stopped cleanly by Seeto near the New Zealand bench
0′ 32′ Zeballos shot flies across the goal face
0′ 28′ A decent shot is blasted in from Manickum and Konstantinou has to leap to touch it over
0′ 09′ GOAL!!! Australia 1 New Zealand 0 Fogarty uses some fancy footwork to beat his man and play in to Zeballos who knocks it in behind Billeh
The first half comes to an end
The second half gets underway
19′ 45′ Australia come back out in control of the ball and win two consecutive free kicks
19′ 34′ Zeballos shoots but is denied at the near post
19′ 03′ Seeto shoots but his effort is wide of the far post
18′ 35′ New Zealand continue to defend well and the frustration is starting to show on the Australians
17′ 37′ Fogarty shoots into the side net
17′ 10′ Eakins wins the ball but his pass to Tai Barham goes too long
16′ 06′ Kareem Osman has a chance but tips it wide and hits the ground with his face as he falls
15′ 37′ Eakins passes across the court looking for Osman but they can’t connect
15′ 12′ Fogarty shoots with his left but it’s off target
14′ 18′ Eakins chips to Osman who plays to Maickum and the shot is blocked by Konstantinou for a New Zealand corner
12′ 58′ There’s a lot of passing from Australia as they try and break the defence but New Zealand are holding them up well
12′ 12′ Burns is free at the far post but can’t turn the ball into the goal and it flys over the cross bar
11′ 35′ New Zealand are on attack and look to pass their way through Australia
11’12’ Seeto wins the ball and breaks, he plays to Giovenali who arrives at the far post but Billeh gets in the way
10′ 31′ A distance shot from Lockhart is booted straight back out by Billeh
9′ 35′ Daniel Fulton has a chance but hits the outside of the upright
9′ 35′ Giovaneli shoots low aiming to get the ball in behind Billeh but it goes wide
9′ 24′ Malivuk has a go from mid court but sends it over the crossbar
8′ 44′ Lockhart shoots and it looks like it’s in but his own man Giovenali somehow manages to clear off the line
8′ 22′ Australia are certainly enjoying the majority of possession but New Zealand is doing well to deny them
7′ 49′ Fulton runs in on goal but Billeh slaps the ball off his foot
7′ 34′ Giovenali has an open goal in front of him and just has to walk the ball in but somehow manages to hit the post
7′ 00′ Billeh comes right to touch to tackle Fulton stopping him in his tracks
6′ 44′ Seeto disrupts an attack up the line from Malivuk and Konstantinou comes out to boot clear
6′ 16′ Seeto tackles Burns and gives away a free kick
6′ 16′ New Zealand call a time out
6′ 12′ Konstintinou blocks the shot before Malivuk sends the rebound flying into the stand
5′ 22′ Manickum looks for Burns on the touchline but misses his target
4′ 56′ Manickum has the ball and makes a break but Burns blocks his path and the ball rolls out
4′ 05′ New Zealand move the ball around the arc as they look to set up a shot but are unlucky
3′ 56′ Malivuk gets a good chance but sends it wide
3′ 20′ YELLOW CARD Mark Symington is cautioned for a heavy tackle on Manickum
3′ 18′ Eakins plays to Manickum who shoots straight at his man and the ball ricochets back to Billeh
2′ 27′ Seeto shoots but Burns deflects with his knee
1′ 57′ New Zealand somehow manage to get a shot off but Konstantinou blasts it clear
1′ 48′ Seeto fouls Osman and New Zealand have a free kick
1′ 46′ The shot is blocked on the line and Australia counter
1′ 38′ Billeh makes a crucial save
1′ 01′ Seeto heads up the line but Miroslav Major gets in the way
0′ 46′ GOAL!!! Australia 2 New Zealand 0 Zeballos gets his second of the night to give Australia a two goal advantage

0′ 17′ New Zealand have the ball but Ragued can’t keep it in
The final whistle blows
Australia have made it to the final of the OFC Futsal Championship Invitational!

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