Pago Youth 1-11 Tupapa Maraerenga

Pago Youth vs. Tupapa Maraerenga Match Summary: download here
See all the play-by-play action below:
The starting line-ups are as follows:
Pago Youth : 1. Taufaiula MAVAEGA [GK], 2. Gene NEEMIA (c), 4.Alatina VAIALII, 5. Matt TRICK, 7. Nissan TUPAI, 8. Ryan SAMUELU, 9. Johnny SIONE, 10. Sam TUALAULELEI, 11. Ruben LUVU, 15. Sinisa TUA, 16. Gun KANG
Substitutes:6. Kaleopa SILIGI, 12. Neemia KALEOPA, 13. Abraham FATA, 14. Ulufanua MALIKO, 17. Liatama AMISONE, 23. BJ SAMUELU [GK]
Tupapa Maraerenga: 1. Liam LITTLE [GK], 2. Mii JOSEPH, 3.Hone FOWLER, 4. Allan BOERE, 5. Branden TUREPU, 6. Byron PAULUS, 7. Grover HARMON, 8. Rhys RUKA, 9. Sam MARGETTS, 10. Campbell BEST, 11. Geoffrey STRICKLAND
Substitutes: 12. Ronnie SAKAI, 13. Ant SAMUELA, 14. Terii FRAMHEIN, 15. Sunai JOSEPH, 16. Twin TIRO
Coach: Delaney YAQONA (FIJ)
Match officials:
Referee: Campbell-Kirk WAUGH (NZL)
Assistant Referee 1: Glen LOCHRIE (NZL)
Assistant Referee 2: Henry PUPI (SAM)
4th Official: Matt CONGER (NZL)
The final whistle sounds
90′ +3′ GOAL!!! Pago Youth 1 Tupapa Maraerenga 11 Harmon gets on the board with a neat run down the centre
90′ + 2′ Pago have the ball but they’re struggling for options
90′ There will be three minutes of additional time played
90′GOAL!!! Pago Youth 1 Tupapa Maraerenga 10 Branden Turepu sends Samuelu diving the wrong way as he fires home
89′ Nissan Tupai launches an attack for Pago, he plays to Kang but Tupapa are strong in defence and win the ball back
87′ GOAL!!! Pago Youth 1 Tupapa Maraerenga 9 Margetts with his fourth as Tupapa continue to increase the goal difference
85′GOAL!!! Pago Youth 1 Tupapa Maraerenga 8 Rhys Ruka is through and cooly slots into the back of the net
82′ Harmon against Samuelu but once again the Tupapa player shoots straight at the keeper
80′ Some great teamwork between Siligi and Kang but they can’t combine to get a shot off
78′SUBSTITUTION Tupapa make their final change bringing hard working captain Mii Joseph off and Sunai Joseph on
78′ GOAL!!! Pago Youth 1 Tupapa Maraerenga 7 Margetts with another stunning shot across the keeper into the goal for a hat-trick
77′ Best is sent through over the top but his shot is blocked by Samuelu
76′ Framhein blocks a shot and Pago have a throw in
75′ SUBSTITUTION Tupapa bring Terii Framhein on in place of Strickland
75′ Tupapa on the break but Best sends his cross into the side net
73′ SUBSTITUTION Sinisa Tua comes off replaced by Kaleopa Siligi
71′ GOAL!!! Pago Youth 1 Tupapa Maraerenga 6 Byron Paulus fires home from the penalty spot
70′ RED CARD Rueben Luvu receives a second caution and has to leave the pitch
69′SUBSTITUTION BJ Samuelu replaces Mavaega in the goal while Alatina Vaialii is brought off in place of Abraham Fata for Pago Youth
68′ Pago are trying to hold on to the ball but a man down they’re finding it difficult
66′SUBSTITUTION Hone Fowler is replaced by Ronnie Sakai for Tupapa
65′ Ruka sends in a corner for Tupapa but it’s headed clear from the back post
63′ There’s about five black shirts in front of the Pago goal mouth but the referee whistles for offside
61′ RED CARD A second caution for Samuelu sees him take a walk and Pago are down to ten men
60′ GOAL!!! Pago Youth 1 Tupapa Maraerenga 5 Margetts gets his second when he sends the ball under Mavaega to convert the penalty
60′ YELLOW CARD Pago’s Ryan Samuelu is cautioned
59′ Margetts is brought down and it’s another penalty
58′ Trick goes down in a clash with Joseph who receives a stern talking to from referee Waugh
57′ Harmon is through with just the keeper to beat but he sends it straight at him
55′GOAL!!! Pago Youth 1 Tupapa Maraerenga 4 Sam Margetts with a beautiful shot over Mavaega and into the top corner
53′ Tupapa with a chance, but it’s too far in front of Best allowing Mavaega to smother the ball
51′GOAL!!! Pago Youth 1 Tupapa Maraerenga 3 Strickland steps up and easily converts the penalty
50′ Penalty to Tupapa after Tualaulelei brings Strickland down
48′ A great run up the left for Allan Boere but the final touch is heavy and goes to touch
48′ Trick sends his free kick wide of the near post
47′YELLOW CARD Tupapa captain Mii Joseph is cautioned after a clash with Gun Kang
47′ Nissan Tupai clears long
46′ Strickland shoots across the face of the goal as Tupapa look to stamp their mark on this half
The second half is underway
The first half comes to an end
45′ + 1′ GOAL!!! Pago Youth 1 Tupapa Maraerenga 2 Tupapa finally take the lead in this match through striker Campbell Best
45′ + 1 YELLOW CARD Johnny Sione receives a caution
45′ One minute of extra time has been added
45′ YELLOW CARD Campbell Best is cautioned by Waugh
44′ Kang gets a shot off and Little has to stretch to stop
43′ There’s a quick exchange of possession in the centre as both sides try and take a lead into the break
41′ There’s cheers from the crowd as Sinisa Tua travels up the right wing but Joseph closes him down
39′ Paulus goes down in a challenge earning Tupapa a free kick which is taken quickly
37′ Pago counter quickly and Vaialii looks in with a chance but Mii Joseph and Hone Fowler are on the scene to shut him down
37′ Sam Margetts shoots but it’s over the target
35′ YELLOW CARD Gene Neemia is cautioned for Pago Youth
35′ Strickland’s shot takes a deflection at the other end and Mavaega arrives to clear
34′ Trick receives the ball back from a throw in but blasts it too long
33′ Paulus plays to Best up the right who sends the cross-shot straight to a waiting Mavaega
32′ Luvu clears straight to Paulus who fortunately for Pago passes the ball straight back
31′ Turepu sends to Strickland but Tualaulelei arrives to clear for a corner
29′ Rhys Ruka does well to race across the pitch and keep the ball in but Tupapa still hand over possession
28′ Waugh calls Turepu and Kang over for a verbal warning – both players need to be careful as they both carried yellows into this match
26′ Dangerous territory for Pago as Mavaega comes a long way out of his box, Strickland gets a touch but it bobbles across the face of the open goal to the gathered crowd’s relief
24′ YELLOW CARD Rueben Luvu fouls a Tupapa player on the counter and receives a caution from referee Campbell-Kirk Waugh
24′ Pago captain Gene Neemia sends Kang with a long ball but the shot is off
22′ Kang steps up and lofts the ball over the wall but it lacks power and keeper Liam Little captures
22′ Branden Turepu puts and arm out and Kang goes down free kick for Pago
21′ Pago with the free kick
20′ There’s a clash in the centre circle and Gun Kang is down injured
19′ Paulus with another effort which is blocked by Ryan Samuelu
17′ GOAL!!! Pago Youth 1 Tupapa Maraerenga 1 Byron Paulus slots the equaliser past Mavaega with ease
16′ Pago on the attack through Alatina Vaialii but his shot is off target
15′ Campbell Best breaks up the line but Sam Tualaulelei arrives to clear earning a free kick in the process
13′ Matt Trick is away but finds himself unable to get a shot off
13′ Tupapa continue to pass well but can’t seem to break through
11′ Strickland goes down and Tupapa have a free kick in Pago’s half
9′ Harmon tries to put Byron Paulus through but the Pago defence rallies to clear wide
7′ With Strickland bearing down Mavaega leaves his line to clear outside the box and manages to get rid of the danger
6′ Geoffrey Strickland makes move to shoot but Rueben Luvu arrives to clear
5′ Grover Harmon gets a shot off for Tupapa but keeper Taufaiula Mavaega do
es well to capture
5′ After that early surprise Tupapa are starting to take control with some excellent possession passing
3′ Most of the action is taking place in Tupapa’s half at the moment
1′ GOAL!!! Pago Youth 1 Tupapa Maraerenga 0 Gun Kang opens the scoring early for Pago Youth
The match kicks off

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