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Solomon Islands: 1. Anthony TALO (GK), 2. Francis HOU, 3. Elliot RAGOMO (C), 4. George STEVENSON, 8. Jeffery BULE
Substitutes: 5. Samuel OSIFELO, 6. Robert LAUA, 7. James EGETA, 9. Micah LEA’ALAFA, 10. Jack WETNEY, 11. Coleman MAKAU, 12. Paul HUIA (GK), 13. Mathias SARU, 14. Alvin HOU
Coach: Juliano SCHMELING (BRA)
Tahiti: 1. Teva DUROT (GK), 3. Steeve WONG, 9. Anderson TINO, 11. Tane TAVE, 12. Smith TINO (C),
Substitutes: 2. Bea MATANA, 4. Tamanui TURIHONO, 5. Manea RATEAU, 6. Alexis TOOFA, 7. Gabriel KAVERA, 8. Utiera PUKOKI, 10. Teivarii KAIHA, 13. Heimana FAARAHIA, 14. Paul PITO (GK)
Coach: Jacob TUTAVAE (TAH)
Referee 1: Ryan SHEPHEARD (AUS)
Referee 2: Darius TURNER (AUS)
Third Official: Antony RILEY (NZL)
Timekeeper: Aten KUMAR (FIJ)
FULL TIME: Solomon Islands 3-0 Tahiti
0’05’ Save from PITO to deny an otherwise sure goal
0’30’ Great play from BEA and WONG, the cross comes in but the shot is devastatingly just an inch too high
1’07’ RAGOMO plays to WETNEy who goes alone through the middle drawing PITO, he places behind but falls just short
2’01’ STEVENSON decides to go on his own but lifts his effort up and over
2’58’ PUKOKI gets a foot in as BULE looks to go forward
3’50’ Excellent movement from T.SMITH to collect in the middle, but the shot is direct at TALO
4’50’ RAGOMO heads towards goal hoping it will go over PITO but the keeper manages a slap
5’12’ LAFAI does well to dispossess T. SMITH
5’46’ LEA’ALAFA’s shot comes off the underside of the crossbar and Tahiti counter quick and TALO has to dive to push out
6’25’ LEA’ALAFA breaks solo through the middle, he attempts to round PITO but the keeper has length to get a touch
6’50’ YELLOW CARD Elliot RAGOMO of Solomons is cautioned after a blatant late on T. SMITH
7’04’ WETNEY taken down near the sideline and Solomons are lining up in dangerous position
7’48’ Again the left-foot drill from A. TINO – it’s fumbled by TALO but he recovers well
8’20’ Great stop from Paul PITO who just gets his fingertips to the ball
8’36’ Another shot from Tahiti but KAIHA hits side-net as he slides off the court
8’44’ Great footwork again from A. TINO but his shot is well blocked
9’35’ That left foot of Anderson TINO is impressive, he just sends that shot a little high, but it has plenty of power
10’54’ Top defending from Tahiti’s Matana BEA
11’27’ BULE with a whomping shot that just needs a touch to finish but Coleman MAKAU is a touch too late
12’15’ EGETA finds WETNEY and they combine well with OSIFELO before Tahiti get back in possession
12’58’ Solomons in possession, content to hold the ball and move it slowly as they wait for an option
14’34’ Swift counter from Tahiti, T. SMITH picks out Utiera PUKOKI but the play is a little long
15’18’ Samuel OSIFELO right on top of T. SMITH gives possesion to Tahiti in the form of a free kick
15’31’ T. SMITH with a go, off the back of EGETA
15’49’ WETNEY does well up the right but can’t keep the ball from running over the sideline
16’26’ KAIHA with a fiesty tackle on LEA’ALAFA at the other end
16’42’ Teivarii KAIHA wins the ball and goes solo up the centre of court, he smashes off a shot but TALO puts out
16’49’ Wide angled shot from EGETA but DURIT does well to push wide
17’25’ Smith TINO turnsover but can’t stay on his feet under double pressure
17’56’ Another break from Solomon Islands this time it’s WONG racing back to make the tackle
19’17’ GOAL!!! SOL 3-0 TAH LEA’ALAFA with the pass and stunning finish behind the keeper from George STEVENSON
19’28’ Smith TINO has a goo but TALO captires and it’s aswitf counter from Solomon Islands
20’00’ Solomon Islands get the second half underway
HALF-TIME: Solomon Islands 2-0 Tahiti
0’13’ Absolute blast from Smith TINO but TALO has his goal mouth covered
0’45’ Long for STEVENSON, he plays back to EGETA who is run out by Tane TAVE
1’12’ Tahiti adopting the flying keeper tactic here and having the on-court man advantage appears to be working
2’13’ Free kick for Tahiti and they make something credible but the shot from Tamanui TURIHONO comes off TALO and out
2’40’ Anderson and Tino SMITH collide leaving Tahiti exposed at the back but keeper Manea RATEAU covers exceptionally well
2’55’ STEVENSON smashes a shot at goal but is off-target by a reasonable distance
3’32’ Long for George STEVENSON but he’s held up well by WONG
3’43’ Time out called
3’50’ BULE holds up T. SMITH well preventing the turn and forcing him to play out
4’25’ Another steal from LEA’ALAFA and he’s brought down but cleanly as KAVERA got nothing but ball
5’14’ A great block from RAGOMO to deny a decent effort from Tahiti
5’28’ Solomon Islands receive the refs ire for shirt tugging but Tahiti can’t convert
6’19 Another tussle in midfield between Tino SMITH and WETNEY forcing a turnover and releasing LEA’ALAFA
7’24’ Tino SMITH comes on and tries to create something on attack but WETNEY has his number
7’52’ LEA’ALAFA makes a great solo run, then fouls KAVERA after having his shot parried away
8’40 KAVERA goes straight for goal with a free kick but Anthony TALO is up for the challenge and takes neatly
9’04’ James EGATA plays forward but his pass splits both defence and his own attack
9’35’ BULE jogs off and WETNEY replaces him as play restarts
9’44’ Massive chalelnge from Gaby KAVERA on BULE who is left writhing on the court
10’49’ BULE again with a chip but it bounces over the goal off the crossbar
11’17’ BULE tries to chip the keeper but FAARAHIA puts a foot in to send away
11’34’ BULE holds off Heimana FAARAHIA well
12’47’ GOAL!!! SOL 2-0 TAH Jack WETNEY steals the ball, takes a couple of touches forward and fires through DUROT’s legs
13’55’ LEA’ALAFA showing some of that footwork he’s famous for but BEA and Tane TAVE defending well
14’18’ WETNEY is proving a fan favourite with his effort on attack sending them into raptures
15’25’ Micah LEA’ALAFA steals the ball and plays wide to Jack WETNEY but DUROT manages to smother the shot
15’46’ Great save from Teva DUROT is tidied up by Matana BEA
16’23’ Gaby KAVERA with a foul on RAGOMO
16’54’ The atmosphere is electric here in Vodafone Arena as the predominantly Solomon crowd goes wild with every Kurukuru touch
17’44’ GOAL!!! SOL 1-0 TAH Captain Elliot RAGOMO makes no mistake as he smashes goalwards
18’13 Tahiti with a free kick taken by Steeve WONG but he’s passed to BULE who shoots forward and strikes but just off-target
28’33’ Smith TINO given a warning by referee Ryan SHEPHEARD of AFC
19’01’ Francis LAFAI tries to play wide to Elliot RAGOMO who can’t control it
19’32’ Jeffery BULE with a steal on half-way but Smith TINO wins back and presses forward
20’00’ Tahiti get us underway at Vodafone Arena in Suva

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