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Starting lineups:
Solomon Islands: 1. Philip MANGO (GK) (c), 2. Rollence MISITANA, 8. Joachim KAIRI, 9. Dunstan QUANAFIA JNR, 10. Jared RONGOSULIA, 12. Obed KEVIN, 13. Fred BALA, 14. Atkin KAUA, 16. Timothy BUNABO JNR, 18. Allen PETER, 19. Timothy BAKALE
Substitutes: 3. Simon DAOI, 4. Loea Erekona LEMIX, 5. Misitana SAMANI, 6. Alffie CHACHA, 7. Edmond TAEVO, 11. Herrick LAUTALO, 17. Brett HONISAWA, 20. James DO’ORO (GK)
Injured: 15. Leslie RAMO
Coach: Commins MENAPI (SOL)
Vanuatu: 1. Charlie WAIVUI (GK), 2. Jaison THOMAS, 3. Goshen DONA, 4. Alphonse LENCY, 6. Remy KALSRAP, 8. Justin KOKA, 9. Tony KALTACK, 10. Bong KALO, 12. Andre BULE, 13. Ruben FRANK, 16. Jacky RUBEN (c)
Substitutes: 5. Joseph IARUEL, 7. Elie MELTE ROSSI, 11. Alex SANIEL, 14. Gersom KALSONG, 15. Etienne NAIEU, 17. Sam IWAI, 18. Kerry IAWAK, 19. Renold IWAI, 24. Ricky DICK (GK)
Coach: Etienne MERMER (VAN)
Match Officials
Referee: Averii JACQUES (TAH)
Assistant Referee 1: Sione TEU (TGA)
Assistant Referee 2: Roger ADAMS (PNG)
Fourth Official: Ravitesh BEHARI (FIJ)
Full-time statistics:
Solomon Islands: 58% possession. 4 shots on-target, 8 off-target. 10 crosses, 6 offsides
Vanuatu: 32% possession. 5 shots on-target, 8 off-target. 13 crosses, 2 offsides
The final whistle sounds
90′ + 2′ Cross shot from Dona who has pushed high but it’s caught by Mango
90′ +2′ Great passag of passes from Vanuatu but the shot is shut down before it’s taken
90′ + 1′ Ruben advances but his lay off to Saniel is a little heavy
Two minutes additional time
90′ Shot from Vanuatu is denied
90′ Quanafia is free out wide and Thomas makes a huge save to shut down his advance
89′ The ball comes to Kaltack but he’s offside
88′ The ball goes across the face of the gaol off a cross from Bakale but Lautalo sends it up the face as Waivui scrambles across
88′ Koka brings the ball central and sends a low drive but it goes outside the post
86′SUBSTITUTION: Timothy Bunabo is replaced by Herrick Lautalo for Solomon Islands
85′ SUBSTITUTION: Vanuatu bring the injured Bong Kalo off replacing him with Etienne Naieu
85′ Shot takes a deflection and rolls to Waivui
85′ Free kick for Solomon’s is lined up by Bala but Thomas gets aerial to head clear
84′ Back underway and Solomon Islands are making advances into the Vanuatu half
82′ Kalo’s corner curls away from goal and he seems to have hurt himself at the same time
81′ Koka charged down by Timothy Bunabo who seems to have injured himself in the challenge as Bong Kalo heads over to take the corner
80′ Atkin Kaua curls it in towards the far top corner but is just outside
79′ Quanafia chips two men and is fouled just to the right of the 18-yard box
78′ Thomas doing a great job shutting down the advances of Kevin
78′ Kaltack gets his head on a cross but sends it over the cross bar
77′ Saniel gets a touch at the other end but can’t keep the ball in play
77′ Substitute Samani with his first touch of the ball but he’s offside
76′ SUBSTITUTION: Solomon Islands bring Aisitana Samani on in place of Joachim Kairi while Vanuatu switch out Ruben Frank fro Alex Saniel
75′ Thomas with another shut down
74′ Bit of danger up Vanuatu’s end as Solomon Islands have a couple of goes
74′ Goal kick for Solomon
73′ Ruben Franck takes a punt from halfway, it goes the distance but it’s about 15m off target
72′ Bakale sends his effort high over the goal
72′ Ruben comes into the back of a turning Atkin Kaua conceding a free kick
71′ Ground grubbing shot from Kalsrap is straight at Mango
70′ Thomas again coming across from the middle to celar
69′ Another Vanuatu player has taken a knowck this time its Ruben Frank requiring treatment
69′ Kaltack is back on the field and it takes three men to nudge him off the ball in the Solomon box
68′ Kairi seems to kep cutting inside his man up the left for Solomons, he’s looked a real threat
67′ Headed back to Thomas from inside the penalty area, he whollaps a shot towards goal and it’s fumbled into the side net by Mango
66′ With a bit of help Kaltack is soon jogging to the sideline
65′ Tony Kaltack is down on the edge of the box after coming down heavy on his left leg
65′ SUBSTITUTION: Vanuatu change Andre Bule out for Gersom Kalsong
64′ Peter sends to touch as Koka arrives
63′ Ruben goes wide to Koka who tries to come back in but loses possession, Solomon’s with a rapid counter
62′ Free kick for Vanuatu with Remy Kalsrap making the delivery, headed clear
61′ Bit of argy bargy near the Vanuatu bench as the two sides dispute a throw in, referee signals in Solomon’s favour
60′ A great passage of play from the Solomon Islands there but just struggling to find that finishing touch
59′ Quanifia with a great run into the middle, lines up a shot as Waivui races off his line causing enough of a disruption to shut down the play
58′ Kairi gets it out wide but as he comes goalward is blocked for a corner which is quickly cleared
57′ Koka is in the penalty area, lays back to Kaltack but he’s surrounded and loses the ball
56′ Sent by Bala but cleared from the six-yard box
55′ Timely block from Dona but as Ruben tries to get a foot to it he take Rongosulia out
55′ Great delivery but just a little too much curl from the corner
54′ A corner at the other end comes close but it’s whipped over the goalline for a corner
53′ Rongosulia plays wide to Kairi, he shoots and Waivui just tips it over his own head with his fingertips but somehow it comes back off the post!
52′ Cross-shot from Quanafia at the other end is headed clear by Thomas
51′ Koka tries to get off a cross but it’s whipped off his foot and away up field
50′ Fred Bala beats two men to get off a cross but it falls neatly for Mango
49′ Thomas finds Bule out wide and Vanuatu try to force their way forward but there’s a turnover at touch for a Solomons throw in
49′ Goal kick for Solomon Islands
48′ YELLOW CARD Kaltack is given a caution
48′ Shot from Vanuatu and Mango is knocked down by Kaltack as he leaps to capture
47′ Cross from Kairi almost finds Kevin in the middle but it’s picked up by Waivui
47′ Solomon Islands in possession after a Vanautu shot is cleared
46′ Vanuatu forced back deep into their half but they play it out and Bong Kalo attempts to break up the right
The second half gets underway
The first half saw Solomon Islands enjoy 61 per cent of possession to Vanuatu’s 39 per cent. Both sides have had seven shots – three on and four off-target
The first half comes to a close
45′ + 1′ Solomon’s look to advance after Mango makes a save
One minute additional time
45′ Free kick drops just in front of goal but it’s headed for a corner by Rongosulia
44′ Throw in for Solomons deep in the Vanuatu half, comes back out to Fred Bala who is offside
43′ Kaltack played through but he can’t get a shot off
42′ Thomas with another crucial clearance as Kairi tries to cross into the centre
41′ Andre Bule plays up the right to Kaltack who’s beaten to the ball by Rollence Misitana
41′ Long range effort from Ruben Frank finds Mango’s waiting gloves
40′ Crunching tackle from Jared Rongosulia on Jacky Ruben
39′ A whole load of danger in Vanuatu’s final third as Solomons keep putting the pressure on, but they concede just outside the box and it’s lobbed upfield by Vanuatu
38′ Play heads up the other end and Kaltack brings down a pass from Fred Bala and slots into the back of the net, but is offside
38′ What a mis
sed opportunity for Solomon Islands there
37′ Waivui comes off his line but underestimates the speed of Quanafia who goes around the keeper before placing his shot wide of the open goal
36′ Thomas covers with Kevin on his back as Waivui comes out
36′ Long ball from Lency falls to Peter who spins it into touch
35′ Solomon Islands go back to Mango who holds it at his feet until Kaltack races in to apply some pressure
33′ Koka goes down near touch but gets to his feet as Solomon Islanders take a throw in
32′ Spinning delivery from Solomon Islands drops on the edge of the 18-yard for clearacnce
32′ YELLOW CARD Jacky Ruben is cautioned for his challenge on Atkin Kaua
31′ Lency boots to clear but it comes back over his head off his toe and Waivui has to come out of his box
30′ Koka goes in on goal but Mango races out to punch clear
27′ Injury to Dona sees play paused for treatment and the teams race to their benches for refreshments
27′ Excellent turn from Quanafia on the edge of the box before releasing off his right but it’s well tracked by Waivui
26′ The resulting shot from the free kick goes away from the goal
25′ Vanuatu captain Jacky Ruben with a heavy challenge on Atkin Kaua that leaves the Solomon Islander on the floor
24′ The cross-shot comes from Quanafia but it’s a miss-hit that goes well wide
23′ Obed Kevin is onside and one-on-one with Waivui who races out to collect
22′ Thomas with a massive ball over the entire playing squads out to Koka who brings it goalwards before crossing but it’s picked up by Mango
21′ Tony Kaltack races through on goal, shoots but Mango is down to smother it
20′ Shot from Vanuatu takes a deflection and Phillip Mango is able to collect
20′ Andre Bule is injured on the far side of the pitch and referee Averii Jacques signals for the physio to go around the pitch
18′ Close shave as the ball comes to Quanafia at the far post from Fred Bala, he gets a head to it but so does the defender and it falls for Waivui to pick up
17′ Short corner played to Timothy Bakale who takes a shot before blasting just over the target
17′ A shot from Dunstan Quanafia is headed around the goal by Lency for a corner
16′ Solomon Islands playing across their back line, it’s sent long by Peter but Thomas gets his head under it and the ball goes to touch
15′ Kaltack is onside but can’t get a decent pass back into the centre and Solomon Islands clear
14′ They follow it up with a shot but it’s wide of the post
14′ Solomon’s try to play through the defence but Jaison Thomas stands solid to clear
13′ A shot from Kaltack but he’s already been called back for a handball
12′ Lency with a crucial heder in the box
11′ Offside and the ball is sent wide but Goshen Dona can’t keep it in
10′ Alphonse Lency cuts off the pass wide to Kairi
9′ Koka breaks up the left and looks to deliver a cross but Peter does well to get a foot in to block
8′ Over the top effort from Vanuatu
7′ Throw in for Vanuatu from Remy Kalsrap but Koka can’t keep it in
6′ Curled over the wall by Bong Kalo, the head of Tony Kaltack connects but it’s back in off the upright!
6′ Justin Koka is knocked over by Allen Peter and Vanuatu have a free kick
5′ Solomon Islands are keeping close eye on the Vanuatu players to prevent their speed getting the better of them
4′ Long ball wide to Joachim Kairi who slips in the corner for a goal kick
3′ Vanuatu captain Jacky Ruben travels across the field before being knocked clear off the ball
1′ Obed Kevin takes a soft touch inside Vanuatu’s six-yard box but Charlie Waivui has it covered
1′ Early turnover from Solomon Islands as Vanuatu take a free kick just inside their opponents half
The match kicks off