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The starting line-ups are as follows:
Vanuatu: 1. Samantha PAUL (GK), 2. Lutricia WILBUR, 3. Priscilla CHARLEY, 4. Nadine KILETEIR, 5. Melissa WAKARET, 6. Jane ALATOA, 10. Maximilienne BIHU (C), 11. Paulieana MANWO, 12. Delisa YEOYER, 13. Marie-Estella RORY, 19. Monica MELTEVIEL
Substitutes: 7. Eva BOE, 8. Emilia TARAVAKI, 9. Jasmina TAKARO, 15. Louisa KALPRAM, 16. Synia WANEMUT, 17. Leiwia KALTAPIRI, 18. Diana WAYANE, 20. Melody TATE (GK)
Tonga: 20. Tangimausia MA’AFU (GK), 2. Malia LEONE, 3. Meleseini TUFUI, 4. Vea FUNAKI (C),6. Ofa LA’AKULU, 7. Malia TONGIA, 8. Wendy FEKE, 9. Unaloto TAHITU’A, 12. Ilisapeti MALEKAMU, 15. Hala’unga TAHOLO, 17. Tupou TOPUI
Substitutes: 1. Sina LUTUA (GK), 5. Tolini KOFUTU’A, 10. Heilala MOALA, 11. Seini LUTU, 13. Lilian KAITAPU, 14. Nelma ONGOLEA, 16. Manusiu LATAVAO, 18. Meliame LUITAI, 21. Kailata TIMANI (GK),
Coach: Penateti FEKE (TGA)
Match officials:
Referee: Anna-Marie Keighley (NZL)
Assistant Referee 1: Lata KAUMATULE (TGA)
Assistant Referee 2: Nagarita JIMMY (SOL)
Fourth Official: Tupou PATIA (COK)
The final whistle blows
90′ + 3′ La’akulu reads the ball well for an intercept as Melteviel tries to pass to Bihu
90′ + 3′ Feke does enough to get in the way of Wakaret
90′ + 2′ Pressure from Tongia sees Manwo forced to play into touch
90′ There will be a minimum of three minutes additional time
90′SUBSTITUTION: Tonga are giving another keeper some interntational experience as they bring Sina Lutua on for Kailata Timani
90′ Shot from Melteviel from deep but it’s an easy take for Timani
89′ Some great tussle between Tonga’s Taholo and Vanuatu’s Wanemut ends in a Tonga throw in
88′ Feke under pressure from Melteviel plays wide to Meleseini Tufui
87′ Rory races across her box to block a shot from Tongia and Paul collects
85′ Corner for Tonga and Tongia has lined up to send it in, Feke gets a head back out to Funaki who smashes over wide and high
84′ The ball is launched long and skims across the ground behind the Vanuatu defence forcing Paul right out of her comfort zone as she smashes it upfield
84′ Alatoa takes the free kick but smashes it wide of the target
83′ Feke fouls Melteviel as the exciting young player launches into a run
82′ Foul on Rory by Tonga’s attacker Tongia and Vanuatu have a free kick
81′ Feke called to clear a rouge ball in front of her goal with Wakaret racing in
80′ Foul from Leone on Alatoa
79′ Great ball through to Wakaret from Wanemut but La’akulu races across and smashes to touch
77′YELLOW CARD Alatoa goes into the book after taking down Tonga’s Funaki
76′ Malekumu on her own up the right flank, she shoots but from outside the six-yard Paul denies her a second
75′ Shot from 25 yards comes from Funaki but Paul palms it down before controlling
74′ Tonga with a free kick but their effort goes straight into the wall
73′ Tongia plays to Malekamu who’s knocked down just outside the box by Wanemut
72′ Paul collects on her goal line and whacks it to the half
71′ The ball is sent long to Tongia who gets a touch but it runs to Paul
70′ Excitement in front of the Tonga goal as Bihu cuts in to Malteviel but two defenders set up a wall reducing her options
70′ Wanemut tries to cross in but Feke gets her head in the way
69′ Alatoa is muscled off the ball by Tongia who cuts in but a Vanuatu defender steps up and clears
68′ Tonga press high but Vanuatu are back in charge of the ball
67′SUBSTITUTION: It’s the end of the tournament for Topui who is replaced by Manusiu Latavao
67′ Paul is back on her feet and Tonga are about to make a change
66′ Paul clashes with Tongia and clears the ball but stays down, calling the physio back into action
65′ We’re back underway as Tupoi steps off for treatment
63′ Referee Anna-Marie Keighley stops play and calls the physio on to attend to Tonga’s Topui, at the same time St Johns staff has just wheeled an injured Charley off to the ambulance
60′ Feke beats three Vanuatu players in the middle before laying back to Tupou Topui
59′SUBSTITUTION: A third and final change for Vanuatu as Synia Wanemut replaces hardworking Priscilla Charley
59′ Melteviel hoofs it long
56′ A weaving run from Wakaret to bring Timani into early action
55′SUBSTITUTION: Tonga switch out keeper Ma’afu to give Kailata Timani a go between the sticks while Vanuatu bring Louisa Kalpram on in place of Pauliena Manwo who looks very uncomfortable
54′GOAL!!! Vanuatu 0 Tonga 4 Ilisapeti Malekamu finds the back of the net
53′ Chance for Vanuatu when Wakaret plays to Meteviel who makes a great turn before laying off a shot but she’s denied by Ma’afu
51′ Tonga give away another free kick at the half, but Vanuatu turn over possession and rush back to defend
49′ Melteviel with a shot but Ma’afu saves
49′ Foul on Maleteviel at the hal-way mark
48′ Paul called into action and collects before an arriving Tongia can get a touch
48′ Feke wins the ball in the centre and looks to Malekamu on the right
47′ Vanuatu with a throw in
The second half kicks off
The first half comes to an end
45′ + 1′ A rouge header back from Funaki finds Malteviel who makes another start but she can’t get past La’akulu
45′ There will be one minute of additional time played
45′ GOAL!!! Vanuatu 0 Tonga 3 A great long low pass from captain Vea Funaki finds Tongia who calmly fires past Paul for her second
44′ Another blinding run through the middle by Melteviel before laying off to Charley up the right who can’t quite get her cross in
42′SUBSTITUTION: Lutricia Wilbur makes room for Diana Wayane for Vanuatu
42′ Feke breaks, lays off to Hala’unga but her pass goes straight to a sea of green
41′ Great run through the middle Monica Melteviel beating several Tongan players before laying off to Bihu whose shot lacks the power to trouble Ma’afu
40′ Another ball over the defence but Rory does well to win control and it’s out for a goal kick
38′ Vanuatu lose the ball up front, it’s sent long and high allowing Tongia to get on the end and shoot but no mistakes from Paul this time as she hugs the ball to her chest
37′ Soft ground shot from Tongia towards the far post beats Paul but goes just wide of the upright
36′ Vanuatu go two-on-one at the other end of the pitch but cant get past La’akulu
35′ GOAL!!! Vanuatu 0 Tonga 2 Free kick lofted into the Vanuatu box and Unaloto Tahitu’a capitalises on the bounce to find the back of the net
34′ Feke tries to clear, but hits it straight into Alatoa and the ball rolls to Ma’afu
34′ Charley tries to touch the ball over her own head but Feke is waiting in behind
33′ Delisa Yeoyer goes down and Vanuatu have a free kick just inside their half
30′GOAL!!! Vanuatu 0 Tonga 1 A long ball from Wendy Feke in midfield to Tahitu’a who crosses in from the right, Paul tips it but can’t control allowing Tongia to slot in behind her to open the scoring
29′ Paul again off her line this time booting clear
29′ Excellent counter from Tonga and Paul is forced right to the edge to tidy up with two Tongan attackers bearing down
29′ Another great play between Charley and Bihu but this time it’s Leone cleaning up
27′ Charley beats her man and lays a great ball off to Bihu but she’s muscled off by La’akulu
26′ Paul ventures right out of her box to clear a ball leaving her goal dangerously open, fortunately Tonga can’t capitalise
25′ Free kick taken by Alatoa over the wall and Ma’afu is down on her knees for the catch
24′ Great positioning play from Alatoa in the cent
re allows Rory to pass between two Rongan players
22′ Nice turn from Delisa Yeoyer under pressure from Tahitu’a and she clears long
21′ Paul comes racing off her line to collect and lobs the ball long, it comes straight back and she’s taking it from her hands again
21′ A rare miss from Rory almost allows Tahitu’a to break
20′ Corner for Tonga and it’s Tongia stepping in behind, she curls it across the face of the goal but noone can get a touch on and it’s out the far sideline
19′ Ilisapeti Malekamu with a shot but it comes in round the back of the goal
18′ Free kick for Tonga just outside the centre circle
17′ Paul blocks the shot but doesn’t hold on at the near post allowing Tahitu’a to get off a volley which she blasts into the side net
17′ A great chance for Tonga as Tahitu’a just edges the defenders to get off a shot but the weak take is blocked by an advancing Samantha Paul in goal who puts it out for a corner
16′ Tumble in the middle and Alatoa is taking some time to get back to her feet
14′ A stray pass from Jane Alatoa finds Tonga’s Unaloto Tahitu’a and Tonga switch on the counter
13′ Throw in for Tonga on the right-hand side as they continue to pressure Tonga
12′ Vanuatu really taking advantage of having more freedom to attack in this match, but the Tonga defence showed their strenth against New Zealand on Thursday and don’t want to let anything through
11′ Great run up the right from Eva Boe, and just misses Bihu with her cross
10′ Long ball through to Tongia but two defenders sandwich her off the ball and Marie-Estella Rory tricks her way out of danger
8′ Kileteir and Melissa Wakaret attempt to one-two up the right but Tonga are ready and waiting to end the run
7′ The ball bounces over Tufui and Bihu looks to be through but her touch is too heavy
6′ Maximilienne Bihu tries to get on the end of a long pass but brings down Tufui in the process giving away a free kick
4′ Meleseini Tufui plays long but finds Vanuatu’s Paulieana Manwo
3′ Tonga are on attack, Malia Tongia tries to split the defence but Vanuatu win the ball
2′ Through ball from Priscilla Charley looking for Nadine Kileteir up the right but Tonga’s steady central defender Ofa’La’akulu has returned today and holds her off for keeper Tangimausia Ma’afu to collect
1′ Vanuatu make their intentions known early as they press right up to the Tongan box
The match kicks off

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