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New Caledonia 1 – 3 Vanuatu

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Starting line-ups:
New Caledonia: 1. Thomas SCHMIDT [GK], 2. Pierre BOANEMOA, 3. Yorick WAINEBENGO, 4. Jean-Luc DECOIRE, 5. Didier SIMANE (c), 10. Mickael PARTODIKROMO, 11. Ben WAMOWE, 12. Theo JALABERT, 13. Brandon MEAOU, 17. Raymond XANATRE, 19. Macinou WAMAI
Substitutes: 6. Jim OUKA, 7. Roberto NEOERE, 8. Antony KAI, 9. Valentin NYKEINE, 14. Eugene SAKILIA, 15. Jacky WETEWEA, 18. Erwan AUSSU, 20. Jimmy WAHNAPO [GK]
Coach: Kamali FITIALEATA
Vanuatu: 1. Charlie WAIVUI [GK], 2. Jaison THOMAS, 3. Goshen DONNA, 4. Elie MELTE ROSSI, 5. Remy KALSRAP,10. Bong KALO, 11. Alex SANIEL, 12. Jacky RUBEN, 13. Justin KOKA, 14. Andre BULE, 16. Ruben FRANK
Substitutes: 6. Douglas PATRICK, 7. Etienne NAIEU, 8. Alphonse TOA, 9. Gregory ROUARD, 15. Andrew VANVA, 17. Kerry IAWAK, 18. Renold IWAI, 19. Joe NAKO, 20. Samuel LOLI [GK]
Coach: Etienne MERMER [VAN]
Match officials:
Referee: Averii JACQUES [TAH]
Assistant Referee 1: Philippe REVEL [TAH]
Assistant Referee 2: Folio MOEAKI [TGA]
4th Official: Isidore ASSIENE-AMBASSA [NCL]
The match kicks off
1′ Vanuatu get the game underway with a cross from the right wing almost finding the head of Alex Saniel in front of goal for the first opportunity of the match
3′ Ben Wamowe sends long looking for Macinou Wamai but Elie Melte Rossi plays back to goalkeeper Charlie Waivui who sends the ball high and long
5′ Pierre Boanemoa battles with Andre Bule near the touchline and it’s Bule who wins the ball before it’s cleared in the middle
6′ Raymond Xanatre breaks up the left for New Caledonia but Jaison Thomas battles to win back possession for the hosts who are back on attack
7′ The ball is lobbed over the defence and Brandon Meaou races back to get a foot to it ahead of Justin Koka
8′ New Caledonia break through Xanatre who attempts to chip Waivui but instead sends his shot off target
10′ Vanuatu build up with a series of passes, the ball reaches Reuban Frank who has the ball whipped off his foot by Didier Simane
11′ Mikael Partodikromo is down injured but is able to limp off to the side to receive treatment
12′ Xanatre tries his chances with a cross shot from the right but it proves an easy take for Waivui
14′ Wamowe sends in a cross and it’s spilled by Waivui but no Caledonians arrive to knock it in and he has plenty of time to clear
16′ Xanatre crosses and this time Wamai is there but Waivui just gets a hand to the ball to knock it out of the Caledonian’s path
18′ New Caledonia break but Vanuatu’s defence holds strong to keep them out
20′ Frank takes three touches as he approaches the edge of the box before firing in a low ball which goalkeeper Thomas Schmidt kicks clear
20′ Another chances for Vanuatu as Saniel winds up and blasts in a shot and Schmidt has to dive low to push it away from danger
21′ Jacky Ruben winds his way through the centre before laying off a pass, but sends it in the opposite direction to the advancing Saniel
22′ GOAL!!! New Caledonia 0 Vanuatu 1 Vanuatu take the lead after Ruben Frank slips one in between Schmidt and the near post
24′ Schmidt sends a long ball to Xanatre who finds himself surrounded by four defenders without support and possession is handed over
25′ The rain has started coming down here at Luganville Soccer City Stadium and the conditions are becoming slippery
26′ Frank is fouled by Theo Jalabert in front of the goal and Vanuatu find themselves with a free kick in a promising position
27′ Ruben blasts it straight into the wall
29′ Vanuatu are applying plenty of pressure on the New Caledonia defence as they attempt to add to their tally
30′ Frank blasts in a shot and Schmidt does well to keep it out, earning Vanuatu a corner
32′ Koka drills in from the corner at waist level and somehow the defence keeps it out
33′ Another shot is sent in hard and fast at the near post by Koka and Schmidt is again in the right place at the right time to deny Vanuatu
35′ Melte Rossi plays a dangerous pass back to his keeper Waivui who must move quickly to clear as Wamai bears down on him
37′ Bule plays a terrible ball back to Waivui who just manages to keep it from going out for a corner
38′ Boanemoa stretches to get a toe to the ball and Jalabert races shoulder to shoulder with Bule to clear out the touchline
39′ Jalabert dribbles up through the middle, plays a short pass to Xanatre who sends it right expecting Wamai to be there but he’s lagging behind and possession is turned over
41′ Wamowe heads on to Wamai but Melte Rossi is in behind him and boots the ball into Wamai’s face as he attempts to clear and it’s out for a goal kick
43′ Bong Kalo crosses from deep on the right and Schmidt jumps to clear but it’s over his head and fortunately for New Caledonia it’s too long
44′ Kalo chips a free kick, it finds Bule at the far post who heads it into the cross bar and back into play and New Caledonia are able to boot it clear
45′ There will be one minute of additional time played
The first half comes to an end
46′ Frank immediately gets the second period underway with a shot which Schmidt dives forward to punch clear
48′ It takes both Boanemoa and Didier Simane to shut down Frank as he attempts to dribble his way to the goal mouth
50′ Frank is causing all sorts of trouble for the Caledonian defence as he continues trying to break on goal
50′ GOAL!!! New Caledonia 0 Vanuatu 2 Justin Koka taps the ball around an approaching Schmidt and it bounces off the post and into the back of the goal to increase Vanautu’s lead
53′ Kalo takes a corner which rebounds back out to him, he plays it in to Frank who hits it on the volley and goes out for a goal kick
54′ SUBSTITUTION: Brandon Meaou is replaced by Jim Ouka for New Caledonia
55′ Jean-Luc Decoire sends the ball long to substitute Ouka who can’t quite reach the ball ahead of Goshen Donna who knocks it out for a corner
56′ Jalabert gets a head to the corner ball but it falls straight to Waivui who collects
58′ GOAL!!! New Caledonia 0 Vanuatu 3 Jaison Thomas heads down a Bong Kalo free kick for the host’s third goal
60′ Frank curls in a cross but in the waiting pack is a Caledonian defender who manages to head the ball away
62′ New Caledonia are trying to insert themselves into this game but Vanuatu continue to attack to the delight of the home crowd
63′ SUBSTITUTION:Double substitution for New Caledonia as Jimmy Wahnapo replaces goalkeeper Thomas Schmidt while Valentin Nykeine is brought on in place of Raymond Xanatre
66′ Jalabert startes an attack through the centre but is brought down by Ruben
67′ Kalo brings the ball up the right flank, crosses in to Saniel who volleys it sky high
70′ Ouka breaks up the left for New Caledonia and Thomas rushes back to knock the ball away
72′ Simane lobs forward to Wamai who switches out to Ouka on the left who holds up the ball as New Caledonia hurry to get numbers forward
73′ Frank is through one-on-one with keeper Wahnapo who slides in to steal the ball from Frank’s feet
74′ GOAL!!! New Caledonia 1 Vanuatu 3 Ouka brings New Caledonia back into the match when he sends the ball into the back of the net
76′ Ouka recieves the ball from Nykeine and crosses but there’s no one in the middle and Waivui comes out to claim it
77′ Saniel comes off worse in an aerial challenge with Ouka and comes off to receive treatment
77′ SUBSTITUTION: Bong Kalo makes room for Alphonse Toa for Vanuatu
79′ Partodikromo and Jacky Ruben have a heated verbal exchange and referee Averii Jacques steps in to calm things down
80′ Ouka is brought down just outside the top of the box and New Caledonia have a free kick
81′ YELLOW CARD Melte Rossi is cautioned for his challenge on Ouka
82′ Ouka is behind the ball, he smashes it with his left but it’s straight at the Vanuatu wall
83′ Bule open out towards the touchline, takes two touches and smashes a shot at the goal which drifts wide of the upright
84′ Ruben tries his chances with a volley from the middle of the half but it’s way too high to trouble Wahnapo
86′ Ruben loops in a corner ball and Wahnapo just gets a hand to it before it’s deflected out for a goal kick
87′ SUBSTITUTION: Alex Saniel is replaced by Gregory Rouard
88′ Rouard gets his first touch as he tries to slip between two of New Caledonia’s defenders
89′ Vanuatu have a free kick on the right just inside touch, Remy Kalsrap lifts it into the box but it’s knocked away from goal in the melee
90′ There will be three minutes of additional time played
90′ + 2′ Wamowe chips the defence and finds Wamai but Thomas arrives to clear the ball out
The referee blows the final whistle

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