This match has been hyped as the decider of this competition as a win for Fiji sees them take an unattainable lead, while for Vanuatu, victory could see them inch ahead of the hosts by two points going into the final match day.
See the play-by-play action below.
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Vanuatu: 1. Charlie WAIVUI (GK), 2. Jaison THOMAS, 4. Alphonse LENCY,6. Remy KALSRAP, 8. Justin KOKA, 9. Tony KALTACK, 10. Bong KALO, 14. Gersom KALSONG, 16. Jacky RUBEN (c), 17. Sam IWAI, 18. Kerry IAWAK
Substitutes: 3. Goshen DONA, 5. Joseph IARUEL, 7. Elie MELTE ROSSI, 11. Alex SANIEL, 12. Andre BULE, 13. Ruben FRANK, 15. Etienne NAIEU, 19. Renold IWAI, 24. Ricky DICK (GK)
Coach: Etienne MERMER (VAN)
Fiji: 1. Misiwani NAIRUBE (GK), 2. Praneel NAIDU, 3. Garish Henry PRASAD, 4. Jale DRELOA (c), 5. Antonio TUIVUNA, 6. Mohammed Shuiad KHAN, 7. Nikel Nishal CHAND, 9. Samuela NABENIA, 10. Narendra RAO, 15. Saula Matayalo WAQA, 17. Kolinio Vakarauvanua SIVOKI
Substitutes: 8. Setareki HUGHES, 11. Joseva KOROI, 12. Ratu Tevita WARANAIVALU, 13. Mataiasi TOMA, 14. Ravnit Shelvin CHAND, 16. Jonetani BUKSH, 18. Al-taaf Mansoor SAHIB, 19. Ashnil Kumar RAJU, 20. Shaneel NAIDU (GK)
Coach: Ravinesh KUMAR (FIJ)
Match Officials
Referee: Averii JACQUES (TAH)
Assistant Referee 1: Paul AHUPU (TAH)
Assistant Referee 2: Johnny NIABO (SOL)
Fourth Official: Albert MARU (PNG)
The final whistle sounds
90′ + 4′ Waivui with a terrible kick finds touch, Ruben across to kick clear
90′ + 3′ Fiji send long, it falls for Vanuatu but pressure from Raju sees Fiji win the throw
90′ + 3′ Decent effort is headed away by the Fiji wall
90′ + 2′ YELLOW CARD Antonio Tuivana is cautioned
90′ + 1′ Fiji with possesion a long throw into the box but it’s popped out for Kerry Iawak who speeds forward
Four minutes additional time
90′ Lency gets a little too fancy for his location allowing Garish Prasad to get a cross in but Waivui captures
89′ Naidu tries to send up the line but it runs to touch
88′ SUBSTITUTION – Vanuatu Sam Iwai makes room for Ruben Frank
86′ Tuivuna clears but only gets as far as Remy Kalsrap, the shot comes in but Nairube manages to control it away from goal
86′ Saniel with a flick back to Kalo who blasts his shot in at goal
85′ Koka does well to stay on his feet under heavy pressire from Toma
84′ A low drive goalwards from Vanuatu is well picked up by Nairube
84′ Chand reads Saniel’s advance well
83′ Naidu’s send poses no threat and Vanuatu hoof it upfield
82′ Raju gets on the end of a cross from Praneel Naidu but can’t put it away
81′ SUBSTITUTION – Vanuatu Alex Saniel comes on for Kerry Iawak
81′ Bong Kalo’s delivery is good, Kaltack gets a decent head but just shy of the target
80′ Decent delivery and Waivui claims over the top of Thomas
79′ Raju takes a tumble earning a free kick in dangerous territory
79′ Kalsong flies a cross in from the left but there’s no one there to finish
78′ SUBSTITUTION – Fiji Narendra Rao makes way for Mataiasi Toma
78′ Praneel Naidu sends long and Vanuatu have the throw in
77′ Corner for Fiji and Lency is trying to organise his back line as Vanuatu pile into the area
76′ Fiji in possession and it’s looking dangerous in the back for Vanautu. Spilt by Waivui, headed over him by Rao but Lency on his goalline clears
75′ Kalo with the ball, turns on Praneel Naidu and gets a cross to Sam Iwai who has his shot blocked and cleared out
75′ Challenge on Koka from Dreloa earns a free kick for Vanuatu
74′ The shot comes in but it’s an easy take for Nairube at his near post
74′ Kaltack pops it wide for Koka who does well to keep it in but it deflects for a Vanuatu throw
73′ Rao does enough to interupt the run from Kalo
73′ Second Vanautu corner sent in long, it drops to Lency at the back of the box but it’s a poor volley
72′ Bong Kalo in squeezes his way into the box and fires low and hard, it needs a touch from Kaltack but he can’t get there
71′ Kalo takes and just sends it oer the bar
71′ Free kick conceded by subsitute Ashnil Raju
70′ The ball pops out to Justin Koka who advances – it’s five on three for Vanuatu but the pass wide is intercepted
69′ Jale Dreola takes a tumble in a tackle from Kerry Iawak and earns a free kick
68′ SUBSTITUTION – Fiji: Saula Waqa comes off and is replaced by Ashnil Raju
68′ Vanuatu concede a free kick deep in Fiji’s corner
67′ Garish Prasad with an advance he beats a couple of men before Vanautu win back
66′ YELLOW CARD Kalsong is cautioned for his part in the challenge
66′ Nickel Chand does well in the back but clashes with Gersom Kalsong
65′ Waqa is back on and his first touch is to send it well upfield
64′ Waqa has gone down in the middle of the field and has to move off for treatment
64′ Cross is a little too big from Koka on this occasion
63′ Nabenia bearing down on goal but those long legs of Thomas come out of nowhere to slide the ball off his feet
63′ Ruben drops deep to pick up ahead of Nabenia who fouls the Vanuatu captain
62′ Second effort drops into the goal mouth but is headed wide for a goal kick
61′ Narendra Rao sends the corner, Sivoki arrives and it’s out for a second corner
61′ Great defending from Fiji as they close down an advance up the left and switch quickly to Praneel Naidu
60′ A gently lob into the box is picked up by Justin Koka who heads it just over the bar
60′ Bong Kalo does well to recuperate a wary pass from Iawak
59′ Alphonse Lency tries to head clear but it skims backwards off his head and towards his own goal forcing Thomas to race back to clear
58′ Iawak with another shot this time Nairube is ready to claim
57′ GOAL!!! Vanautu 2-2 Fiji Kerry Iawak one-twos with himself around his man and fires off his right with an effort that drops in behind Nairube
56′ Fiji load their penalty area with players as Vanuatu try to find a way through
56′ Sam Iwai tries to switch but a Fiji player gets a timely intercept
55′ Nairube is back on his feet giving the thumbs up and restarts play with a long ball upfield
54′ Treatment called onto the pitch as he looks to be winded
53′ Action moves to the opposite end as Vanuatu come close with several effort, the final one caught by Nairube who is injured in the process
53′ Another cross arrives in the box but Nabenia misses his chance to finish
52′ Waqa plays long and finds Nabenia who shoots wide
52′ Rao holds back Sam Iwai and concedes a free kick, nothing comes of it and it’s a swift counter from Fiji
51′ Kolinio Sivoki sends a free kick long and high but finds a Vanuatu head
50′ Rao sends long but Waqa is offside and leaves it to run long
50′ Turns out that stretcher wasn’t needed as Thomas limps to the side to continue treatment and play gets back underway
49′ It’s not looking good for the stalwart of Vanuatu’s defence as the team physio signals for a stretcher
48′ Challenge on Thomas by Nabenia sees the towering defender take a tumble requiring treatment
47′ Ruben does well to contol down a ball and Vanuatu advance but a poor pass from Kerry Iawak sees Fiji head goalward
47′ Fiji in control with a throw in
46′ Vanuatu are playing out of their half, Nabenia comes in hard behind Kalo but he lays off a pass
The second half gets underway
The whistle sounds for half-time
45′ + 1′ Vanautu whip the ball off the foot of Nabenia but can’t make any ground
45′ Fourth official signals one minute of added time
44′ Nairube
fumbles a Jacky Ruben shot. He is quick to re gather
43′ Another free kick to Vanuatu
42′ Mohammed Khan header awards Vanuatu a corner
41′ Vanuatu get a free kick
40′ GOAL!!!!!! Fiji 2 Vanuatu 1 Fiji skipper Jale Dreloa scores Fiji’ ssecond goal. Rao swinged a cross inside the Vanuatu box .Dreloa rushed in for a header which saw Fiji ‘s second goal
39′ Fiji get a free kick
38′ Ruben tries to play up the line to Kalsong but it clips his trailing leg and the throw is for Fiji
37′ Nickel Chand appears to have taken a knock and is moved to the sideline by the referee for treatment
37′ Kaltack under the ball in the box but Nairube leaps high to claim
36′ Vanuatu counter quickly but slow as they approach the goal mouth
35′ Waqa’s first touch is amiss and Thomas is able to get a toe in
35′ Save from Nairube who sends long
34′ Low pass back from the line by Waqa and Nabenia manages to send it away from goal despite his direct close range positioning
33′ Narendra Rao with an effort from half-way that spins away from the target
32′ YELLOW CARD Jaison Thomas goes in the book after retaliating on Samuela Nabenia
31′ Whipped in by Naidu and somehow touched over the cross bar for a goal kick
31′ Great touch from Garish Prasad as he moves up the right flank, corner Fiji
30′ Offside by Fiji and Vanautu get things underway quickly
29′ Waqa on the receiving end of a great ball, shoots but sends wide
28′ Headed towards goal by Fiji but Waivui is straight off his line to meet
27′ A couple of heavy challenges sees Fiji earn a free just inside their half
27′ Bong Kalo curls in a free kick but it’s cleared away by Fiji
25′ GOAL!!! Vanuatu 1-1 Fiji Switched across the goal by Naidu, headed down by Waqa and sent over the top of Waivui’s outstretched arms by Nickel Chand for the equaliser
24′ Keeper comes off his line as the corner is whipped in towards the Vanuatu goal
24′ Ruben loses the ball in the middle and it takes a desperate stop from Jaison Thomas to slow the Fiji advance
22′ GOAL!!! Vanuatu 1-0 Fiji Justin Koka crosses in to Bong Kalo who makes no mistakes as he blasts between Nairube and his post
21′ YELLOW CARDVanuatu’s Kerry Iawak is cautioned for a heavy tackle on Praneel Naidu.
20′ Samuela Nabenia charges past Jaison Thomas and shoots but his shot is off target
19′ Cleared up the line by Fjii, a lot of action up this near side of the pitch
18′ Goal kick for Fiji, Nairube sends it long and it’s out by Prasad for a Vanuatu throw
17′ Kaltack recieves in the box, turns his man and shoots but it takes a deflection allowing Nairube to capture
17′ Plenty of action up the left with some quick exchanges before Narendra Rao fouls Kalsong near the sideline
15′ Great delivery off the free kick from Bong Kalo, just touched over the cross bar by Nariube
15′ Garish Prasad with a heavy challenge on Kalsong
14′ What a miss from Vanuatu! Gersom Kalsong keeps it in, cuts back to an arriving Tony Kaltack who sends it up the face of a near empty goal
13′ Samuela Nabenia with a steal but it’s out for a Vanuatu throw
12′ Vanuatu with control in their backline looking for a way forward
11′ Free kick for Fiji inside their half lobbed long by Kolinio Sivoki to Saula Waqa up front
9′ Saula Waqa beats his man but the cross isn’t great and Vanautu clear to touch
8′ Fiji keeper Misiwani Nairube called into action to pick up a weak effort from the Vanuatu front line
6′ YELLOW CARD Sprigs up from the Fiji captain Jale Dreloa on Alphonse Lency earns him a caution
4′ Fiji counter attack quickly and have a couple of chances as the ball bounces around the area before Jale Dreloa is offside
3′ Foul on Bong Kalo and Nickel Chand is given a talking to from referee Averii Jacques
2′ Antonio Tuivuna gets on the end of Praneel Naidu’s corner but heads it straight at keeper Charlie Waivui who denies the goal before his defender clears
1′ Cross comes in low from Garish Prasad but it’s knocked clear for a Fiji corner
1′ Vanuatu with a throw in up the right, some early hussle from Bong Kalo out wide
The match kicks off