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Victories all round at U-20 champs

Each of their opponents came to Auckland, New Zealand with goals and objectives of their own – finding ways to become winners in their own right.
Following the final action on Match Day 3, oceaniafootball.com spoke to several players to get their impression of the tournament, and for some, their first taste of international football.
OFC Media: How did you feel about the tournament?
Melody Tate (VAN) goalkeeper: “This tournament was a big experience for me, it was my first international tournament.”
Lutricia Wilbur (VAN): “It was a rewarding experience for me. A lot of feelings went through me during this tournament. It was my first experience in a foreign country so I was excited, stressed and scared at the same time, but I knew that I had to be concentrate. It was hard to manage all these feelings but in the end I really enjoyed this experience.”
Tangimausia Ma’afu (TGA): “I think it was a great experience for me as we achieved more than we planned to. I am very proud of my team’s performance, and I think we represented our country well.”
OFCM: What do you think about your team’s performance?
Tate: “I’m very proud of what my team has done. We had been warned only three weeks before about the U-20 Women’s Championship – so we just had a short preparation, physically and mentally. The result doesn’t matter, Sometimes it’s good to lose and rebound after correcting the mistakes and improve what we have to improve. I know that the next time, our performance will be better because I trust in our squad and in our coach. We are the best team!”
Wilbur: “I think we were very good because we hadn’t a long preparation only 3 weeks. Even we lost, it is just the time to train harder and harder correct the mistake going much stronger and come back better next time.
“You know, we are very connected in our team. We are just like a family, I consider all my team mates as my sisters. So when someone fails everybody fails – we support each other. I think we are the best team, with strong relationships, it meant a lot for me.”
Ma’afu: “Our first match was very tough for us, we were a little bit stressed. However after our performance against New Zealand, I think that we were more confident and more focused on the game. Even me, I was more confident and I wanted to fight until the last minute and stop every shot that New Zealand made. It was just amazing.”
OFCM: What are your plans for the future?
Tate: “After this tournament I hope to be a part, once again, of the national team. Football represents a lot for me, I’ve tried many sports before and I wasn’t comfortable in any of them. But when I began to play football it was like a revelation for me, that’s why I am very proud and glad to have been selected and really want to follow this experience.”
The OFC U-20 women’s championship concluded with the awards ceremony where Tangimausia Ma’afu, Tonga’s goalkeeper, was rewarded with the Golden Glove and the Vanuatu team won the Fair Play award.

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