New Zealand 0-2 Tahiti

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The starting line-ups are as follows:
New Zealand 18. Elias BILLEH (GK), 3. Dylan MANICKUM, 7. Marvin EAKINS (c), 8. Daniel BURNS, 14. James VAUGHAN,
Suspended: 6. Kareem OSMAN
Substitutes: 1. Atta ELAYYAN (GK), 4. Ouadhah RAGUED, 9. Jakub SINKORA, 10. Jan FISCHER, 11. Lucas CORDEIRO OSORIO DA SILVA, 12. Mohamed Hicham KAMRI
Coach: Scott Gilligan (AUS)
Tahiti 17. Apera TETAUIRA (GK), 6. Alexis TOOFA, 9. Anderson TINO, 10. Teaonui TEHAU, 12. Smith TINO
Coach: Heitapu HUNTER (TAH)
Substitutes: 2. Steeven TINO, 3. Steeve WONG, 4. Junior CAO, 5. Jacob TUTAVAE (c), 7. Gabriel KAVERA, 8. Teivarii KAIHA, 13. Tehaumanarii BENNETT
Coach: Heitapu HUNTER (FRA)
Match officials:
Referee: Amitesh BEHARI [FIJ]
Second Referee: Daniel KAUSUO [NCL]
Third Referee: Philip MANA [SOL]
Timekeeper: Stephane UPA [NCL]
The final whistle sounds
0′ 23′ One last chance for New Zealand and Ragud shoots but can’t score
0′ 45′ New Zealand on the advance, Eakins finds Silva who shoots but the angles too tight and he can’t hit the target
1′ 18′ GOAL!!! New Zealand 0-2 Tahiti Smith Tino drives to the left to beat Elayyan for Tahiti’s second
1′ 18′ Smith Tino to take
1′ 18′ Foul from Eakins on Tehau – penalty for Tahiti as New Zealand hit six fouls
1′ 52′ Manickum with a dangerous loss of possession fortunately Eakins sees and covers the shot from Tehau
2′ 42′ Steal and solo effort from Kamri who just lifts it over the cross bar
2′ 55′ Smith Tino with a shot that’s just behind the goal from out wide
3′ 11′ Silva fouls Smith Tino
3′ 29′ Manickum comes within inches
4′ 11′ Kamri shoots and comes oh so close
4′ 40′ Kamri tries to pull back but Taetauira stops
4′ 58′ YELLOW CARDKAMRI is cautioned for a challenge on Tutavae
5′ 18′ Smith Tino sees an opportunity but goes devastatingly wide with his effort
5′ 47′ New Zealand have adopted the flying goalkeeper approach with Daniel Burns taking on the role
6′ 21′ Back underway and New Zealand are putting the pressure on to find an equaliser
6′ 50 Time out
7′ 07′ Miscommunication between Kamri and Sinkora sees the ball run to touch
7′ 16′ Steeve Tino with a half-volley but he sends it wide
7′ 25′ Tahiti’s on-ball skills are really pleasing the crowd tonight!
8′ 02′ Anderson Tino heads to the centre and shoots, Elayyah has it covered
8′ 17′ Smith Tino goes one-on-one with Elayyan who takes a knock
8’23’ Smith Tino fouls Silva
8′ 40′ 3v2 for Tahiti it goes wide but Elayyan is out to cover
8′ 54′ Manickum with a turnover and New Zealand advance
9’34’ GOAL!!! New Zealand 0-1 Tahiti Teaonui TEHAU fires into the back of the net for Tahiti
9′ 45′ Great period of passing from Tahiti, foul gives them time to recover
11′ 03′ Smith Tino goes wide to Teivarii Kaiha who has his shot saved by Elayyah and the follow up too
11′ 08′ Toofa is on goal but he’s brought down by Eakins for a free kick just on the edge
11’28’ Smith plays on Toofa who hits side net
11’55’ Elayyah can only palm down a powerful shot from Smith Tino
12′ 15′ The youngster Bennett receives in front of goal and just fires over
12′ 26′ Shot from Silva is up and over
12’32’ Break from Kamri – cross shot is just knocked away by the keeper
12′ 45′ Another advance from Smith Tino after Tutavae steal in the middle
13′ 00′ Kavera receives on touch but can’t keep it in
13’44’ Tehau receives the corner and shoots but hits Lucas Silva for another corner
13’49’ Smith Tino goes long to Tehau but Elayyan out to smother
14′ 32′ Again it’s Anderson Tino with the steal, he takes a few touches and shots but hits the side net
14′ 52′ Stolen in the centre by Anderson Tino who smashes over the top
15′ 10′ That New Zealand defence stays sturdy and they force a turnover
16′ 17′ Into touch off the face of Bennett
16′ 33′ Some sustained pressure from Tahiti but it’s into touch and New Zealand have the ball
18′ 02′ Anderson Tino wins off Manickum plays across to Tehau who blasts but straight at substitute keeper Atta Elayyan
18′ 14′ Toofa with a shot but it’s in behind
18′ 23′ Toofa gives up possession to Burns
18′ 51′ Tehau with a foul on Burns and free kick New Zealand
19′ 26′ Tahiti with early pressure on New Zealand
The second half begins
The first half comes to a close
0′ 05′ Back to Wong at the half who drives in low, Billeh spills but Tehau can’t convert
0′ 16′ Long range effort from Anderson Tino who has power but not accuracy
1′ 13′ Smith Tino with just Eakins in front, he plays wide to younger brother Anderson but it’s too far in front
1’41’ Back underway with Tahiti on the advance
1′ 55′ Time out
1’55’ Ouadhah Ragud clears to touch
3′ 00′ A smash from just inside New Zealand’s half by Cao but it’s slapped down by Billeh
4′ 24′ Teaonui Tehau receives with just Billeh to beat at close range, he turns and shoots but flys it inches wide
4′ 40′ Tahiti counter quick, Kavera plays on to Junior Cao but it’s just in behind
4′ 46′ New Zealand on attack
5′ 27′ Smith Tino breaks up the left, Kamri just gets a foot in to slow
6′ 11′ Tetauira out to boot clear, Eakins stops and shoots but Smith Tino gets an intercepting high foot to the ball
6′ 39′ Anderson Tino shoots but hits the foot of Eakins for a corner
7′ 08′ Manickum fouls Steeve Wong in the Tahiti area
7′ 29′ Smith Tino with some individual brilliance to hold on to possession in a Futsal Whites’ sandwich
8′ 05′ Smith Tino fouls Burns with a wee tug of the shirt
8′ 45′ Dylan Manickum holds possession well
9′ 55′ Toofa almost wins off Jan Fischer but can’t keep it in
10′ 56′ Burns slides in to prevent a shot from Smith Tino
11’30’ Shot from Vaughan from distance but Tetauira recovers well
11′ 50′ Smith Tino beats around Daniel Burns and shoots
12′ 15′ Bennett with a save in the area to deny New Zealand
12′ 33′ Shot from Alexis Toofa for Tahiti that shakes Billeh
13′ 13′ Two consecutive shots from Kamri that test Tetauira’s reflexes
13′ 57′ Shot from Kamri as he breaks solo but Apera Tetauira manages to block even after Kamri goes around
14′ 50′ Tahiti get close to sending a cross through captain Jacob Tutavae but he can’t quite layoff
15′ 25′ Sinkora with a foul on Gaby Kavera
16′ 05′ Shot from New Zealand’s Jakub Sinkora rattles the side net
17′ 15′ Mohamed Kamri does well under pressure from Tehaumanarii Bennett to play back to Marvin Eakins who clears
18′ 18′ Shot from Smith Tino is over the goal
18′ 57′ Smith Tino almost gets the ball around the back of James Vaughan
19′ 19′ Shot from Tahiti is off target
19′ 58′ New Zealand take the kick off all the way back to keeper Elias Billeh
The match kicks off

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