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PNG: 20. Ronald WARISAN, (GK) 2. Daniel JOE, 4. Alwin KOMOLONG, 5. Felix KOMOLONG, 7. Raymond GUNEMBA, 8. Michael FOSTER, 9. Nigel DABINGYABA, 11. Wira WAMA, 12. David MUTA, (C) 17. Jacob SABUA, 19 Koriak UPAIGA,
Substitutions:1. Ishmael POLE, (GK), Leslie KALAI (GK), 3. Valentine NELSON, 6. Patrick AISA, 10. Obert BIKA, 13. Roland BALA, 14. Emmanuel SIMON, 15. Philip STEVEN, 16. Jeremy YASASA, 21. Sammie CAMPBELL, 22. Otto KUSUNAN
Suspended: 18. Tommy SEMMY
Coach:Flemming Serritslev (DEN)
Tahiti: 1. Mikael ROCHE (GK), 2. Taumihau TIATIA, 6. Henri CAROINE, 9. Tauhiti KECK, 10. Teaonui TEHAU, 11. Jay WARREN, 13. Steevy CHONG HUE, 15. HEIMANO BOUREBARE, 17. Tamatoa TETAUIRA, 20, Alvin TEHAU, 22. Nicolas VALLAR, (C)
Substitutions16. Bruno TETUANUI (GK), 4. Ricky AITAMAI, 5. Rainui AROITA, 7. Temarii TINORUA, 8. Tauatua LUCAS, 12. Mauarii TEHINA, 14. Matatia PAAMA, 18. Tefai FAEHAU, 19. Vincent SIMON, 21. Fred TISSOT
Coach: Ludovic Graugnard (TAH)
Match Officials:
Referee: Robinson BANGA (VAN)
Assistant Referee 1: Ravinesh KUMAR (FIJ)
Assistant Referee 2: Hilmon SESE (VAN)
Fourth Official: Joel HOPKEN (VAN)
90+4′ FULL TIME: PNG 2-2 TAH
90+4′ Tahiti sends the ball inside the PNG boc before goalkeeper Ronald Warisan is fouled to end the match
90+3′ PNG pushing down the right but the assistant referee raisses his fleg for offside
90+2′ Michael Foster with a long range shot but his attempt is wide
90′ Fourth official indicates 4 minutes of added time
89′ PNG defender Koriak Upaiga with a strong forward run in the left but his cross to Raymond Gunemba is just long
87′ Mikael Roche makes a fantastic diving save to the right from Raymond Gunemba’s free kick
86′ Free kick for PNG on the edge of the box in dangerous area
85′ YELLOW CARD Tahiti’s Tamatoa Tetauira receives a yellow card
85′ Komolong is back on
84′ Alwin Komolong needs medical attention and he leaves the field temporarily
83′ SUBTahiti’s Steevy Chong Hue is replaced by Tahiti’s Tauatua Lucas
81′ Raymond Gunemba puts the ball in the net with a looping shot but he is flagged offside
80′ Raymond Gunemba forces a save from Tahiti’s goalkeeper Mikael Roche after a strong run on the left
80′ SUB Papua New Guinea’s Wira Wama is replaced by Emmanuel Simon
79′ SUB Tahiti’s Jay Warren is replaced by Ricky Aitamai
76′ GOAL!!! PNG 2-2 TAH Teaonui Tehau scores from close range on the left after the PNG defence fail to deal with a corner
74′ Teaonui Tehau puts the ball into the net but he is flagged offside
73′ Raymond Gunemba almost pounces on a backpass from Tamatoa Tetauira but Roche gets there
72′ Taumihau Tiatia with a crucial block inside the box on Wira Wama
71′ Raymond Gunemba makes a strong run on the left before forcing a save from the diving Roche
70′ Great defensive tackle by Koriak Upaiga on Teaonui Tehau on the right
68′ Alvin Tehau gets on the end of a long free kick but he heads wide
66′ GOAL!!! PNG 2-1 TAH Tahiti pulls one back courtesy of a close range headedr by Alvin Tehau
64′ GOAL!!! PNG 2-0 TAH Raymond Gunemba grabs his second with a well taken shot inside the box following a neat backhill from Michael Foster
62′ SUB Tahiti’s Tauhiti Keck is replaced by Fred Tissot
60′ Jacob Sabua and Raymond Gunemba get in each other way in good position inside Tahiti’s box
59′ PNG are pressing high putting Mikael Roche under pressure but he Tahiti goalkeeper does well to clear
58′ Steevy Chong Hue on the left with a quick counter but his cross is blasted over the bar by Tauhiti Keck
56′ PNG pouring forward looking for a second before a desperate defensive block on Nigel Dabingyaba gives a little breezer to the Tahiti backline
55′ Nigel Dabingyaba with a passes to Jacob Sabua who forces a good save from Tahiti’s goalkeeper Mikael Roche with a rifling shot
54′ Nigel Dabingyaba with an attempt from the right which goes over the crossbar
53′ Alwin Komolong’s free kick just misses the top left corner
51′ RED CARD Tahiti’s captain Nicolas Vallar receives a straight red for a foul on Raymond Gunemba
49′ PNG are content to sit back and slow the tempo against the high pressing Tahitians before launching into counters
47′ Tahiti with early posesssion but Alvin Tehau’s goal attempt is blocked
46′ Michael Foster and Raymond Gunemba kick off the second half
45+1′ GOAL!!! PNG 1-0 Raymond Gunemba gives the lead to the hosts at the stroke of half time by pouncing on a ball which Tahiti’s goalkeeper Mikael Roche failed to punch clear
45′ Fourth official indicates 1 minutes of added time
44′ Tehau’s free kick is headed clear by Muta
43′ Teaonui Tehau with a counter on the left which leads to a free kick.
41′ Raymond Gunemba’s free-kick is cleared by the Vanuatu backline but the ball falls to David Muta who volleys wide
40′ Felix Komolong with a crucial defensive tackle to block Nemani Roqara on the right flank
38′ Jacob Sabua with a long range effort that goes over the crossbar
36′ Raoul Coulon makes a run on the right but Daniel Joe blocks him to stifle Tahiti’s attack
33′ Raymond Gunemba crosses from the left to Nigel Dabingyaba whose miscued shot is picked up by Tahiti’s goalkeeper Mikael Roche
30′ Nigel Dabingyaba has a shot from the right but his effort goes wide
29′ YELLOW CARD Yellow card received by Heimano Bourebare
27′ Raymond Gunemba’s free kick blocked by Nicolas Vallar’s defensive header

26′ Free kick is awarded to PNG in a dangerous area on the right just outside the box
25′ PNG on the attack before Nigel Dabingyaba’s pass intercepted by Tahiti’s Nicolas Vallar
23′ Free kick by Tahiti’s Jay Warren inside PNG’s half but the ball is picked out of the air by Warisan
20′ The best chance of the bgame so far falls to Raymond Gunemba who just misses from the left with a stinging low shot
18′ YELLOW CARD PNG’s Nigel Dabingyaba receives a yellow card
16′ A mix up between Koriak Upaiga and Papua New Guinea’s goalkeeper Ronald Warisan almost leads to trouble but Warisan able to collect the ball in the last second
15′ Teaonui Tehau delivers two quick corners in a row before PNG’s backline clears
14′ Jay Warren’s free kick is too long the ball sails out of play
13′ YELLOW CARD PNG’s David Muta receives a yellow card
11′ PNG’s turn to attack at the end of which Michael Foster has an deflected shot on goal
10′ Tahiti’s Tauhiti Keck sends in two dangerous inswinging corners in a row forcing good saves from Papua New Guinea’s goalkeeper Ronald Warisan
9′ Koriak Upaiga is under pressure at the back but he manages to clear for a corner.
7′ PNG moving up on the right flank with a couple of throw-ins before Tahiti’s defence clears
5′ PNG patiently passing at the back
4′ Alwin Komolong heads wide from a corner
3′ Tahiti’s Teaonui Tehau puts the ball into the net at the other end but the assistant referee raises his flag for offside
2′ Free kick to PNG, Raymond Gunemba’s shot on target but doesn’t trouble the keeper
1′ Tahiti’s Teaonui Tehau and Alvin Tehau kick off the match
1′ We are underway with the Group A clash between hosts PNG and reigning champions Tahiti

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