Mansale a jack of all trades

“I used to train every morning, every afternoon. I like football, it’s my life, I have to play.”
Still in his early 20s, Mansale is making a name for himself across the region as a jack of all trades.
He’s turned out for Vanuatu in futsal, beach soccer and football and his club football has seen him go from Vanautu to Tahiti and back again, with stopovers at the OFC Champions League in between.
Right now all his attention is focused on the court at Vodafone Arena in Suva, Fiji as he fights to keep his country in the running for glory at the 2016 OFC Futsal Championship.
Mansale says everything he does has been about building his skills and trying to be the best that he can be.
“I’s trying to build my skills for the top. I’m trying to be the best back in my country,” he says.
“I had a contract for three months playing with Central Sport in Tahiti. I was looking forward to playing for the national team back in Vanuatu, I’m with the national team for 11-a-side and beach soccer as well as here with futsal.”
Here in Fiji he’s set the court alight with his ability to create space, make darting and weaving runs and generally creates havoc for the opposition.
“I am trying to do well for my country,” he says of his own personal journey here at the OFC Futsal Championship.
“We lost to New Zealand and it was a lesson to teach the boys to step up another level. We tried our best to beat New Caledonia to beat Fiji, and we’ll work hard against Solomon Islands.
“We respect all of the teams and we will keep fighting for what we want.”
Helping drive Mansale’s desire is the opportunity to take on the player in the region that inspires him most – Micah Lea’alafa.
“He’s skilful, he’s very fast and if he does his best for his country, I can do my best for mine.
“I’m looking forward to the game against Solomon Islands. If I can win the ball off Micah – I’ll be very happy with my performance.”
Vanuatu will play Solomon Islands in the second encounter of Match Day 4, kicking off at 5.30pm (local).

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