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Samoa: 1. Katarina AH SUI (GK), 2. Renee ATONIO, 4. Moreva MAMEA, 7. Shalom FISO, 9. Siatuvai IONATANA, 10. Vaaipu MOATAA, 12. Liz AH-LAM, 13. Matalena DANIELLS, 14. Epi TAFILI, 18. Mariecamilla AH KI, 19. Madeleen AH KI
Substitutes: 20. Kolotita SABINE (GK), 3. Clementina IASIA, 5. Lagmaina AKARI, 6. Hope SCHUSTER, 8 Atonina TANUVASA, 11 Marcella NIELSEN, 15. Matalena FAASAVALU, 16. Melesete AIA, 17. Rosie SCHUSTER
Coach: Leti TAMASESE (SAM)
Vanuatu: 20. Noela BAKOKOTO (GK), 2. Daina KALOPONG, 3. Monica MELTEVIEL, 4. Jasmina TAKARO, 5. Louisa KALPRAM, 6. Nadine KILETEIR, 7. Brenda ANIS, 9. Priscilla CHARLEY, 10. Paulieana MANWO 12. Dilisa YEOYER, 15. Rina BATICK
Substitutes 1. Melody TATE (GK), 8. Emilia TARAVAKI, 11. Elmah AIJIVI 13. Cllemontine SENIS, 14. Keren COULON, 16. Eva BOE, 17. Julie-Rose NASSE, 18. Johnita WILLIE, 19. Delphine KALMET
Coach: Joel RARUA (VAN)
Match Officials
Referee: Salesh CHAND (FIJ)
Assistant Referee 1: Nagarita JIMMY (SOL)
Assistant Referee 2: Bernard MUTUKERA (SOL)
Fourth Official: Finau VULIVULI (FIJ)
FULL TIME: Samoa earn a late 3-3 draw against Vanuatu
90+6′ GOAL!!! SAM 3-3 VAN DANIELLS with an equaliser after she smashes it into the top of the net from 19 yards
90+6′ Free kick Samoa right on the edge of the box
90+5′ FISO with a good chance, but BAKOKOTO blocks it before KALOPONG cleans up
90+4′ Vanuatu doing anything they can to clear now
90+3′ Vanuatu goal kick after ATONIO shoots wide
90+1′ Six minutes of added time
90′ SUB VAN Rina BATICK off and Keren COULON on
90′ Stretcher required for KILETEIR and play resumes
90′ Good tackle by Nadine KILETEIR stops FISO and then she is fouled. KILETEIR remains down
87′ CHARLEY goes on a long run but it stopped late by the foot of Moreva MAMEA
86′ DANIELLS puts a free kick in, but Vanuatu head out of the penalty area
86′ YELLOW CARD CHARLEY is booked for a challenge on DANIELLS
85′ Great chance from 15 yards for FISO, the keeper s out but she puts it up over the bar
84′ Samoa push forward, now playing three at the back
83′ Dilisa YEOYER bombs down the field, but AH SUI is out to collect
82′ AH KI almost through after a header falls to her feet, but Vanuatu clear
81′ Good tackle by TAFILI stops Vanuatu from advancing into the box
80′ AH SUI gets low to make a good save on CHARLEY
79′ Big collision between AH SUI and CHARLEY, and the Samoa keeper is down
77′ Another Samoa player down and play stops
74′ MELYEVIEL finds MANWO with a nice ball, but she is offside
73′ Play resumes after a stoppage for an injured Samoa player
70′ DANIELLS picks out her striker with a long ball, but the shot hits the side netting for a goal kick
69′ FISO gets in behind again, but her shot falls safely to BAKOKOTO
69′ Vanuatu now enjoying some ball in the middle of the field
67′ Good footwork from ATONIO sees her beat her marker, she shoots but BAKOKOTO claims
66′ GOAL!!! SAM 2-3 VAN MELTEVIEL curls her shot in from the top of the box to take the lead once again
65′ YELLOW CARD Brenda ANIS booked after taking DANIELLS down just over halfway
64′ Corner safely cleared by Vanuatu
64′ Samoa free kick and FISO gets a shot away, but it’s blocked for a corner
61′ CHARLEY beats her marker but is tackled late to stop the shot
60′ Vanuatu tries a long ball to break through, but Samoa are on it
58′ Samoa free kick after Vanuatu are ruled offside
56′ Samoa playing with a spring in their step, now dominating possession
54′ GOAL!!! SAM 2-2 VAN Madeleen AH KI with a curling effort from just inside the box to even things up
53′ Samoa free kick inside their own half
51′ Drop ball to restart play and Samoa almost score after it bounces over BAKOKOTO’S head, but she recovers to palm off her line
49′ Stoppage in play as we have a Vanuatu player down hurt
48′ GOAL!!! SAM 1-2 VAN DANIELLS hits an excellent free kick that ends up in the bottom left of the net
47′ Early free kick chance for Samoa from 20 yards
46′ SUB SAM Liz AH KAM off, Madeleen AH KI on
46′ We are back and Vanuatu have first use of the ball
HALF TIME: Vanuatu lead Samoa 2-0
45+2′ Offside call on MANWO ends the Vanuatu attack
45+2′ Vanuatu finishing the half with all the possession
45+1′ two minutes of added time
45′ Fantastic save by BAKOKOTO saves a goal for Vanuatu
44′ DANIELLS forced to clear out for a throw after winning the ball in the middle
43′ Samoa are awarded a free kick their way
43′ Vanuatu free kick on halfway
42′ Samoa building some momentum now, they have a throw deep in Vanuatu territory
41′ Goal kick for Samoa after CHARLEY heads out
40′ Samoa offside on a promising play
39′ Throw on halfway for Samoa
38′ Samoa with some ball now, working their way down field
38′ Back-to-back corners for Vanuatu but Samoa hold strong in defence
36′ SUB SAM IONATANA off Lagmaina AKARI on
36′ Another Vanuatu corner
34′ MELTEVIEL on target from 25 yards, but it’s just up over the bar
33′ Samoa with a couple of good chances, but Vanuatu scramble well to deny them
32′ FISO through on goal, she shoots early and it’s wide to the right
31′ Samoa goal kick after CHARLEY shoots wide
30′ Vanuatu corner after MOATAA heads out for Samoa
29′ DANIELLS fights one-on-one to win possession back for Samoa in the middle
28′ Vanuatu almost convert a free kick from out by the corner flag into a third, but Samoa clear twice
26′ Samoa caught diving in twice and Vanuatu race down field, but they can’t convert into a shot
25′ Matalena DANIELLS slows play down in the middle and Samoa finally have some possession
24′ Vanuatu through but offside
22′ GOAL!!! SAM 0-2 VAN CHARLEY recieves on the edge of the box, turns and finds the top of the net
21′ Vanuatu shot off the bar, close call for Samoa who are only just hanging on right now
20′ Samoa throw out of their defensive end
18′ Shot from 20 yards by CHARLEY is just wide
17′ CHARLEY shoots from close range, but it’s straight at AH SUI for an easy save
16′ Vaaipu MOATAA shoots but it’s wide for Samoa
16′ FISO through but bumped off well by Louisa KALPRAM
15′ TAFILI in the right place again to clear away a promising Vanuatu attack
14′ FISO ruled offside, Vanuatu free kick
13′ Epi TAFILI clears for Samoa after some patient build-up play by Vanuatu
12′ AH SUI collects a Vanuatu long ball intended for CHARLEY
12′ Vanuatu camped in the attacking third, but for now Samoa hold them out from shooting
11′ Samoa goal kick after another Vanuatu shot
10′ Priscilla CHARLEY makes a break down the left and crosses, but it misses everyone
9′ Samoa earn an attacking throw, but Vanuatu kick it straight back up field
8′ Vanuatu come charging towards goal, but AH SUI comes to collect safely
8′ Samoa struggling to get any ball at this stage
6′ GOAL!!! SAM 0-1 VAN Monica MELTEVIEL scores from range to give Vanuatu an early lead
5′ Vanuatu keeper Noela BAKOKOTO off her line and the ball bounces over her head, but Shalom FISO can’t get to the ball for a shot
4′ Vanuatu earn a corner after a break from Paulieana MANWO down the left
2′ Early shot from Priscilla CHARLEY is dropped by Katarina AH SUi, but Samoa clear to avoid disaster
2′ Vanuatu with the early possession, but they can’t break into the attacking third
1′ Samoa get things started here at the Loto-Tonga Soka Centre

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