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Nadi FA: 1. Samuela TAMANISAU (GK), 4. Andrew NAICKER, 6. Anish KHEM, 7. William VALENTINE, 8. Munit KRISHNA, 9. Vuniuci TIKOMAIMEREKE, 11. Ilimotama JESE, 12. Ame VOTONIU, 13. Lekima GONERAU, 14. Mataiasi TOMA, 16. Eliki RAVOSAI
Substitutes:2. Luke RAWADAMU, 3. Rahul KRISHNA, 10. Evander NAVOSA, 17. Afraz ALI
Suspended: 5. Waisake TABACAVA, 15. Napolioni QASEVAKATINI, 23. Vereti DICKSON (GK)
Absent: 18. Atonio TUIVUNA

Coach: Kamal SWAMY (FIJ)
AS Magenta: 29. Leon IXOEE (GK),2. Jean-Christ WAJOKA, 5. Jean Brice WADRIAKO, 6. Cedric SANSOT, 7. Noel KAUDRE, 10. Pierre WAJOKA (C), 11. Mickael TIAOU, 12. Joel WAKANAMUNE, 15. Pierrot JELEWED, 19. Jeremy DOKUNENGO, 20. Bill NICHOLLS
Substitutes: 1. Jelen IXOEE (GK), 30. Victor MESSEAUD (GK), 3. Georges BEARUNE, 8. Marius BAKO, 9. Marek AUCHER, 16. Leopold MAKALU, 17. Gregory TARAMOIN, 21. Noarii FORTEZ
Suspended: 4. Loic WAKANUMUNE
Injures 18. Joris GORENDIAWE
Coach: Alain MOIZAN (FRA)
FULL-TIME: MAG 3-0 NADAS Magenta defeat Nadi FA 3-0 to become the first team to qualify for the semis. The New Caledonians advanced to the last Four with maximum points while Nadi’s 2016 Champions League campaign is over
90+2 Magenta defenders are winding the clock down by passing the ball around at the back
90′ The Fourth official signals 3 minute sof added time
90′ YELLOW CARD MAG Jean-Brice Wadriako booked for a tackle from behind on Anish Khem
89′ Magenta patiently stroking the ball around
86′ SUB NAD William Valentine replaced by Afraz Ali
84′ Nadi skipper Eliki Ravosai denied by the post
83′ YELLOW CARD MAG Pierre Wajoka receives a caution
82′ Lekima Gonerau with a dangerous cross from the left, he finds Anish Khem who misses the target
81′ Magenta on the counter but P. Wajoka’s pass towards Sansot intercepted by Toma
80′ Nadi have consecutive corners
78′ Nasova in dangerous position on the left before Wadriako comes to the rescue to inetcept
77′ A good chance for Magenta after a quick counter but the cross from the left just misses Jean-Christ Wajoka
76′ Free kick for Nadi from the left but the long cross headed clear by Cedric Sansot inside his box
74′ A crucial defensive header by Luke Rawadamu to deny Jean-Christ Wajoka
71′ Nadi are committing more players forward but the Fijians are unable to create clear chances
71’Nasova wins a corner for Nadi
69′ Anish Khem witn a crucial interception to break up Magenta’s attack
67′ A long ball launched forward by Tamanisau but it misses Nasova inside Magenta’s half
66′ It’s Nadi’s turn to string a number of good passes together before an interception by Wakanumune
65′ Magenta with sustained possession in Nadi’s half
64′ SUB NAD Evander Nasova comes on for Andrew Naicker
62′ Intricate passing between the Wajoka brothers before Jese intercepts
60′ SUB MAG Pierrot Jelewed replaced by Gregory Taramon
59′ SUB MAG Bill Nicholls replaced by Marek Aucher
58′ GOAL!!! MAG 3-0 NAD Jeremy Dokunengo scores with a superb strike from the edge of the box
57′ YELLOW CARD NAD Ilimotama Jese booked for a foul on P. Wajoka
56′ P. Wajoka’s cross to the box spilled by Tamanisau but the keeper recovers to gather the ball
55′ Magenta with possession as Bill Nicholls earns a free kick deep inside Nadi’s half
52′ Toma with another effort on Magenta’s goal but it doesn’t trouble Leon Ixoee
50′ Magenta under sustained presssure. The New Caledonians are unable to clear as the ball bounces around the penalty box, eventually Joel Wakanumune blasts his clearance high and wide
48′ P. Wajoka’s well struck free kick tipped over by Tamanisau for a corner
47′ Dangerous cross from the left from Jean-Christ Wajoka headed clear by Ame Votoniu
46′ YELLOW CARD NAD Andrew Naicker cautioned for a foul on J. Wakanumune
46″ SUB NAD Half time substitution by Nadi. Munit Khrishan replaced by Luke Rawadamu
46′ We are underway with the second half between AS Magenta and Nadi FA at Auckland’s QBE Stadium. The New Caledonians lead 2-0.
HALF TIME:AS Magenta on track to secure a spot in the semis after taking a 2-0 half time lead against Nadi FA from Fiji
45′ Fourth official indicates 1 minute of added time
43′ Nadi is unable to hold possession. Dokunengo with a cross to Jelewed before Toma comes to Nadi’s rescue with a defensive block
41′ Free-kick by Khrisna towards Magenta’s box but his cross is headed clear by Mickael Tiaou
39′ GOAL!!! MAG 2-0 NAD Bill Nicholls with a brilliant solo effort. He twists and turns inside the box to go past Nadi’s defence before drilling the ball into the net
37″ A good delivery to the box from the left by P. Wajoka but Jelewed is flagged offside
36′ A long ball Jean-Brice Wadriako misses Bill Nicholls on the left
34′ Magenta building from the back before P. Wajoka’s cross from the left punched out by Tamanisau. Cedric Sansot’s rifles his shot over the bar from the follow up
33′ Munit Khrisna finds Anish Khem with a pass but the Nadi striker shoots wide
32′ Dokunengo is blocked by Toma on the left
30′ Bill Nicholls on goal but somehow he puts his close range effort over the crossbar
28′ P. Wajoka with another shot on target but his strike from the edge of the box goes straight to Tamanisau’s gloves
26′ Toma leaves the pitch temporarily to receive medical attention
25′ Magenta in total control holding possession inside Nadi’s half. Wakanumune’s cross headed clear by Toma. the Fijian defender blocks again this time from Dokunengo
23′ Good chance for Noel Kaudre but he hits the side net from right at the the edge of the box
21′ GOAL!!! MAG 1-0 NAD Pierrot Jelewed taps in from close range after Tamanisau spills the ball
20′ Magenta passing the baal un midfiled before releasing Bill Nicholls who is blocked
19′ William Vaelntine’s free kick from the left blocked by Joel Wakanumune
18′ Dokunengo receives a warningfrom the referee but no yellow card yet
17′ Magenta with possession on the left but Dokunengo misses his final pass
15′ A long ball towards Munit Khrishna misses the Nadi forward
13′ Nadi under sustained pressure. Evander Nasova blocks a cross from Dokunengo inside his box
12′ Wajoka with another good effort from a similar position. His strike forces a good save low down from Tamanisau
10′ Sansot knocks the ball back to P. Wajoka whose pwerful strike from the edge of the box is well saved by Samuela Tamanisau
9′ Sansot’s cross from the left intercepted by Mataiasi Toma
7′ Magenta starting to dominate possession in midfield
6′ P. Wajoka with a lovely delivery from the left but the cross is missed by his diving team-mates, Cedric Sansot and Noel Kaudre
3′ Magenta is passing the ball around at the back
2′ Nadi with the better start. Munit Khrishna’s free kick headed clear by Jeremy Dokunengo
1′ Early long ball towards Anish Khem blocked by Jean-Brice Wadriako
1′ Nadi with the kick off
1′ We are underway with the second game on Matchday 7 between Group C rivals AS Magenta from New Caledonia and Fiji’s Nadi FA. Magenta will become the first team to secure a spot in the semis with a win or a draw

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