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Solomon Island goalkeeper Betty Sade could be forgiven for looking as if she had just had a brush with the supernatural after Cook Islands striker Teremoana Hewett scored a contender for goal
of the tournament tonight in Apia.

Both teams knew that anything less than a win would compromise their semi-final hopes and it was the Cook Islands who drew first blood when Isabel Urirau clipped a 30 yard pass to the far post
where Hewett was poised to unleash a right foot volley high into the Solomon Islands net on 42′ minutes.

The goal was nothing less than Cook Islands deserved after carving out several opportunties that Betty Sade was called upon to deal with to keep Solomon Islands in the match. The value of Sade’s
performance was emphasised further when an awkward high ball held up outside the area leaving Cook Islands goalkeeper Heimata Heather stranded nowhere, as Layda Samani got the faintest of
touches that saw the ball roll towards the empty net.

Cook Islands defender Linda Matangaro gave hot pursuit but failed to hook the ball clear sending Solomon Islands players and dugout into a frenzy of delight. Cook Islands tried as hard as they
could to retrieve the situation with Mustonen and Hewett going close with long range shots but Betty Sade gave as good as she got and was not to be beaten as the match meandered out to a 1-1 draw.



3′ – the match is underway beneath cloudy skies in Apia, with Solomon Islands under pressure from the Cooks

6′ – corner to Cook Islands, which is cleared well by the Solomon Islands defence

9′ – Regina MUSTONEN knocks a pinpoint switching delivery to Teremoana HEWITT on the right wing, who only narrowly misses her shot across the face of goal

10′ – Cook Islands goalkeeper Heimata HEATHER is called into action for the first time, venturing outside her area to clear a Solomon Islands through-ball 

13′ – yellow card to Solomon Islands 15. Crystal ANNIE, who cynically and obviously uses her hand to control the ball when contesting possesion from a through-ball into the
Cook Islands 18 yard box

14′ – HEWITT sets off on a mazy dribble, only for her shot to be deflected away and cleared 

16′ – Teariivahine HENRY’s powerful attempt at goal is deflected for a corner, which is quickly taken for MUSTONEN to exchange short passes with HENRY, and release a swooping drive just wide of the
top corner

23′ – HEATHER saves well on consecutive occasions pinned on her line, to concede a corner from which Cook Islands regain possession

25′ – Reremoana SHERIDAN looks to be the Cooks Islands’ best avenue to goal, but is being starved of possession at present  

29′ – pacey Cook Islands striker Isabel URIRAU deceives Betty SADE in the Solomon Islands goal to create a tight one-on-one opportunity

31′ – Prudence FULA crosses for Layda SAMANI, but the Solomon Islands striker shoots over from 15 yards

31′ – a high Tekura KAIKURA cross causes problems for SADE, who double-handles and needs to dive to recover the loose ball

36′ – a low, curling Mii PIRI free kick is dealt with unconventionally by SADE, but she still manages to secure the ball on her second attempt

38′ – Brenda MASAE collapses on a HENRY shot from distance to eliminate any chance of a loose ball

42′ – GOAL!

URIRAU provides a perfect cross for 17. Teremoana HEWETT to volley home with authority at the far post




46′ – Prudence FULA is striaght on attack for the Solomon Islands, but Linda MATANGARO takes her strike to the body to force a corner

46′ – 17. Prudence FULA is booked for diving on the edge of the Cook Islands area

47′ – Cook Islands goalkeeper HEATHER uses her leg to deflect a deep cross for a corner

50′ – GOAL!

an awkward high ball holds up outside the area to leave HEATHER stranded, and MATANGARO can not hook the ball before it nestles in the net, the last touch coming off Solomon Islands 11. Layda

52′ – 11. Layda SAMANI then picks up a yellow for a tough challenge on Tupou PATIA

59′ – PIRI is caught awkwardly while contesting the ball in a crowded midfield, and leaves the field for attention on her injured knee

61′ – Solomon Islands definitely have the run of play with Cook Islands still a player down

62′ – PIRI re-enters the field, to an immediate response from her rejuvinated team mates

66′ – 7. Mii PIRI succumbs to her injury, and is replaced by 11. Melanie RAKEI

68′ – Solomon Islands have three corners in quick succession, with Cook Islands taking no chances in clearing each

71′ – MUSTONEN releases a dipping and swerving strike on goal from a free kick 40 yards out, but SADE takes the precaution of holding the fractionally wide attempt

72′ – 9. Isabel URIRAU makes way for 5. Edwina TUTU

74′ – Cook Islands’ goalscorer 17. Teremoana HEWITT is replaced by 12. Elizabeth HARMON

75′ – MUSTONEN turns sharply on the left side of the field to shoot for the far corner, but SADE rises to claim and hold the ball

76′ – Tupou PATIA wins the ball in a firm challenge on Mary BOE, beats two players but releases a through ball down the sideline with no runners alert

82′ – Crystal ANNIE and Layda SAMANI combine well to cause the Cook Islands’ left-sided defence to scramble

83′ – Solomon Islands 7. Mary BOE is replaced by 14. Janet ALUFURAI

83′ – HEATHER ventures to the top of her area well to claim a speculative high ball from deep 

84′ – FULA is through on goal for the Solomon Islands, but can not get into a position to shoot before the danger is cleared

85′ – PATIA picks up a knock and is attended to by the Cook Islands medical staff

87′ – 17. Prudence FULA is substituted for 4. Margaret BELO

— 5 minutes added time —

90’+3 – Cook Islands look to be happy with the draw, clearing the ball from their own half at every opportunity

90’+5 – Solomon Islands push to the finish, but can not break the deadlock





image courtesy of Geoff Dickinson Photography

image courtesy of Geoff Dickinson Photography

image courtesy of Geoff Dickinson Photography

image courtesy of Geoff Dickinson Photography 

image courtesy of Geoff Dickinson Photography 


Women’s Group A

Match Day 3 – 1800 – 30 August 2007

Toleafoa J.S. Blatter Football Fields – Apia – Samoa 



COOK ISLANDS: 1. Heimata HEATHER [gk]; 2. Linda MATANGARO; 4.Helen PATIA; 7. Mii PIRI (11. Melanie
RAKEI 66′); 8. Edwina MATENGA; 9. Isabel URIRAU (5. Edwina TUTU 72′); 10. Regina MUSTONEN; 13. Tekura KAUKURA; 14. Tupou PATIA; 17. Teremoana HEWETT (12. Elizabeth HARMON 74′).

Coach: Tim JERKS

Substitutes not used: 3. Opokotea MANUELA; 15. Ana TUAKEU; 16. Vaine NAPA; 20. Mareta ANGENE [gk].

Injured: None.

Suspended: None.

Not available: None.


Red cards:

Goal scorers: 17. Teremoana HEWETT (74′).




SOLOMON ISLANDS: 1. Betty SADE; 2. Audrey JACK; 3. Brenda MASAE; 5. Elise RINGI; 6. Margaret DAUDAU; 7. Mary BOE (14. Janet
ALUFURAI 83′); 8. Betty MANUU; 9. Diane JUSTUS; 11. Layda SAMANI; 15. Crystal ANNIE; 17. Prudence FULA (4. Margaret BELO 87′).

Coach: Timothy INFIRI

Substitutes not used: 12. Belinda SUSANA; 13. Samantha MAELAUA; 16. Hellen SIKWAAE; 20. Annie GELI [gk].



Not available:

Cautions: 15. Crystal ANNIE (13′); 17. Prudence FULA (46′); 11. Layda SAMANI (52′).

Red cards:

Goal scorers: 11. Layda SAMANI (50′).

Referee: Neil FOX (NZL)

Assistant Referee: Tevita MAKASINI (TON)

Assistant Referee: Collin AUVELE (SAM)

Fourth Official: Michael HESTER (NZL)

Fifth Official: Raimana TAUOTAHA (TAH)  


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