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Tahiti 2 – 0 Solomon Islands

See below for all the play-by-play action.
Starting line-ups:
Tahiti: 1. Poroni TURANA (GK), 2. Mariko IZAL, 3. Maruina TOM SING VEIN, 4. Vaimiti IOANE, 5. Angela TAIARUI, 7. Tihani TOKORAGI, 8. Maima MARMOUYET, 10. Mohea HAUATA (c), 11. Heimiri ALVAREZ, 13. Patricia YAKEULA, 14. Tiere APO
Solomon Islands: 1. Betty SADE (GK), 2. Rose GWALI (c), 3. Margeret BELO, 4. Brenda MASAE, 5. Audrey GALO, 6. Mesalyn SAEPIO, 7. Alice OLOMANE, 8. Ileem PEGI, 9. Betty MAENU’U, 11. Laydah SAMANI, 17. Vanessa INIFIRI
Referee: Anna-Marie KEIGHLEY (NZL)
Assistant referee 1: Tevita MAKASINI (TGA)
Assistant referee 2: Noel XOLAWAWA (NCL)
4th official: Andrew ACHARI
The match kicks off
4′ These opening moments have been evenly fought and it looks like we could be in for a close game
6′ Tahiti goalkeeper Poroni Turana has to race well out of her area to deal with a through ball
10′ Heimiri Alvarez has the best chance of the match so far for Tahiti when she races onto a lovely pass from Tiere Apo but can’t beat goalkeeper Betty Sade at the near post
11′ Tahiti captain Mohea Hauata tries her luck with a looping volley from the edge of the area but it never looks like going in
13′ Solomon Islands threaten for the first time through a Betty Maenu’u shot from the edge of the area that goes too high
15′ Goalkeeper Sade just beats Tahiti’s Tihani Tokoragi to a through ball
16′ Hauata seems to have a good chance to open the scoring for Tahiti but the offside flag is raised and Sade saves her shot anyway
17′ The best moment of the game so far arrives when Solomon Islands’ Laydah Samani shows good skill to create room for a shot and Turana tips it round the post
20′ Goalkeeper Turana and Samani contest for the ball just outside the area but the offside flag goes up once again
24′ Mesalyn Saepio swivels on the edge of the Tahiti box and shoots but her effort goes wide
27′ Hauata tries to get Tahiti on the scoreboard with a free kick from wide on the left but the attempt fails to find the target
29′ Maenu’u has a great chance to score for Solomon Islands but Turana bravely blocks her shot from close range
30′ Turana is hurt in the challenge and play is held up while she receives treatment
33′ The sides appear closely matched and this game could easily go either way
36′ YELLOW CARD: Mariko Izal is cautioned for Tahiti
39′ Izal goes down injured and play is held up while she receives treatment
41′ Ileem Pegi breaks down the right for Solomon Islands and shoots but doesn’t make a clean connection and the ball rolls out for a goal kick
43′ Tihani Tokoragi is tripped at the far post by Margaret Belo and referee Anna-Marie Keighley points to the spot for a penalty
45′ GOAL!!! Tahiti 1 – Solomon Islands 0: Captain Hauata coolly dispatches the spot kick past Sade to give Tahiti the lead on the stroke of half-time
45′ Two minutes of injury time will be played
The first half comes to an end
The second half kicks off
46′ SUBSTITUTION: Vaimiti Ioane is replaced by Ninauea Hioe for Tahiti
46′ YELLOW CARD: Laydah Samani is cautioned for Solomon Islands
53′ There have been no chances in the opening stages of this second period as the close nature of the match continues
58′ RED CARD: Mariko Izal is sent from the field after committing a second bookable offence
60′ SUBSTITUTION: Vanessa Inifiri is replaced by Prudence Fula
63′ SUBSTITUTION: Tiere Apo is replaced by Adriana Frelin for Tahiti
64′ GOAL!!! Tahiti 2 – Solomon Islands 0: Hauata leads by exampled again as she finds the net with a spectacular effort from just outside the box
67′ SUBSTITUTION: Margaret Belo is replaced by Cathy Aihunu for Solomon Islands
69′ Solomon Islands are going to find it hard to get back into the game not that they are two goals down and must start making use of their numerical advantage
73′ Tahiti have a free kick in a good position on the right but Hauata hits her effort straight at goalkeeper Sade
74′ Substitute Ninauea Hioe curls a speculative effort just over the bar for Tahiti
75′ SUBSTITUTION: Ileem Pegi is replaced by Crystal Bwakolo for Solomon Islands
77′ Solomon Islands’ Laydah Samani suffers a head injury and has to leave the field to receive treatment
78′ Samani comes back on and appears to have recovered
81′ Now it is Tahiti captain Hauata who has to go off and receive treatment for an injury
82′ YELLOW CARD: Mesalyn Saepio is cautioned for Solomon Islands
86′ SUBSTITUTION: Maima Marmouyet is replaced by Mataha Faura for Tahiti
90′ Three minutes of injury time will be played
90′ + 1′ Solomon Islands are pressing forward but look set for their second loss of the tournament
The final whistle is blown

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