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Auckland City 5-0 Tefana

Two-time champions Auckland are assured of top spot in Group A and will progress to April’s two-legged final. In the other Group B game Waitakere United have beaten 2-1 AS Magenta.
Auckland City vs Tefana Summary Click Here
See below the play-by-play action:
Auckland City: 12. Liam LITTLE [GK], 2. Angel BERLANGA, 3. Ian HOGG, 6. Stuart KELLY, 7. James PRITCHETT, 10. Luis CORRALES, 11. Daniel KOPRIVCIC, 15. Ivan VICELICH (C), 16. Albert VIDAL, 20. Riki VAN STEEDEN, 22. Andrew MILNE.
Coaches: Aaron McFARLAND and Ramon TRIBULIETX
Tefana: 23. Xavier SAMIN [GK], 3. Pierre KUGOGNE, 6. Heimano BOUREBARE, 7. Taufa NEUFFER, 9. Kenny NUI, 11. Jean Claude CHANG KOEI CHANG, 13. James LEOU, 15. Lorenzo TEHAU, 16. Sebastien LABAYEN (C), 20. Axel WILLIAMS, 21. Angelo TCHEN.
Coach: Laurent HEINIS
The match kicks off.
4′ Corner kick for Tefana. The defense kicks the ball away.
9′ Ian Hogg crosses from inside the box but Chang Koei Chang puts the ball in corner.
10′ Corrales shoots from inside the box but his shot hits the post.
12′ Lorenzo Tehau shoots from the edge of the box but misses the target.
13′ Yellow card Heimano Bourebare is cautionned.
15′ Sebastien Labayen shoots from the edge of the box but misses the target.
16′ The free kick for Tefana comes to nothing and the defense puts the danger away.
23′ The free kick for Auckland comes to nothing as the defense kicks the ball away.
26′ A deep pass from Corales to Andrew Milne and Xavier Samin intercepts the ball but Albert Vidal follows and shoots but the defender comes back to save and kicks the ball away.
28′ GOAL !!! Auckland City FC 1-0 AS Tefana After a corner kick from Stuart Kelly, Ivan Vicelich scores a header .
38′ Yellow card Jean Claude Chang Koei Chang is cautionned.
44′ GOAL !!! Auckland City 2-0 AS Tefana Daniel Koprivcic scores.
45+1′ Axel Williams shoots but Little catches the ball.
The referee whistles the end of the first half.
The second half kicks off.
50′ Cross from Corrales and Andrew Milne tackles but misses the ball.
52′ Corner kick for Tefana, nothing comes as Little catches the ball.
53′ Substitution Ivan Vicelich off, Sam Campbell in for Auckland City.
57′ Vidal passes for Milne who shoots but misses the target.
59′ GOAL !!! Auckland City FC 3-0 AS Tefana Milne scores.
59′ Substitution James Pritchett off, Adam Thomas in for Auckland City.
64′ Substitution Pierre Kugogne is replaced by Stephane Faatiarau and Lorenzo Tehau is replaced by Alvin Tehau for AS Tefana.
68′ Yellow card Taufa Neuffer is cautionned.
69′ Substitution Axel Williams is replaced by Roihau Degage for AS Tefana.
70′ Substitution Stuart Kelly is replaced by Aaron Bawdekar for Auckland City.
74′ Corrales shoots from the edge of the box but misses the target.
76′ Vidal is in the box and takes a shot but misses the target.
78′ Ian Hogg shoots but misses the target.
80′ Andrew Milne shoots but the keeper does a good save.
85′ Yellow card Roihau Degage is cautionned.
90′ Yellow card Stephane Faatiarau is cautionned fo a tackle on Ian Hogg from behind in the box and the referee whistles a penalty.
90′ GOAL !!! Auckland City FC 4-0 AS Tefana Ian Hogg scores a penalty.
4 min added time.
90+1′ GOAL !!! Auckland City 5-0 AS Tefana Koprivcic scores.
The referee whistles the end of the game.

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