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Nerves ever-present for Tribulietx

“It is very special because you know what you’re playing for,” the Barcelona native says.
“For an opportunity to play in the biggest competition, club competition, in the world.”
Tribulietx says the fact that he and his squad have been there and done that all before doesn’t make them want it any less.
“We know what it takes, but there’s another team with the same ideas in their heads. That makes this final the biggest one of the year.”
Knowing what it takes is one thing, experiencing it first hand is another.
And Tribulietx says despite all his experience it does not get any easier.
“I’m feeling it,” he states plainly.
“Before the game I’m feeling it, there’s a few nerves in there and maybe you get more of an understanding of those nerves over time, but they are always there.
“That’s how it goes, there’s a lot of tension in there and I feel responsible for this. My body and my mind both feel it at the same time.”
Despite the nerves, the pressure and heavy weight of expectation, Tribulietx wouldn’t have it any other way.
“I definitely still enjoy it. It’s my passion.”
Auckland City will face Team Wellington in the 2016 OFC Champions League final at QBE Stadium in Auckland, New Zealand on Saturday at 2pm.

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