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The unmistakable sound of the conch signals it is time to begin the proceedings.

The official party – headed by Vanuatu Prime Minister the Honorable Ham Lini, Oceania Football Confederation President Mr. Reynald Temarii, and Vanuatu Football Federation President Mr. Johnny Tinsley Lulu – begin the celebrations for the inauguration of the FIFA Goal Project in Port Vila.

The Ni-Vanuatu warriors welcome officials into the 23-acre grounds of the new VFF National Football Academy and Headquarters, hundreds of Vanuatu’s football family enter too, all eager to inspect the facility and join in the festivities.

The guests settle in for the various official speeches and formalities, before Mr. Temarii cuts the ribbon and hands the keys to the new facility to the Honorable Ham Lini to open the doors to the new academy.

As the door creaks open, hundreds of children flood out with huge smiles and footballs in hand, symbolizing the future of the game in Vanuatu who will benefit from this complex.

Open for inspection was the administration block, the new headquarters for VFF, featuring offices for VFF technical director, Futsal director, Women’s football director and referee director along with the general administration.

The conference room complete with projectors, screens and direct input computer access for direct on screen power point presentations, DVD, VCD and Video display inputs plus white-board and adjacent toilets and showers.

Outside, the area for the international pitch is marked out, along with dormitory accommodation for up to 30 players. When complete the administration complex will allow for an internal area for recreation including a swimming pool.

With a pitch already complete and ready for use, the children spilled out onto the field while the official ceremony continued.

as outlined above accommodation facilities are incomplete but Mr. Lulu takes an opportunity to make a special announcement, the President of OFC Mr. Temarii has pledged his Executive Allowance to fund the completion of the dormitory, and construction will begin in early 2006.

Already planned for the future are two futsal courts and a beach football court as Vanuatu prepare to spearhead the Oceania assault on world football.

And VFF are focused on holistic develop as plans are in place to include a primary and secondary school and training grounds for other sports in the future.

In the meantime, the cream of Vanuatu’s male and female talent takes the field to display their already well-documented talents as a new generation of stars begin to reap the benefits of a fantastic facility.

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