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New Zealand 12. Elias BILLEH (GK), 7. Marvin EAKINS (C), 8. Daniel BURNS,10. Dylan MANICKUM, 13. Miroslav MALIVUK
Substitutes: 1. Ata ELAYYAN (GK), 2. Luc SAKER, 3. Tai BARHAM, 4. Stephen ASHBY-PECKHAM, 5. James VAUGHAN, 6. Kareem OSMAN, 9. Jakub SINKORA, 11. Lucas CORDEIRO OSORIO DA SILVA, 14. Brayden LISSINGTON
Coach: Scott GILLIGAN (AUS)
New Caledonia: 1. Ronan EUZEN (GK), 3. Jean Michel Denis POADAE, 7. Ludovic BOIT, 9. Franck GELLENONCOURT, 10. Malik PAULET
Substitutes: 2. Mainon KAOUWI, 4. Christ Roland PEI, 5. Ivann POUROURORO, 6. Maurice HAMU, 8. Loic CAUNES, 11. Jess POUARAIROUA, 12. Marcel PABOU, 13. Jone Ridge UE, 16. Arnaud LLAMBRICH (GK)
Coach: William BRET (FRA)
Referee 1: Rex KAMUSU (SOL)
Referee 2: Jainut DEAN (FIJ)
Third Official: Amitesh BEHARI (FIJ)
Timekeeper: Aten KUMAR (FIJ)
FULL-TIME: New Zealand 4-1 New Caledonia
0’27’ Well blocked by ELAYYAN as HAMU flashes in a shot
1’01’ BURNS can’t hit SAKER with his pass
1’11 BARHAM has gone off injured
1’41’ New Caledonia power play and when ELAYYAN tries to go for goal is well off target
2’01’ New Caledonia win a corner
2’22’ Shot comes from SAKER but Arnaud LLAMBRICH and PAULET do well to stop it
2’32’ BARHAM’s shot is blocked
2’56’ New Zealand putting the pressure on and win a free kick
3”33′ BOIT whacks a shot in and ELAYYAN palms it up and has to get under to claim
4’02” New Caledonia counter attack but ELAYYAN does well to punch clear on the fly
4’53’ GOAL!! NZL 4-1 NCL James VAUGHAN finishes off the rebound from an earlier blocked effort
5’32’ Out by HAMU as New Zealand build their attack
6’19’ POUARAIROUA has a go but sedns it wide
6’35’ DA SILVA intercepts a pass from EUZEN and tries to drop the ball in behind the keeper
7’58’ Some good goalkeeping from ELAYYAN to prevent two shots from PAULET from passing
8’19’ LISSINGTON has a chance to shoot, but his wind up is too lengthy giving Marcel PABOU time to clear
8’23’ The ball rolls under LISSINGTON’s foot
9’03’ BURNS’ shot is blocked for another corner by POUROUORO
9’54’ POADAE has a chance but spends too long trying togoaround and loses his chance at a clean shot
10’18’ EAKINS is taken out by GELLENCOURT and New Zealand go back to Ata ELAYYAN
10’26’ Open goal but POADAE somehow managed to put out
11’23’ Good work up from New Caledonia but unfortunately the final pass from GELLENCOURT isn’t great
12’20’ KAOUWI can’t keep the ball in and New Zealand win easy possession
12’54’ Great save by EUZEN to deny MALIVUK and OSMAN coming in behind
13’42’ MALIVUK wins after Malick PAULET’s shot is blocked but runs the ball out of play
13’49’ YELLOW CARD NCL Mainon KAOUWI is cautioned for a challenge on MALIVUK
14’10’ SAKER gets handsy with KAOUWI who doesn’t like it, fortunately the ref has noticed
14’39’ DA SILVA is taken out in a challenge and it’s New Zealand’s ball
15’21’ DA SILVA can’t keep the pass from OSMAN in play
16’41’ POADAE chests the ball down but slides down the court
17’01’ Free kick for New Caledonia after POUROUORO is taken out
20’00’ Play resumes for the seond half
HALF-TIME: New Zealand 3-1 New Caledonia
0’21’ New Zealand looking more together at the moment than they have all match
0’55’ GOAL!!! NZL 3-1 NCL Daniel BURNS rounds EUZEN and slots home
1’17’ BURNS has his shot blocked and BILLEH has to race to the half mark to clear
2’04’ Christ Roland PEI has a shot but it’s pushed clear
3’18’ GELLENCOURT has a go but it’s blocked
4’21’ GOAL!!! NZL 2-1 NCL Brayden LISSINGTON hooks the ball into the net
4’48’ Maurice HAMU takes a touch and unleashes but it is a well off-target effort
5’25’ BOIT wins off SAKER and goes solo but again BILLEH makes the stop
5’56’ POADAE smashes down the centre but BILLEH punches over the top
6’23’ Good idea but not a clean hit from POUROUORO
7’20’ GOAL!! NZL 1-1 NCL Micky MALIVUK finishes after a few loose shots bounce around
7’54’ BOIT has a toe-poke around MANICKUM and just misses the top right corner
8’24’ POUROUORO breaks but can’t finish as BILLEH comes to challenge
9’16’ CAUNES tries to chip the defender to find KAOUWI but it’s over his head
10’56’ GELLENCOURT wasteful with possession as he plays right to BURNS
11’30’ Well defended by Tai BARHAM as POUROUORO launches an attack
12’22’ Luc SAKER and Mainon KAOUWI exchange possession, the Caledonian gets the last touch and fires off a shot but BILLEH deals well
12’02’ Loic CAUNES volleys into the bleachers
13’28’ Franck GELLENCOURT plays into the area for BOIT who slides the ball into BILLEH
13’56’ BOIT smashes a free kick straight at BILLEH who throws upfield
14’23’ POUARAIROUA has a shot blocked off the goal line
15’07’ LISSINGTON has a crack on the turn but doesn’t pull it enough to the left
15’20’ Brayden LISSINGTON’s pass to Kareem OSMAN is a little loose
15’44 Jean Michel Denis POADAE right on the back of Stephen ASHBY-PECKHAM
15’57’ MANICKUM can’t get a shot off and New Caledonia steal up the court but BOIT can’t quite get a sliding touch to the cross
16’46’ New Caledonia under pressure as New Zealand pepper the shots in but so far they’re being kept at bay
16’54’ EUZEN off his line to put out for a corner as Marvin EAKINS preses up
17’37’ Daniel BURNS goes over and Ronan EUZEN saves two shots before sending his team on the counter
18’03’ Jess POUARAIROUA wins at the back and plays a ball through to Ivann POUROUORO who is taken down by Dylan MANICKUM
19’22’ GOAL!!! NZL 0-1 NCL Ludovic BOIT breaks free and slots past Elias BILLEH
20’00’ Underway

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