WEL 4 -0 HEK

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Team Wellington:1. Scott BASALAJ (GK), 3. Steven GULLEY, 4. Anthony HOBBS, 5. Bill ROBERTSON (c), 7. Leonardo VILLA, 9. Tom JACKSON, 10. Luis CORRALES, 11. Mario BARCIA, 13. Alex FENERIDIS, 16. Ben HARRIS, 17. Fergus NEIL
Substitutes: 2. Taylor HOUGH, 12. Andy BEVIN, 14. William SCOTT, 15. Mark JONES, 18. Saul HALPIN, 19. Conor McGLINCHEY, 21. Taylor SCHRIJVERS, 22. Alex CARR (GK)
Suspended: 6. Chris BALE
Absent: 8. Cole PEVERLEY, 20. Michael GWYTHER, 23. Michael O’KEEFFE (GK)

Coach: Matt CALCOTT (NZL)
Hekari United: 20. Ismael POLE (GK), 2. Daniel JOE, 5. Remueru TEKIATE, 6. Pita BOLATOGA, 12. David MUTA (c), 13. Tommy SEMMY, 14. Emmanuel SIMON, 17. Wira WAMA, 19. Koriak UPAIGA, 23. Joses NAWO, 27. Gagame FENI
Substitutes: 1. Leslie KALAI (GK), 3. Otto KUSUNAN, 7. John ALICK, 8. Papalau AWELE, 9. Karo ILA, 10. Tutizama TANITO, 11. Elkington MOLIVAKARUA, 16. Jeremy YASASA, 21. Barry MANSALE, 24. Mathias IANI, 25. Felix KOMOLONG
Coach: Jerry ALLEN (SOL)
Match Officials
Referee: Salesh CHAND (FIJ)
Assistant Referee 1: Tevita MAKASINI (TGA)
Assistant Referee 2: Bernard MUTUKERA (SOL)
Fourth Official: Robinson BANGA (VAN)
FULL TIME: Team Wellington 4 – 0 Hekari United
90’+3′ Substitute HALPIN tries to add to Wellington’s lead but his effort from just outside the area bounces wide
90′ Three minutes of additional time will be played
90′ Andrew BEVIN finds his fellow Wellington substitute Mark JONES with a cross to the far post but the winger can’t get his header on target
85′ SUB HEK: Tommy SEMMY is replaced by Otto KUSUNAN for Hekari
83′ SUB WEL: The impressive Leonardo VILLA is replaced by Saul HALPIN for Wellington
80′ Hekari striker SEMMY lifts an effort onto the roof of the Wellington net
78′ It’s end-to-end stuff as JACKSON cuts onto his right foot and hits the side netting for Wellington
77′ A loose ball breaks to Hekari captain David MUTA on the edge of the area but his volley fizzes wide
76′ YELLOW CARD: Steven GULLEY goes into the book for Wellington
74′ POLE spills the ball at the feet of JACKSON but is bailed out by his defence as the ball is cleared before Wellington can force it over the line
74′ Hekari goalkeeper POLE is called into action to tip a Anthony HOBBS header over the bar
72′ Another substitute has a chance for Hekari but this is a much harder one, KOMOLONG not able to get over a corner and put his header on target
71′ The name of Hekari substitute MANSALE is almost up in lights when a deep cross reaches him but he blazes his effort over the bar
67′ SUB HEK: Hekari make another change, Emmanuel SIMON coming off for Barry MANSALE
65′ SUB HEK: Daniel JOE is replaced by Felix KOMOLONG for Hekari
63′ SUB WEL: Goalscorer CORRALES is replaced by Andrew BEVIN for Wellington
63′ Team Wellington 4 – 0 Hekari United: It’s game, set and match for Wellington now as a Luis CORRALES effort from the edge of the area finds its way in via a deflection
61′ YELLOW CARD: Pita BOLATOGA goes into the book for Hekari
60′ FENI again breaks down the right but blasts his effort high and wide of the Wellington goal
59′ Gagame FENI shows good skill to create room for himself near the byline but BASALAJ blocks his cross-come-shot
58′ Hekari try to get back into the game through SEMMY but he puts his effort a metre wide of the far post
55′ GOAL!!! Team Wellington 3 – 0 Hekari United: A set piece proves Hekari’s undoing again as another excellent corner from Leonardo VILLA causes problems, Tom JACKSON seems to be claiming the final touch but it may well have come off a Hekari player
52′ Alex FENERIDIS chests the ball down in the box and finds Luis CORRALES but he can’t get his snap shot on target
50′ As they did in the first half, Hekari have begun well and Wellington will need to weather this storm
49′ SEMMY finds room for a shot in the box after good interplay from Hekari but his effort goes straight to keeper Scott BASALAJ
47′ Hekari have the ball in the net when Tommy SEMMY turns it home from close range but the linesman’s flag is raised so the goal is ruled out
46′ SUB WEL: Wellington have made a change at the break, the injured Ben HARRIS being replaced by Mark JONES
46′ We’re off and running again here as Hekari look to keep their hopes of Champions League glory alive by getting back into the game
HALF TIME: Team Wellington 2 – 0 Hekari United
45′ One minute of additional time will be played
43′ Luis CORRALES hits a volley from the edge of the Hekari box but it goes straight to keeper POLE
39′ ROBERTSON nearly has a hat-trick as Hekari again fail to deal with a VILLA corner and the Wellington captain volleys over the bar
37′ Team Wellington 2 – 0 Hekari United: Wellington extend their lead when goalkeeper Ismael POLE palms a ROBERTSON header but it goes straight back to the defender and he loops his second header into the net
35′ Gagame FENI bends the free kick towards goal but it goes straight into the arms of BASALAJ
34′ YELLOW CARD: ROBERTSON is cautioned for Wellington, giving Hekari a free kick in a handy position
32′ Hekari nearly equalise when Tommy SEMMY flicks the ball goalwards from close range but BASALAJ makes a smart save at his near post
30′ Striker HARRIS is back on the field but appears to still be in plenty of discomfort
30′ SIMON connects well with a shot from the edge of the Wellington area but skipper ROBERTSON throws himself in front of the ball to block the effort
29′ Ben HARRIS was the victim of that challenge from TEKIATE and has to leave the field to receive treatment
27′ YELLOW CARD: Hekari defender Remueru TEKIATE is cautioned after a late tackle
24′ Gagame FENI cuts onto his right foot in the Wellington box but slices his effort across the face of goal
23′ A Wellington corner causes problems for Hekari and ROBERTSON heads it on to JACKSON, whose own headers goes over the bar
21′ GOAL!!! Team Wellington 1 – 0 Hekari United: Wellington take the lead after laying siege to the Hekari goal, JACKSON firing a low cross into the box that captain ROBERTSON turns into the top corner
19′ A long throw from JACKSON finds the head of Bill ROBERTSON in the Hekari area and he flicks it on to find CORRALES at the far post but the pint-sized striker is offside
19′ Wellington appear to have weathered that early storm from Hekari and are now pressing forward themselves
17′ Leonardo VILLA dinks a ball into the Hekari area and Mario BARCIA tries to get on the end of it but can’t bring it down
14′ Ben HARRIS nearly gets in behind the Hekari defence but is denied by the offside flag
12′ Emmanuel SIMON shoots at the Wellington goal from outside the area but BASALAJ makes a comfortable save
11′ Tom JACKSON tries to pick out Luis CORRALES with a through ball for Wellington but it is cut out
7′ Hekari have began this match very brightly, spending much of the opening minutes in Wellington’s half
6′ Remueru TEKIATE heads a Hekari corner over the bar
5′ As you’d expect with so much riding on it, this match has began with real intensity and at a high tempo
3′ Tommy SEMMY has a half chance for Hekari but his volley is blocked by the Wellington defence
1′ Hekari go straight onto the break and Wira WAMA snaps off a low shot from inside the area that Wellington goalkeeper Scott Basalaj does well to hold onto
1′ The temperature has dropped in Auckland and it is now a chilly afternoon, much more suited to the Wellington players than their Hekari counter
parts from hot and humid Papua New Guinea
1′ We’re underway here at QBE Stadium in this all-important final match of Group B

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