Tahiti 4-4 New Caledonia

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The starting line-ups are as follows:
Tahiti 1. Hauarii HIOE (GK), 2. Steeven TINO, 4. Junior CAO, 5. Jacob TUTAVAE (c), 9. Anderson TINO
Substitutes: 3. Steeve WONG, 6. Alexis TOOFA, 7. Gabriel KAVERA, 8. Teivarii KAIHA, 10. Teaonui TEHAU, 12. Smith TINO, 17. Gerard TETAUIRA (GK)
Coach: Heitapu HUNTER (TAH)
New Caledonia 1. Ronan EUZEN (GK), 4. Ivan POUROURORO (c), 7. Romain GUITTON, 8. Anderson PAULIN, 3. Jess POUARAIROUA
Substitutes: 5. Loic CAUNES, 6. Mainon KAOUWI, 9. Ivannoe BAMY, 10. Ludovic BOIT, 11. Malick PAULET, 2. Eric SAIHULIWA, 20. Ronald GAYON
Coach: William BRETT
Match officials:
Referee: Francis RONI [SOL]
Second Referee: Philip MANA [SOL]
Third Referee: Chris SINCLAIR [NZL]
Timekeeper: Love Lui MALENARAVE [VAN]
0′ 01′ He sends it over the goal
0′ 02′ Anderson Tino in behind
0′ 02′ YELLOW CARD Ludovic Boit is cautioned
0′ 02′ 10m penalty for Tahiti
0′ 30′ Great save at the near post by Tetauira
0′ 35′ New Caledonia’s kick-in
0′ 42′ Amazing save from Gayon on an Anderson Tino shot
1′ 20′ Smith Tino sends in a lob, Steeve Tino gets under it but sends his effort off target
1′ 38′ Hioe is helped off the field and Apera Tetauira enters the field of play
1′ 38′ Hioe is down and requires treatment forcing a pause in proceedings
1′ 50′ Solo run through the middle by Caunes but he shoots straight at Hioe

3′ 14′ What a miss – near open goal from close range but Bamy can’t finish
3′ 28′ Tehau with a shot blocked at the other end
4′ 11′ GOAL!!! Tahiti 4-4 New Caledonia The captain makes no mistakes with a unstoppable low drive rattling the net
4′ 13′ More dancing from Hioe as he looks to put off Pourouoro
4′ 13′ 10m penalty for New Caledonia as Tahiti has reached their foul limit
4′ 34′ A scissor effort from Bamy is electric but doen’t go in
5′ 08′ More individual brilliance from Smith Tino who delivers a great cross but substitute keeper Ronald Gayon blocks
5′ 12′ Time out
5′ 20′ Another shot from Tahiti, this time it’s Steeve Tino who sends just over
6′ 08′ GOAL!!! Tahiti 4-3 New Caledonia Unlucky for the always sturdy Euzen as Alexis TOOFA’s shot deflects off his foot and up into the roof of the net
6′ 51′ GOAL!!! Tahiti 3-3 New Caledonia Outstanding individual goal as Smith TINO goes past two men on the left flank and slams home
7′ 10′ New Caleodnia want to put this game to bed, but their shots aren’t hitting the target
7′ 32′ Almost an own goal as Pourouoro deflects back to his keeper Euzen
8′ 27′ 10m penalty for New Caledonia blasted by Boit past a dancing Hioe but it’s wide
8′ 27′ YELLOW CARD Anderson Tino is cautioned for Tahiti
8′ 50′ Pourouroro does well to steal off the foot of Anderson Tino
9′ 41’Excellent steal by Bamy but an equally excellent save by Hioe
10′ 25′ Two defenders are need to shut down an advance from Anderson Tino
10′ 51′ Great run from Smith Tino up the middle but he pulls back and it’s cleared into the stands by Boit
11′ 59′ Great speed up the right from Bamy who crosses to Paulin who touches it wide
12′ 22′ Long ball over the Tahiti defence is saved by a sliding Hioe
12′ 41′ Heavy sliding challenge from Guitton on Smith Tino
12′ 52′ Time out
13′ 02′ GOAL!!! Tahiti 2-3 New Caleodonia New Caledonia race to a 3v1 and Anderson PAULIN converts past Hioe
13′ 10′ Shot from Smith Tino is deflected over the goal mouth
13′ 52′ Steeven Tino is knocked down and Tahiti have a free kick – Anderson Tino smashes low but just outside the goal
14′ 23′ Quick counter from Poarairoua that is deflected for a corner
14′ 48′ Great intercept by Boit but his touch is too heavy
15′ 25′ Anderson Tino fair whallops it into the foot of Paulin as he shoots from distance
15′ 53′ Anderson Tino with an advance but the attack is held off by the hosts
16′ 25′ YELLOW CARD Gaby Kavera is cautioned for a rough challenge
17′ 10′ Two efforts from Alexis Toofa blocked in quick succession and he races back to deny Saisuliwa
17′ 38′ Great build-up from Tahiti, comes over to Tehau who slides it just wide of the post
18′ 15′ Saihuliwa tries his chances but hits the stand
18′ 35′ GOAL!!! Tahiti 2-2 New Caledonia Romain GUITTON scores the equaliser for New Caledonia
19′ 05′ Hoie off his line to deny Paulin’s advance
19′ 43′ Low hard drive from Tehau is touched wide off the foot of Euzen
Back underway at Arene du Sud
STATISTICS: Tahiti had 10 shots on, 4 off and scored 2 goals. New Caledonia had 7 shots on, 4 off and scored 1 goal
The first half comes to an end
0′ 13′ New Caledonia go 3v1 but poor passing really lets them down
0′ 45′ Guitton can’t get on the end of a great through ball from his captain Pourouoro
0′ 52′ Sent over the target by Kaiha
0′ 53′ Free kick for Tahiti after Paulet brings down Tehau
1′ 14′ Great block from Caunes who has Tehau breathing down his neck
1′ 33′ Lifted over the crowd by Malik Paulet and Hioe lets it run long
1′ 49′ Anderson Tino given a verbal warning by the ref after a tussle with Ivannoe Bamy
2′ 08′ Back underway and New Caledonia reinvigorated
2′ 09′ Another time out with the clock running down
2′ 32′ GOAL!!! Tahiti 2-1 New Caledonia Eric SAIHULIWA perseveres and is rewarded with the ultimate prize
2′ 42′ Counter attack for Tahiti and Anderson Tino shoots at the near post but it’s covered by Euzen
2′ 57′ New Caledonia trying to create but no luck so far
3′ 27′ New Caledonia restart from deep in their half
3′ 38′ Time out called
3′ 57′ Cries of a foul from New Caledonia as Hioe comes out to block Pourouoro but nothing called by the referee
3′ 58′ GOAL!!! Tahiti 2-0 New Caledonia The cross from Steeven Tino flies across the goal to the back post where Gaby KAVERA is waiting to fire in
4′ 16′ Tutavae gives it a go from half way but it’s blocked
4′ 24′ Tahiti go 2v1 but can’t convert their chance as New Caledonia race back
4′ 53′ Smith Tino with a shot that rebounds back into play off the crossbar
5′ 56′ Teivarii Kaiha breaks and Tahiti are back in control
6′ 21′ Over the top effort from Boit after some great build-up by the hosts
7′ 10′ Long from Pourouoro who finds the head of Poarairoua but Hoie quick off his line to capture
7′ 47′ Guitton tries a volley but it’s well over the top
9′ 04′ Loic Coines with a low drive off the left but Hioe has his near post well covered
9′ 57′ Shot from Saihuliwa is sent into the stands
10′ 00′ Ludovic Boit shoots but it’s deflected for a corner
10′ 20′ Teanoui Tehau with a shot that absolutely rattles the woodwork
11′ 32′ A powerful smash from Anderson Tino hits Euzen right in the stomach
11′ 57′ Tahiti get very lucky as Ivann Pourouoro breaks up the right passes in and the shot from Paulin is blocked by Hioe before the rebound is smashed in from Romain Guitton blocked this time by Tutavae
12′ 13′ Gaby Kavera is brought doen by a lazy Poarairoua foot
13′ 01′ A blast from Jess Poarairoua and Hauarii Hioe is forced to make a diving save
14′ 08′ Eric Saihuliwa takes a tumble and Caledonie take a free kick
15′ 21′ GOAL!!! Tahiti 1-0 New Caledonia An error on offense by the hosts and Tahiti go 3v2, the ball goes wide to Smith Tino who makes no mistakes
15′ 55′ Jess Poarairoua can’t keep the ball on his foot and it rolls to touch
16′ 29′ All hands on deck as Tahiti win a corner, shot comes from Smith Tino but it’s over
16′ 46′ The pace isn’t as frenetic as Tahiti’s encounter with Vanuatu last night as they are given plenty of time on the ball by the
ir opponents
17′ 38′ Great one-two between Anderson Tino and Jacob Tutavae before the former shoots low, great save from Euzen to deny
18′ 14′ Steeven Tino does well to keep the ball in play on the touchline for Tahiti
19′ 08′ New Caledonia keeper Ronan Euzen gets into the game with a shout as he drops low to collect
19′ 33′ A shot from New Caledonia’s Anderson Paulin is headed clear
19′ 54′ Tahiti take the kick off as the Francophone derby begins in New Caledonia
The match gets underway

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