Pirae 2-1 Auckland City

See below the play-by-play action.
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The match kicks off.
1′ Free kick for Pirae taken by VAHIRUA but he doesn’t find the target.
2′ Corner for Pirae but WILLIAMS (AKL) boxes the ball away.
4′ GOAL! Pirae 1-0 Auckland City TEPA opens the scoring for the Tahiti’s champions.
5′ Free kick for Auckland City taken by TADE but Pirae’s goalkeeper TOROHIA pushes the ball away.
7′ Another corner kick for Pirae but the Auckland City’s defense clears the ball away.
15′ TAIARUI and KIM are injured after a contact but the players come back after some treatment.
18′ TADE’s shot (AKL) is off target
23′ Good collective work from Pirae but Auckland City manage to stop the action.
23′ IRVING’s free kick (AKL) is off target.
24′ Another free kick for Auckland City but TOROHIA saves.
27′ MILNE’s free kick (AKL) is off target.
28′ Pirae’s defense clears the danger.
30′ YELLOW CARD Andrew MILNE is cautioned for Auckland City.
32′ LI FUNG KUEE’s corner kick finds the WILLIAMS’s (AKL) gloves.
33′ PARKER’s (PIR) shot is off target.
37′ TADE’s (AKL) corner goes above the crossbar.
37′ VAHIRUA’s (PIRA) volley is off target.
40′ GOAL! Pirae 2-0 Auckland City Naea Bennett scores for Pirae.
42′ TADE’s (AKL) free kick is cleared by the defense.
45′ GOAL! Pirae 2-1 Auckland City MOREIRA scores for Auckland City.
HALF-TIME Pirae 2-1 Auckland City (Auckland City lead 4-2 on aggregate)
The second half kicks off.
49′ VAHIRUA’s (PIR) free kick finds WILLIAMS’s (AKL) gloves.
51′ LI FUNG KUEE’s header (PIR) is off target.
52′ YELLOW CARD sam BURFOOT is cautioned for Auckland City.
53′ SUBSTITUTION Sam BURFOOT is replaced by Sean MORRIS for Auckland City.
54′ YELLOW CARD Darren WHITE is cautioned for Auckland City.
56′ YELLOW CARD Dae Wook KIM is cautioned for Auckland City.
63′ SUBSTITUTION PAEZ is replaced by K.WARREN for Pirae.
66′ VAHIRUA’s (PIR) free kick goes over the crossbar.
67′ YELLOW CARD VAHIRUA is cautioned for Pirae.
71′ MORRIS’s (AKL) free kick is off target.
76′ SUBSTITUTION PARKER is replaced by LABASTE for Pirae.
80′ Great save from TOROHIA (PIR).
81′ KIM’s (AKL) header is off target.
82′ VAHIRUA’s corner kick is cleared by defense.
82′ SUBSTITUTIONS Joao MOREIRA is replaced by Takuya IWATA for Auckland City.
85′ LI FUNG KUEE’s (PIR) shot goes just over the crossbar.
84′ YELLOW CARD WHITE is cautioned for Auckland City
84′ RED CARD WHITE is sent off for Auckland City.
87′ SUBSTITUTION De VRIES is replaced by BROWNE for Auckland City.
90′ 4min of additional time to be played
90+1′ TEPA scores for Pirae but he is caught offiside
90+4′ The referee whistles the end of the game.
FINAL SCORE Pirae 2-1 Auckland City.

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