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Singapore U-23 0 – 3 Busaiteen

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Singapore U-23: 1. Syazwan BUHARI [GK], 2. Ali HUDZAIFI, 4. Farhan RAHMAT, 9. Stanely NG, 12. Suria PRAKASH, 13. Faris AZIENUDDIN, 16. Nur NAIIM, 17. Fadli KAMIS, 19. Afiq NOOR, 20. Shamil SHARIF, 23. Amy RECHA
Substitutes: 18. Rudy KHAIRULLAH [GK], 3. Nur RIDHO, 6. Shameer AZIQ, 8. Adam SWANDI, 10. Sim TECK YI, 11. Daniel SHAFIQ, 15. Ammirul EMMRAN, 21. Taufiq MUQMININ, 22. Nur HIZAMI,
Coach: Subrami SHUNMUGHAM [SIN]
Busaiteen: 22. Husain HARAM [GK], 3. Juliano DE PAULA, 4. Abdulla BUDHAISH, 5. Mohamed SULTAN, 6. Abdelkarim KOUSSI, 8. Hesham NAYEM, 9. Mohamed AJAJ, 14. Abdulla ALAJMI, 16. Mohamed ALQALLAF, 19. Mujtaba MALEK, 25. Eliel CRUZ
Substitutes: 1. Mahmood SHARIF [GK], 12. Hesam ALMANNAE [GK], 11. Abdulraham ALDOSSARI, 17. Mohamed ALBADAL, 18. Isa ALROOMI, 20. Ahmed FALAMRZII, 26. Turki SEYADHEE, 27. Mohamed ASHOOR, 30. Salman ALDAKHEEL
Coach: Khlifa ALZAYANI [BHR]
Match Officials
Referee: Nick WALDRON [FIJ]
Assistant Referee 1: Simon LOUNT [NZL]
Assistant Referee 2: Avinesh NARAYAN [FIJ]
Fourth Official: Cory MILLS [NZL]
KICK-OFF: Singapore U-23 kick off the third/fourth place play-off in the inaugural OFC President’s Cup in excellent football conditions in West Auckland.
1′ Amy Recha gets into space down the right hand side but ultimately the move fizzles out and Busaiteen clear.
2′ Another ball is pumped into the Busaiteen box, but goalkeeper Husain Haram gathers at the second attempt.
4′ Stanley Ng draws the foul in a dangerous position but the free-kick from Singapore’s Shamil Sharif is cleared.
6′ Busaiteen finally get some possession in the Singapore half but a loose pass puts the ball out for a throw.
8′ The team from Bahrain are slowing down the game and putting some passes together, but haven’t found a way through Singapore’s midfield yet.
11′ Both teams still trying to grab control of the match – neither have threatened so far but Busaiteen look slightly more comfortable in possession.
12′ Freekick midway in the Singapore half for Busaiteen. Mujtaba Malek delivers the ball into the box but a clash of heads brings the game to a halt with Farhan Rahmat coming off worse.
14′ Crisp passing down Singapore’s right hands Busaiteen the first corner of the game.
15′ Close for the team from Bahrain. Majutaba Malek has a shot blocked in the box, it breaks out to Mohamed Ajaj but it’s over the top.
17′ Abdulla Alajmi is fouled 25 yards out from the Singapore goal and the towering Abdelkarim Koussi heads into the box.
18′ Singapore clear the ball and then referee Nick Waldron eases the pressure further, awarding them a free kick.
20′ It’s been fairly low key so far in the second game today at The Trusts Arena. Earlier Bodden Town defeated Fiji U-20 3-0 to claim fifth spot.
21′ A great run from Suria Prakash from the Singapore left, but his shot is blocked by Abdelkarim Koussi and the danger is cleared.
23′ Amy Recha makes good space down the right and gets into the box, but Busaiteen are able to clear once more.
24′ Eliel Cruz has a shot on goal for Busaiteen, but the trundler is escorted past the post by Syazwan Buhari in the Singapore goal.
26′ Suria Prakash takes a nasty one on the left but referee Waldron keeps his cards in his pocket.
28′ Another low shot, this time from Hesham Nayem, is easily gathered by Buhari in Singapore’s goal.
29′ A great ball from Malek sends Cruz free down the right, but he cuts in and it’s easily blocked.
30′ YELLOW CARD: Busaiteen’s Abdulla Alajmi is booked after going through the back of Singapore skipper Shamil Sharif – it looked like a sore one and Sharif needs some treatment.
35′ The games is stopped again as Sharif collapses to the deck again and the stretcher is being called on.
35′ SUBSTITUTE: Ammirul Emmran replaces the injured skipper.
37′ Malek’s cross from the Busaiteen left is just too high for Ajaj in the box and Singapore clear their lines.
38′ Ali Hudzaifi concedes a free kick in a dangerous position just outside his box. Busaiteen will be looking for the huge Koussi in the box here.
39′ Cruz gets his head on the ball but it’s well wide and another attack fizzles out.
40′ A through ball from Nayem almost breaks kindly for Ajaj just inside the Singapore box but it’s cleared once more.
41′ Fadli Kamis makes a great tackle in the box to deny Busaiteen once more and Singapore have the goal-kick.
42′ The two number fours clash, with Abdulla Budhaish catching Farhan Rahmat with a nasty tackle. Referee Waldron is happy just to award the free-kick.
43′ Nayem has a sniff of goal down the Singapore left but his sliced shot is well past the post – there were players in the box and the cutback might have been a better option.
45′ Mohamed Sultan is lucky to escape a booking after taking out Recha on the right touchline. The resulting freekick comes to nothing.
45′ There are five minutes of added time in the first half. Can either team make it count?
45’+2 A great ball sends Ng free down the right, but his cutback can’t find a team-mate and Busaiteen clear the decks.
45’+4 Nayem flashes a great ball across the box but it’s too high for Cruz and another chance disappears.
HALFTIME It’s still goalless at the break with neither goalkeeper having been seriously tested. If the game is level after 90 minutes then it will go straight to penalties.
46′ The second half is underway as the sun continues to shine in West Auckland.
47′ Nayem dashes down the right and puts a great ball into the box. Cruz gets good contact on the ball but it’s just over the bar. Close for Busaiteen.
49′ Prakash looks dangerous on the ball for Singapore but he’s dispossessed while looking for team-mates to support his run.
51′ Some nice interplay down the Busaiteen left for the Singapore U-23s but the final ball fails to find the mark and it’s ushered out for a goal-kick.
52′ Malek’s poor first touch denies him a clear shot at goal in the Singapore box and the game is still goalless.
56′ A freekick from Mohamed Alqallaf is flapped at by Busaiteen keeper Haram and the ball is out for a corner. Nothing comes from the set piece.
58′ Cruz does a great job holding the ball up and finds Nayem on the right, but the ball is intercepted and the danger is over.
59′ Budhaish earns a corner for Busaiteen down the Singapore left, but it’s over everyone in the box.
60′ Still goalless on the hour mark, but the professionals of Busaiteen are looking slightly more dangerous at the moment.
61′ SUBSTITUTION: Nur Hizami replaces the dangerous Prakash for Singapore.
63′ SUBSTITUTION: Isa Alroomi replaces Ajaj for Busaiteen and slots into midfield with Malek moving forward. Ajaj finishes with three goals in the tournament.
66′ Malek looks for the layoff on the edge of the Singapore box but his striking partner isn’t on the same wavelength and Singapore clear.
67′ GOAL! Busaiteen 1 – 0 Singapore U-23: Substitute Alroomi makes an immediate impact, sneaking in at the back post and placing the ball past Buhari in the Singapore goal.
70′ GOAL! Busaiteen 2 – 0 Singapore U-23: What a brilliant strike from Hesham Nayem! He cuts in from the left and unleashes an unstoppable strike from about 23 yards out. The ball moved in the air and Buhari had no chance.
74′ The crowd are still talking about that sensational Nayem strike and Singapore will be trying to ensure it doesn’t get any worse after being competitive for the majority of this match.
76′ Cruz hits another ball just over the top after more good work from Nayem.
77′ SUBSTITUTION: Afiq Noor is replaced by Adam Swandi for the last 13 minutes at The Trusts Arena.
78′ Busaiteen threaten again, but Nayem’s cutback can’t find a team-mate and Singapore
80′ The Bahrainian team are in complete control now and have another set-piece opportunity midway in Singapore’s half.
82′ SUBSTITUTION: Alajmi is withdrawn by Busaiteen and Ahmed Falamrzii is going to get eight minutes to show his skills.
83′ GOAL! Busatieen 3 – 0 Singapore U-23: Another stunner from Nayem puts this game to bed. He picked up the ball on the left hand side, skipped past the defenders and makes space for himself in the box. Buhari gets a hand on it but can’t keep it out.
85′ SUBSTITUTION: Budhaish gets a breather for Busaiteen and is replaced by Turki Seyadhee with five minutes left.
87′ The game is stopped after Mohamed Sultan takes a sore one and needs some treatment. He leaves the field but Busaiteen have no substitutes left so they’ll see out the last few minutes with 10 men.
90′ Four minutes of additional time are being played as Singapore throw another free kick into the box. The keeper punches again and it’s cleared.
90’+1 Two Singapore players are down injured after accidentally clashing in the middle of the park.
90’+4 Singapore have had the better of the last five minutes but a loose backpass gives Busaiteen the chance to finish on a high.
90’+4 YELLOW CARD: Faris Azienuddin is booked after a poor tackle.
FULLTIME: A strong second half from Bahrainian team Busaiteen lifts them to a deserved third place in the inaugural OFC President’s Cup with a comfortable 3-0 win over Singapore U-23.

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