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Tahiti 7- 0 Cook Islands

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The starting line-ups:
1. Xavier SAMIN (GK) (c), 2. Stephane FAATIARAU, 4. Tauraa MARMOUYET, 5. Teheivarii LUDIVION, 6. Donavan BOUREBARE, 8. Jonathan TEHAU, 9. Taufa NEUFFER, 14. Stanley ATANY, 15. Efrain ARANEDA, 16. Temarii TINORUA, 17. Sebastien LABAYEN.
Coach: Eddy ETAETA
Cook Islands:
1. Tony JAMIESON (GK) (c), 2. John PAREANGA, 6. Allan BOERE, 7. Joseph NGAUORA, 8. Grover HARMON, 9. Campbell BEST, 10. Nikorima TE MIHA, 11. Taylor SAGHABI, 16. Mii JOSEPH, 17. Tahiri ELIKANA, 18. Geongsa TISAM
Coach: Maurice TILLOTSON
Referee: Gerald OIAKA (SOL)
Referee Assistant 1: David CHARLES (PNG)
Referee Assistant 2: Rakesh CHANDRA (FIJ)
4th Official: Bertrand BILLION (FRA)
The match kicks off.
6′ Free kick for Tahiti , Tony Jamieson caches the ball.
11′ SUBSTITUTION Nikorima Te Miha is replaced by Paul Turepu for Cook Islands.
16′ Taufa Neuffer on the left side comes into the box but he pushes his ball too far.
18′ Two crosses in a row for Cook Islands but the defend cleans the ball.
23′ Stanley Atany intercepts the ball from the defender and goes into the box, he takes the shoot but Jamieson does a good save.
28′ Jamieson’s save again in front of Taufa Neuffer this time.
30′ Efrain Araneda’s shot from the edge of the box finds the Jamieson’s arms.
32′ Tahiti put pressure on the Cook Islands defence and find a corner. The corner is cleaned by the defence.
38′ A cross from Tahiti and Jamieson does a good save.
45′ After a cross from Stanley Atany, Temarii Tinorua’s shot misses the target.
Two minutes additional time.
45+1′ Jonathan Tehau does an over head trick and Jamieson is still safe on his line.
The referee whistles the end of the first half. Tahiti 0-0 Cook Islands.
The second half kicks off.
48′ GOAL !!! Tahiti 1 Cook Islands 0 Taufa Neuffer scores with a shot in the box which doesn’t give any chances to the goalkeeper.
51′ Temarii Tinorua shoots from outside the box but Jamieson does a good save.
53′ SUBSTITUTION John Pareanga is replaced by Nathan Tisam for Cook Islands.
55′ A corner kick kicked by Labayen finds the Jonathan Tehau’s head but his header misses the target.
57′ Sebastien Labayen takes a shoot from the edge of the box but Jamieson saves.
58′ SUBSTITUTION Temarii Tinorua is replaced Steevy Chong Hue for Tahiti.
59′ GOAL !!! Tahiti 2 Cook Islands 0 Stanley Atany scores.
60′ SUBSTITUTION Nathan Tisam is replaced by Nicholas Funnel for Cook Islands.
65′ Taufa Neuffer shoots from the edge of the box but misses the target.
66′ YELLOW CARD Tahiri Elikana is cautioned for Cook Islands.
69′ GOAL !!! Tahiti 3 Cook Islands 0 Nicholas Funnell scores an own goal.
71′ Tauraa Marmouyet’s cross finds Jonathan Tehau at the penalty spot but hit shot hits the crossbar.
72′ SUBSTITUTION Donavan Bourebare is replaced by Hiroana Poroiea for Tahiti.
73′ GOAL !!! Tahiti 4 Cook Islands 0 Steevy Chung Hue scores.
75′ Hiroana Poroiea’s long shot hits the crossbar.
76′ SUBSTITUTION Taufa Neuffer is replaced by Garry Rochette for Tahiti.
81′ PENALTY Tahiti obtain a penalty.
82′ GOAL !!! Tahiti 5 Cook Islands 0 Hiroana Poroiea converts the penalty.
89′ GOAL !!! Tahiti 6 Cook Islands 0 Hiroana Poroiea scores a great direct free kick in the corner of the goal.
Two minutes additional time.
90+1′ GOAL !!! Tahiti 7 Cook Islands 0 Steevy Chung Hue scores.
The referee whistles the end of the game.

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