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SIFF Marketing Manager, Vivian Wickham is pleased to announce that the Solomon Islands largest softdrink manufacturer Solomon Breweries will provide cash prizes worth almost $30,000 for the Solomon Cup tournament.

An agreement to formalize this deal was signed last week between Wickham and Solomon Breweries management. Solbrew is one of football’s biggest partners and SIFF is confident this relation will continue to expand into the future.

Under the sponsorship deal, Solbrew will meet all the cash prizes for the competition. The winner of the tournament will receive $10,000. The other prizes are; $7,500 (first runner up), $5,000 (second runner up), $3,000 (third runner up).

Wickham has also negotiated increases to the “golden boot” prize from $200 (previous agreement) to $1,000. The “Fairplay” prize has also been increased to $2,000 and Player of Tournament $1,000.

Meanwhile, Honiara, the nation’s capital is building up for the week-long soccer festival, with a grand opening ceremony planned before the matches kick off in the afternoon (October 15).

All the participating teams will be dressed in the province’s traditional costume and led into Lawson Tama grounds by some of the countries top child Futsal players.

2005 Solomon Cup

Pool A

*Malaita Eagles

Isabel Frigates

Honiara Warriors

Real Kakamora

Renbel Chiefs

Pool B

*Temotu Arrows

Central Shields

Lauru Kuvojo

Guadalcanal Hornets

Western Turtles

2005 Solomon Cup – Fixtures

Saturday 15 October, 2005

12:00 Honiara Warriors vs. Real Kakamora

14:00 Temotu Arrows vs. Lauru Kuvojo

16:00 Malaita Eagles vs. Isabel Frigates

18:15 Central Shields vs. Guadalcanal Hornets

Renbel Chiefs (bye)

Western Turtles (bye)

Monday 17 October, 2005

12:00 Lauru Kuvojo vs. Central Shields

14:00 Isabel Frigates vs. Honiara Warriors

16:00 Real Kakamora vs. Renbel Chiefs

18:15 Guadalcanal Hornets vs. Western Turtles

Malaita Eagles (bye)

Temotu Arrows (bye)

Tuesday 18 October, 2005

12:00 Isabel Frigates vs. Renbel Chiefs

14:00 Temotu Arrows vs. Central Shields

16:00 Malaita Eagles vs. Honiara Warriors

18:15 Lauru Kuvojo vs. Western Turtles

Real Kakamora (bye)

Guadalcanal Hornets (bye)

Wednesday 19 October, 2005

12:00 Temotu Arrows vs. Western Turtles

14:00 Malaita Eagles vs. Renbel Chiefs

16:00 Lauru Kuvojo vs. Guadalcanal Hornets

18:15 Isabel Frigates vs. Real Kakamora

Honaira Warriors (bye)

Central Shields (bye)

Thursday 20 October, 2005

12:00 Central Shields vs. Western Turtles

14:00 Honiara Warriors vs. Renbel Chiefs

16:00 Malaita Eagles vs. Real Kakamora

18:15 Temotu Arrows vs. Guadalcanal Hornets

Isabel Frigates (bye)

Lauru Kuvojo (bye)

Friday 21 October, 2005

14:00 Semi Final (Winner Pool A vs. Runner Up Pool B)

16:00 Semi Final (Winner Pool B vs. Runner Up Pool A)

Saturday 22 October, 2005

14:00 3rd/4th Playoff

16:00 Final

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