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Bulolo and Eastern Stars draw nil-all

Also present to show support for team Bulolo, was sponsor and Member for Bulolo, Sam Basil who also witnessed his home team in their best performance.
Eastern Stars pressed hard in the opening minutes but Bulolo were well prepared for the match and fought back, in a very tough and also a physical game.
Both the Stars and Bulolo showed a good talent of their football skills where Eastern Stars pressured Bulolo through the duration of the first half but Bulolo went even harder, resulting in both sides unable to score.
Heading through the first half, the two sides were evenly matched with defenders and strikers maintaining their work in their positions to a resulting score of nil all.
Into the second half, Stars pressed on, creating chances for an opening goal but Bulolo maintained their grounds and cleared off the balls. Efforts from the two sides for an opening goal were impossible as they were evenly strong in their midfields and backline which resulted in unsuccessful attempts. The clock was now ticking down for full time.
In the 65th minute, Bulolo’s Lama Shong took his classic shot from the 18 meter mark but sailed past the bar.
Lap received a good setup from team mate Karol Kakate in the 72nd minute and took a shot outside the goal box but Bulolo’s keeper managed to save that in time.
The remaining minutes, was all physical action with none of the two team failing to convert their last minute attempts into goals.

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