OFC Auckland: The Oceania Football Confederation is pleased to announce the match officials for Stage 2 of the 2004 OFC Nations Cup/FIFA World Cup preliminary competition to be held in Adelaide, Australia from 29 May – 6 June.

Lee Harmon of the Cook Islands, Tautulu Roebeck of Samoa and Madiu Andrew of Papua New Guinea have been jointly assigned as FIFA Match Commissioners for this tournament. Referee Inspectors are Yves Taga of Vanuatu, Hari Naicker of Fiji and Ken Wallace of New Zealand.

Because of the importance of the Stage 2 tournament which will find the two finalists to contest the OFC Nations Cup final and World Cup Oceania Zone playoff, the OFC with the endorsement of FIFA and UEFA (Europe), has appointed match officials from both the Oceania region and from Europe. Three referees and three assistant referees from Denmark, Italy and Spain will share duties with ten match officials from the OFC.

The OFC Match Official appointments are:

MATCH COMMISSIONERS: Lee Harmon (Cook Is), Tautulu Roebeck (Samoa), Madiu Andrew (PNG)

REFEREE INSPECTORS: Yves Taga (Vanuatu), Hari Naicker (Fiji), Ken Wallace (New Zealand)


1. Harry Attison (Vanuatu)

2. Charles Ariiotima (Tahiti)

3. Leone Rakaroi (Fiji)

4. Mark Shield (Australia)

5. Claus Bo Larsen (Denmark)

6. Stefano Farina (Italy)

7. Eduardo Iturralde Gonzalez (Spain)

Assistant Referees

1. Michael Mouauri (Cook Islands)

2. Dhirendra Kewal (Fiji)

3. Michel Angot (Tahiti)

4. Tony Meltetamat (Vanuatu)

5. Nathan Gibson (Australia)

6. Paul Dunham (New Zealand)

7. Bill Rene Hansen (Denmark)

8. Claudio Puglisi (Italy)

9. Pedro Medina Hernandez (Spain)