Argentina stop-over in Tahiti

Argentina’s U-20 squad has broken up the long journey to New Zealand shores with a four-day stoppover in Tahiti where they’re set to take on the national team in two friendly matches.
It’s an excellent opportunity for the Toa Aito and also for football fans throughout French Polynesia.
Fédération Tahitienne de Football competitions director Charles Ariiotima says it is a chance for the Tahitians to measure themselves against a young Argentinian side brimming with professional talent.
“They’re on their way to New Zealand to take part in the FIFA U-20 World Cup, and we are fortunate that we are able to play two matches against them before they continue their journey.”
Argentina U-20 defender Tiago Casaloa says playing against Tahiti will be great.
“It’s preparation for the World Cup,” he says.
“I’ve never played against a team from Tahiti but I think it will be a good team. I’ve never even seen them play.”
“Tahiti is an incredible country. It’s the first time that I’ve come here and the people are different from those in Argentina.”
While their visitors have the U-20 World Cup to think about, Tahiti have designs on a World Cup campaign of their own with coach Ludovic Graugnard making a start on preparations for the OFC Nations Cup in 2016.
He’s included five U-20 players in his squad – Tetahio Teriinoho, Ricky Fassain Jr, Teheiarii Taupotini, Fred Tissot and Tamatoa Tatauira who will make their senior debuts.
The remainder of the squad is made up of players who travelled to Brazil in 2013 to take part in the FIFA Confederations Cup.
Argentina will be taking part in their 14th FIFA U-20 World Cup and have finished Champions at this level six-times previously.
Tahiti play Argentina U-20 on Thursday 21 May at 8pm (local time) and again on Sunday 24 May at 5.30pm.
Tahiti Starting 11
Steeven Hiriga (Tefana)
Vincent Simon (Pirae)
Nicolas Vallar (Pirae)
Jonathan Tehau (Tefana)
Tauhiti Keck (Tefana)
Hiro Poroi (Manu Ura)
Donovan Bourebare (Tefana)
Alvin Tehau (Tefana)
Steevy Chong Hue (Tefana)
Raimana Li Fung Kuee (Pirae)
Teaonui Tehau (Vénus)
Tetahio Teriinoho (OM)
Ricky Fassain jr (Temanava)
Ariihau Teriitaumihau (Pirae)
Jay Warren (Pirae)
Teheiarii Taupotini (Central)
Ricky Aitamai (Vénus)
Roo Roarii (Manu Ura)
Gary Rochette (Manu Ura)
Tamatoa Tetauira (Dragon)
Mauarii Tehina (Vénus)
Manuarii Hauata (Central)
Sylvain Graglia (Tefana)
Fred Tissot (Central)
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