Cook Islands 3 – 0 New Caledonia

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See below for all the play-by-play action.
Starting line-ups:
Cook Islands: 20. Imelda VAKAI (GK), 4. Rai NGANU, 8. Louana TREGO, 9. Tyrina TREGO, 10. Tuakana NOOVAO, 11. June PUNUA, 12. Lee MAOATE-COX, 14. Mona TAIO, 15. Maeva CARR, 17. Jessica PUIRI, 18. Tepaeru TOKA (c)
Coach: Angela VALAMAKA
New Caledonia: 20. Cinthia PAITA (GK), 4. Wakalane NGAIOHNI (c), 5. Oceane PEREZ-GONZALEZ, 6. Jaydela HNANGAN, 7. Noe VALEFAKAAGA, 8. Cloesia BRUIREU, 9. Lyndsay NYIPIE, 10. Cheyenne DIEUMA, 11. Monique GORENDIAWE, 12. Josiane AYAWA, 14. Gwenhaelle WADRENGES
Coach: Kamalie FITIALEATA
Match officials:
Referee: Gerald OIAKA (SOL)
Assistant Referee 1: Jovita QILAMASALA (SOL)
Assistant Referee 2: Sergine POIDA (VAN)
4th Official: Anna-Marie KEIGHLEY (NZL)
The match kicks off.
3′ Priscillia Gohoupe runs down on the left-hand side but gets stopped before she can cross
8′GOAL!!! Cook Islands 1 New Caledonia 0: Mona Taio scores from the corner of the penalty box
10′ Cook Islands captain Tepaeru Toka crosses into the box but cannot find a team mate
13′ Rai Nganu tries to connect with Taio’s cross but misses the ball
15′ Taio shoots but her shot get deflected by a New Caledonian defender
17′ Toka shoots straight into goalkeeper Cinthia Paita’s hands
18′ Toka has a chance from the edge of the box but the ball goes wide
20′ New Caledonia’s Noe Valefakaaga crosses but cannot find a team mate in the box
22′ Gorendiawe heads Dieuma’s corner into the Cook Islands goalkeeper’s arms
25′ Cloesia Bruireu shoots from distance but it is no danger for keeper Vakai
28′ Dieuma shoots wide off the far post
31′ June Punua shoots wide from distance
32′ Dieuma goes down and needs treatment
33′ Vakai comes of her line to gather a cross
35′ Cook Islands Puiri sees her low shot saved
38′ Bruireu breaks down the right and shoots but Vakai saves
40′ New Caledonia’s Valefakaaga is ruled offside
41′ Taio shoots from distance but it takes a deflection and goes to the goalkeeper Paita
45′ Valefakaaga breaks through the left side but Vakai saves the situation with a kick
45′ One minute of injury time will be played
The first half comes to an end.
The second half kicks off.
SUBSTITUTIONS: Puiri and Nganu are replaced by Brooke Miller and Teiti Tupuna for Cook Islands
46′ New Caledonia’s Valefakaaga is ruled offside
48′ The play is held up as Cook Islands Toka is on the ground
50′ Gorendiawe shoots for New Caledonia but the ball is blocked by Maoate-Cox
52′ Cook Islands Punua has a chance but goalkeeper Paita comes off her line to save the situation
55′ New Caledonia’s Noovao sees her shot from distance saved
56′ Tyrina Trego shoots just over the bar
58′ Tupuna shoots from close range but Paita saves for New Caledonia
60′ Toka tries to break through the middle but loses the ball
63′ Punua crosses from the right side of the box straight into Paita’s hands
65′ Vakai comes off her line to save a shot from New Caledonia’s Valefakaaga
67′ Cook Islands Miller tries to break through the left side but gets blocked by Wadrenges
69′YELLOW CARD: New Caledonia’s Ngaiohni is cautioned
71′GOAL!!! Cook Islands 2 New Caledonia 0: Cook Islands are awarded a penalty kick for Ngaiohni’s foul. Toka misses the fiorst attempt but the kick has to retaken and Maoate-Cox scores
74′ New Caledonia’s Ngaiohni is off the field to receive treatment
77′GOAL!!! Cook Islands 3 New Caledonia 0: Toka curls in the ball from the left hand side
79′ Tupuna tries to connect with Toka’s cross but is caught offside
80′ Dieuma shoots from distance but goalkeeper Vakai saves
81′ Gorendiawe breaks through the Cook Islands defence but sees her shot saved by the goalkeeper
83′SUBSTITUTION: Valefakaaga is replaced by Brenda Kenon for New Caledonia
86′ Taio connect with Toka’s cross but loses the ball
88′SUBSTITUTION: Punua is replaced by Temata Harmon for Cook Islands
89′SUBSTITUTIONs: Wadrenges and Nyipie are replaced by Wayewol and Sio for New Caledonia
90′ Three minutes of injury time will be played
90′ + 2′ Paita comes off her line to make a save
The final whistle is blown.

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