Kepu ready to represent

But after taking up the beautiful game as a six-year-old he hasn’t been able to shake his love it.
“I was actually supposed to play footy, that’s what my mum was interested in me playing,” the 15-year-old says.
“But I decided to take on soccer for one year just to start playing sports and keeping healthy and active.
“From that first year I continued to play soccer and now I’m here where I am now and I love it.”
Combining his passion for football with his heritage is another reason the Australian-born striker is keen to get out on the field.
“I think it’s great to represent my heritage,” he says.
“Living in Australia but being able to come over here for the first time because of football is pretty cool.
“I’m already looking forward to coming back and I haven’t even left yet.”
Being an ‘outsider’ could have posed problems for Kepu but he says he has been accepted with open arms.
“I’ve been with the boys for about two weeks now and we’ve bonded together like brothers. The boys are great guys and good players too.”
Performing as a team is an important part of Kepu’s approach to the game but he has also set himself a few personal objectives for his week in Samoa.
“I play striker so I’ll be contributing to the attacking side of the team,” he says.
“I think I want to play hard with the team and maybe score. I’ll be working hard and hopefully together with the boys we’ll get some wins.”
Samoa open their 2016 OFC U-17 Championship Preliminary account against American Samoa at 7pm this evening at J.S. Blatter Football Complex in Apia.

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